MOBE FTC Shutdown: Reaction To “My Online Business Education” Shock

MOBE FTC Shutdown: Reaction To "My Online Business Education" Shock
MOBE FTC Shutdown: Reaction To “My Online Business Education” Shock

If you’ve been in the make money online / internet marketing space for a few years, you may well remember the online business coaching scheme called “My Online Business Education”, or MOBE for short.

In 2018 MOBE was shut down by the FTC for “falsely claiming that their business education program will enable people to start their own online businesses and earn substantial income”.

At the beginning of the week back then, when this news was breaking, Dean started to share his thoughts on the matter. And there’s a really important lesson still to be learned today from what happened, for both network marketers and affiliate marketers…

“Good morning my friend. Dean Holland here of course, on the way to Internet Profits HQ on this fine morning. Welcome to today’s episode of The Drive. Had a great weekend. The week is here upon us. A day that I used to dread. But a day that I now love.

There’s nothing better than – well, in my humble opinion – there’s nothing better than running your own business. And we’ve got a bit of a big issue to talk about this morning. But just before we get to that, hope you had a great weekend. I had a busy one myself.

Weekend Highlights: Seafood Restaurant, Charity Boxing Fight, Lionel Richie Concert
Weekend Highlights: Seafood Restaurant, Charity Boxing Fight, Lionel Richie Concert

So Saturday lunchtime, my fiancé Robyn and I went for lunch with my mum and her husband. We went to a nice seafood restaurant and had some amazing food. Later that evening we went to see a charity boxing fight with a friend of ours who was raising money for cancer research.

And then yesterday, Sunday, we actually went to an outdoor open-air Lionel Richie concert. Years ago I remember Robyn saying to me that one of her bucket list things in life was to see Lionel Richie in concert.

She said her mum was a big, big fan when she was growing up, so she listened to a lot of his music. And so I took her this weekend to see Lionel Richie in concert, which was awesome. A really great day – sun was shining – just beautiful!

MOBE FTC News – Huge Shake-Up!

But all while this was going off, I started reading about a huge, huge shake up in the internet marketing space over the weekend. Now I will just put a bit of a disclaimer here at the start.

Right now, everything that I’ve read so far is speculation and assumption. Nobody has an official kind of wording. Although you could say an official post was put out by representatives of the company inside of a private Facebook Group. So you can kind of say that there has been some level of an official stand, without too much more beyond that.

So MOBE… One of the biggest, most sizable companies in the internet marketing space right now… Sadly appears to have been taken down by the FTC.

MOBE's Tech Team Supposedly Stated That The FTC Have Taken Down Their Websites
MOBE’s Tech Team Supposedly Stated That The FTC Have Taken Down Their Websites

Now I don’t know why. Right now we don’t know what’s going on. But all that’s very clear and very obvious is that, at a certain point over the last few days, every single one of MOBE’s websites were taken down and are no longer online.

What we do know is that there has been a post inside of MOBE’s private Facebook Group saying that the tech team have stated that the FTC have taken down their websites, and that they are under investigation by the FTC.

Matt Lloyd And MOBE

Now this is obviously a terrible, terrifying and horrific occurrence, And my thoughts, sincerely… I mean, I don’t know the guy personally, but my thoughts go out to Matt Lloyd and MOBE. Obviously something’s happening, something’s gone wrong.

And I can’t say too much on this. All I will say is that, if you’re in MOBE, and if you’ve been affected by this – obviously if you’re in MOBE, you have been affected by this. What I will say is, “What can you do?”

Well I did spend a little bit of time reading a lot of the comments. There have literally been over a thousand comments in the Group just on this one post alone that I read. And, y’know, I see people talking about praying and hoping, which I understand if you’re religious. And if you want to do that, that’s fantastic.

I've Learned A Lot From MOBE And Taken Inspiration From Matt Lloyd's Achievements
I’ve Learned A Lot From MOBE And Taken Inspiration From Matt Lloyd’s Achievements

But I just want everyone to also be realistic and understand that this potentially could – even if they win this battle – still could potentially be a very, very long process.

I’m only saying that based off of previous things that have happened in the industry that I’ve seen – of companies being taken down. You can be a year or sometimes more under investigation with all this going on.

I followed Matt Lloyd. I’ve seen his stuff for many years. And y’know, I believe that he and his company does great things. I’ve learned a lot over the years from MOBE. And I’ve taken inspiration from his achievements. It’s been nothing short of incredible to see that.

What’s Happening With MOBE And The FTC?

But obviously along the way, something has to have gone wrong somewhere. My personal opinion is that obviously the FTC get involved if there are a considerable number of complaints. You don’t get just one or two complaints come in, and then the FTC launch a huge investigation at a cost of probably a millions of dollars potentially.

There has to have been a lot going on. And rightly or wrongly, this is obviously devastating news for people. And that’s what I want to kind of speak to here…

Whatever you are doing online in your business… Particularly let’s talk about if you are a network marketer or an affiliate marketer, and you’re promoting other people’s products of any kind…

You really need to ensure that you are building your own audience. Building your own brand, if you like. Connecting people with YOU, and not just driving traffic to a company.

It's A Very Tough And Expensive Lesson, But You Have To Build Your Own Audience
It’s A Very Tough And Expensive Lesson, But You Have To Build Your Own Audience

Because it’s here where I feel incredibly sorry for anybody that’s in MOBE. Y’know any of MOBE’s ‘Consultants’ or whatever it is that they call them – the people in the downlines or whatever. I don’t know the full ins and outs of MOBE’s business model, just what I’ve read in the last 24 hours.

If you’ve put yourself in that situation, and you haven’t been building your own audience… Then you’re in a world of pain right now, because you have nothing now. Do you know what I mean? It’s a situation where, if that’s happened to you – you have to now grow and develop and be better going forwards.

If You’re In MOBE, What Can You Do?

And it’s a very tough lesson, a very expensive lesson. But the biggest takeaway of all here is that you have to build your own audience.

You have to be driving your own traffic, building your own audience and email list, getting that list to know, like and trust you – through offering continual value, through consistent follow-up and communication with them. So therefore no one can ever take that away from you. And that’s the biggest thing, y’know.

And we obviously have Certified Partners in our company… We do have a “done-for-you” solution, where we provide people with offers, and sales funnels, and programs, and marketing materials. But one of the things that we heavily do is…

We've Spent Significant Money On Training To Help Partners Build Their Own Audience
We’ve Spent Significant Money On Training To Help Partners Build Their Own Audience

We insist on people building their own audience, driving their own traffic. And we have extensively spent significant sums of money to bring the right training and the right people in, to ensure that people do that. And I think, out of all the things we could say here, that’s the biggest thing of all.

I am now here at Internet Profits HQ. To anybody this has affected, y’know, hang in there. Who knows what’s gonna happen. It’s a very sad and scary thing for a lot of people. Some people are gonna have some expensive lessons here. But what I just said here would be my biggest key takeaway.

So with that said of course, until “The Level Of Risk Tolerance That Helps You Build An Online Business” next time on The Drive… I drive here to the Internet Profits headquarters every day Monday through Friday, and share as much value as I can on the way. Time for me to jump in and begin this day.”

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