Sometimes In Business, Things Can Take Longer Than Expected

Sometimes In Business Things Can Take Longer Than Expected
Sometimes In Business Things Can Take Longer Than Expected

Good morning! Welcome to another episode of The Drive. Well, yesterday… If you saw yesterday’s Drive, you’ll have heard me talking about how we were trying to create about 35 or 40 videos.

Everything was looking great. Everything was going good, and then things that I’d forgot about throughout the day began to come evident. For example, I had two podcast episodes; one of which was with a special guest.

Podcasts are something I’ve not actually spoke about publicly. It’s actually myself and someone else in launches next week. So we’ve actually been doing some episodes. We’re getting a bunch of them ready so that we’re ahead of schedule for the podcast episode release.

So we had two of those, which was basically…

Two Hours Of Yesterday, Gone!

As well as that you’ll remember if you saw it, that Louis, who heads up the coaching division, or the coaching side of things here in the company – it turned out he had to actually leave and get a train around just after 6 pm. But he also had a webinar at 4 o’clock to host. My two podcasts were at just before 4 pm and then at 5 pm ’til 6 pm.

Dean Holland The Drive Episode 35
Dean Holland’s “The Drive” Episode 35

So we kind of lost a chunk of the day…

This Isn’t Excuses…

…this is just actual stuff that popped up. So I’m trying to think how many we did.

I think out of like the 35 or so that we really wanted to aim to get done. I think we only managed to… trying to think… I think we probably recorded – I don’t know how many Louis recorded – anyway, it was probably like only 30% of them.

We might have got like, maybe 30-50%. We might’ve got like 10-15 – might’ve recorded 10, but I’ve got about another 5 ready to just jump in and record.

One of the things that took a lot of time was; we were creating a lot of presentations. A lot of them were stood in front of the large screen in the training room in the office.

Everything Just Took A Lot Longer Than We Anticipated

…which sometimes happens right? Often in business, a lot of things that we do, tend to take longer than we think.

And often, like happened to us yesterday, there’s often things actually happen in your day to day that you’ve either forgotten you had scheduled. Or unexpected things that actually just crop up and take your schedule away from you.

But that just basically means we’ve gotta carry on today. So we’ll be doing more filming today. Obviously Louis has actually gone home now. So I’ll just be carrying on.

Been Trying To Set Up A Quiz/Survey Opt-In Page For The Front End
Been Trying To Set Up A Quiz/Survey Opt-In Page For The Front End

Trying to think what else… This week’s been a bit of a ‘mish-mash’ week actually -like things just not working out, things going wrong.

The last seven days…

We Launched “The Perfect Offer” Sales Funnel

Well, we began testing “The Perfect Offer” funnel – the brand new offer and brand new sales funnel.

We ran into a big three or four day delay with Facebook Ads, because they disapproved all my ads – and it seems like automatically, all my ads get triggered ‘disabled’ now. So I had four days where I wasn’t actually running the Facebook Ads.

And we’ve been setting up like a quiz to go in front of it – almost like a quiz/survey opt-in page – so we can segment people. So instead of doing solo ads or email buys and sending them straight to the sales page, we wanted to send them to like a quiz first – so we could segment and send them to the right area that would speak directly to them.

And The Quiz Software… Gosh!

I’m telling you, if you are in the software business and you want to come out and create a quiz software… there is a gap in the market, I tell you! Because we’ve tested at least four over the last week, and all of them had problems, and all of them haven’t done what they should do – that I think is just basic quiz functionality.

We’ve got problem after problem!

I think we just about got one fixed and working. So hopefully today… well regardless of what happens today, here’s a few things that I’m going to do, regardless of where we’re at by the end of this afternoon. I will be…

Need More Facebook Ads But The Targeting Needs Some Tweaking
Need More Facebook Ads But The Targeting Needs Some Tweaking

Ordering Some Email Traffic, Some Solo Ads

I’m not losing more time because of stupid software not doing what they should do (or services). So regardless, we’re going to get some traffic going.

The Facebook Ads… We need to set up more Facebook Ads. Yes they’re getting clicks, but something’s not right with the targeting.

So we’ve got a lot to look at. We’ve got a launch of another product in a month. So we’ve got a lot to do for that.

All in all, today is kind of just like a ‘tie-together’ or a roundup of getting things done and getting things finished, y’know. It’s Friday, and I do not like to go into the weekend with stuff looming over my head.

So I want to make sure this week, by the end of the day…

Everything Feels Like It’s In A Good Position

…and everything’s starting to get wrapped up, and we can see the final destination in view.

So that’s kind of it. Not really a bunch of exciting stuff to share today. But more just, I guess, a message that sometimes in business things don’t always go to plan, things don’t always work out. You run into stumbling blocks, things crop up that you weren’t anticipating and it delays you. And so sometimes you’ve just have to accept that things didn’t quite go to plan or schedule. You’ve just got to push on anyway and get get stuff done.

So that’s that. As you can tell, we’re here. So have a great day. I will of course be back next week on The Drive with How To Use Webinars To Get Leads And Generate Sales. So until then, have a great weekend and I shall see you soon.

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2 thoughts on “Sometimes In Business, Things Can Take Longer Than Expected

  • November 28, 2017 at 6:30 am

    That’s completely true, I’ve faced many issues but not anymore 🙂

    • November 28, 2017 at 1:04 pm

      I find it’s the attitude with which one deals with problems and delays that makes the biggest difference. Sometimes simply refocusing to work on something else that’s not delayed or stuck feels a whole lot better than just continuing to butt heads with the problem. A day off once in a while also helps! 😉


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