Be Positive In All You Do, And This Is What Will Happen

Be Positive In All You Do, And This Is What Will Happen
Be Positive In All You Do, And This Is What Will Happen

Reflect on this following story and understand how important it is to be positive in all that you say and do.

Wow! There is a lot happening in all different parts of the world.

And we just also woke up to some news that, well y’know, it’s not life-threatening.

There’s a lot of terrible things going on in the world, with all the hurricanes and all the devastation that’s happening – real life-altering things there.

Not to put this in anywhere near the same category, but I just woke up to with…

Some News That’s Really Disappointing

…on something that I was really excited for.

We had a trip to Kenya planned for October. It was me and my fiance going, and we were going with some other entrepreneurs, some amazing people.

The plan was basically that we were all going to help for a few days to build a school for children that we sponsored building. And then go out on safari, and over a ten-day period…

Lots Of Exciting Things

…were going to happen.

Due to some presidential conflicts and things that are happening in Kenya, the the trip just got postponed. Which under normal circumstances, any other time, would be completely fine, no problem.

You Form The Habits, Patterns, Mentalities And Mindsets Of The People That You Spend The Most Time With
You Form The Habits, Patterns, Mentalities And Mindsets Of The People That You Spend The Most Time With

But it’s been postponed into next year – and the exact same week that I marry my fiancee!

So basically we’re not going to be able to do it. We’re not going to be able to go. So that really sucks

And so I’ve just been thinking this morning, because…

I Hate To Be Negative (Prefer to Be Positive)

I just walked into a store now – the guys are like, “How are you?” And I always say, “I’m great”, even if some days I’m not, y’know.

I always think to myself that the way I act around others will impact those people’s day.

Have you ever had that where you’re in a good mood and you bump in someone – and it’s like, “Hey, how are you doing?” And they’re like, “Oh well, funny you should ask, terrible!” It’s like, you impart your mood upon them.

And likewise it’s the same for you, right?

If you’re in a good, positive, happy, upbeat mood, and you allow yourself to be around people that are just, “Oh it’s Monday morning” like down and sad and that type of person. Then it is likely to affect your mood, y’know – it does!

It’s well reported or well known that you will form the habits, patterns, mentalities and mindsets of the people that you spend the most time with.

And it’s true! If you hang out with…

People That Bitch, Moan And Whine

…all the time, what are you going to do?

You’ll be a moaner – someone that bitches, moans and whines all the time.

Dean Holland The Drive Episode 70
Dean Holland’s “The Drive” Episode 70

I always struggle when something that is like really disappointing, like this morning, happens. It’s like, “Ah! I don’t want to be down!”

Like I’m doing this Drive video for you now, and I definitely don’t want to impart a negative message on your day.

Which is why I’m like, well…

“What Positive Can Come Out Of This?”

At the minute, I don’t know.

But one thing is for sure is, y’know, I can definitely share.

This morning, like yeah I’ll be honest, real disappointing y’know. Woke up at 6am, I’m like, “Right I’m going to get to the gym and have an amazing start to my day!”

And I get this message, and I’m like,

“Oh! My Gosh!”

Then all these things going through my head, like all the expense. $7,000 on flights that I probably won’t be able to get back.

And about $800 each that me and my fiancee are paying at the moment to go through these jabs and injections for all these different diseases that we would have faced.

And now we still gotta keep having those because we’re in the middle of the course for the next few weeks! So we’ve still gotta have jabs for something we can’t even do!

I suppose, like you say, you have to laugh. You have to look on the positive side. There’s a lot worse going on in the world.

You Literally Have The Power To Make Or Ruin Somebody’s Day, By How You Are With Them
You Literally Have The Power To Make Or Ruin Somebody’s Day, By How You Are With Them

And I guess the way in which to spin this today, as I’ve just been speaking about, to…

Share This Message With You Guys

…is to always consider strongly about the way in which you impart yourself on to those around you.

And likewise to be very, very selective over who you choose to spend your time with, okay?

Because you should always, I believe, leave things and people and situations in a better position than when you first arrived, or when you first met them.

So, understand that…

You Literally Have The Power

…and ability to make or ruin somebody’s day, by how you are with them.

Even if something bad is happening to you, understand that you should still leave somebody else with a positive vibe, a positive experience.

And likewise – especially as an entrepreneur – I find you can’t afford to have days where you’re just like, “Oh, I feel really crappy now!”

You’ve got to find a way to dig yourself out of that.

And you’ve got to find a way to choose who you spend your time with.

Because if you spend your time with people that complain, that moan, that don’t enjoy their life on a day-to-day basis, they’re always negative – then it’s going to really impact you and stick with you.

Always Leave People In A Better Way Than When You Met Them
Always Leave People In A Better Way Than When You Met Them

You Don’t Want That! You Can’t Afford That!

So, I guess that’s something that I’ll leave you to think about today.

Am I disappointed today? Yes.

Am I talking to you all down and negative and, “I’m fed up and I’m sick of it all”? No.

Y’know, there are people in many parts of the World right now that are going through devastation.

And all I can really think about is, well, in the grand scheme of things what other people are going through around the world is horrific! And this is just a disappointment.

So with that said, take that message on board. Realise that the interactions you have with others…

Your Mood, Your Approach, Your Vibe, Your Positivity, Your Negativity

…can dramatically make a difference to them and their day.

Always leave people in a better way than when you met them. I think you couldn’t really do much wrong going with that approach.

Here’s to a great week ahead. I’m going to get in there and this morning we’re going to look at some stats for the new funnel and what’s happening there.

Really excited for everything that’s going on here in the office. Got tons of good things happening this week.

So have a great day, be positive, and I will speak to you again in, Evaluating Sales Leads And Customers Over A Period Of Time; another episode of The Drive.

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