Get 1000 YouTube Subscribers And Make Money For Free In Your Videos

How To Get 1000 YouTube Subscribers
How To Get 1000 YouTube Subscribers

Tips, advice and lessons learned by Dean Holland on his journey to get 1000 YouTube subscribers and how he started to make money for free from his YouTube videos… and how you can too!

Dean; “I have some exciting news to share!

So, if you’re following this, or you have been following previous episodes of The Drive, you’ll know that every day I’ve got this filming rig set up in my car. And every day on the way to the Internet Profits headquarters here in the UK, I talk about and document what it is that’s going on in the business, how things are going, and share the lessons that I’m learning along the way.

Well this week we crossed a mile stone when we finally managed to…

Get 1000 YouTube Subscribers

…on our channel. And I want to share some of the things that I’ve learned, and some of the things that we’ve done and tried, that I feel has helped in reaching that 1,000 subscriber milestone. And how we’re now hoping to really start to accelerate that at an even faster pace.

So let me just be clear on a few things. This didn’t happen overnight – this wasn’t an immediate thing. And to be honest, until about 10 days ago we weren’t really doing anything to try and encourage subscriptions on the YouTube channel, encourage people to subscribe.

We've Now Done Over 70 Episodes, Uploading Consistently Every Weekday
We’ve Now Done Over 70 Episodes, Uploading Consistently Every Weekday

So I’ll share with you…

What We Did Over The Last 10 Days To Really Accelerate That…

…and fill you in on some of the data and statistics.

So, first things first. You should know that we have now done over 70 episodes. So this one right now is probably I think, episode 72 (but don’t quote me on that, I might be one or two out.)

But we’ve crossed over 70 episodes. Now bear in mind I do these every weekday, Monday to Friday. So I do five episodes a week.

The only reason, for me at least, that I’m able to keep that consistency is because…

I’ve Engineered This ‘Way’…

…where I can create the content without actually having to really go out of my way to do it.

I’m driving to the office anyway, and I’m always planning in my own head what’s going on, or what’s happening. So all I’m really doing is talking to myself here. And you get to kind of be like a fly on the window, if you like.

We’ve done over 70 episodes, right? That equates to Monday to Friday, 70 episodes, what’s that? Like 14, 15 weeks of doing The Drive series.

So it’s taken 14 weeks to reach this point. You could say, “Wow! That’s a long time!” But really…

When It Comes Down To Content Marketing, It Does Take Time

…it does take consistency. And that’s one of the big keys here… Committing to something, and doing it consistently. Consistently implementing, consistently taking action.

Without that consistency, I don’t think we would’ve hit that 1,000 subscribers.

Dean Holland The Drive Episode 72
Dean Holland’s “The Drive” Episode 72

We did something about 10 days ago and we’re really seeing subscribers every day now. Whereas before, it was just inconsistent. I’ll talk about that in a second.

I just want to tell you what else we do. Because I always believe – I’m a firm believer that, when you’re creating content, that…

Content Should Work For You In As Many Ways As Physically Possible

For example this Drive video, we don’t just upload it to the YouTube channel and that’s it. We also upload it onto my Facebook page. I then share that inside of a Facebook group that I manage for digital entrepreneurs.

We also take that YouTube video – get the embed code – and we create a blog post from it. So anybody that wants to visit my blog, or that comes across my blog, or finds my blog from somewhere… There’s all this content there, that they can watch and follow along in this ‘documentary’ of what we’re doing here Internet Profits.

So if you think about it, there’s this one five to ten minute video that I do every day. It goes on…

The YouTube Channel, The Facebook Page, The Facebook Group, And The Blog

So it’s recycled in four different ways, working for me, where it can get people to know me, make people aware of my company, get people to like me, and trust me eventually. And so it’s working for me.

Now about ten days ago we did a couple of things. And those two things that we did has enabled our subscription rate to increase, and has also…

Started Making Me Money…

So I’ll share with you what those two things are:

Number one: We created (…and I know this sounds crazy – I don’t know why we didn’t do it before!) But we created a call-to-action.

Call-To-Action Outro Animation Of Me, “Please Hit Subscribe Button”
Call-To-Action Outro Animation Of Me, “Please Hit Subscribe Button”

Towards the end of the video on YouTube, there is a subscription image that pops up in the bottom right corner. So what we’ve done is created this little call-to-action that pops up. It’s like this little mascot of me, and it points to the subscription button – and it comes up and says, “Please hit this to subscribe.”

Just that simple thing of directing people what to do, and telling people to subscribe, has made a dramatic difference! So there’s a key lesson for everybody…

Make Sure That You’re Directing People In All Your Marketing, To Take The Next Step

…that you want them to take, right? Always have a call-to-action. So that’s helped increase the subscription rate.

Now, the second thing that we’ve done that’s actually started gaining us customers and

Making Us Money, For Free…

…is we’ve created a 15-second, give-or-take… like a little ad – a little outro advert/video ad at the end of all my Drive videos now, going forwards. We haven’t backdated it, but going forwards…

Around about a week ago we started adding these on. So now it tells people to subscribe, and then after that… this advert comes up for one of our latest products, called “The Perfect Offer” which teaches people how to get buyers and make sales in any niche online.

Okay? The perfect offer for affiliates and product owners – it’s amazing!

And so that’s what we’ve done. We’ve added that on, and we’ve already seen that it’s started making us money…

And Gaining Us Customers Into The Business

That’s basically it – I hope that’s a bit of value for you.

Regular Consistent YouTube Video Uploads + Calls-To-Action In The Content
Regular Consistent YouTube Video Uploads + Calls-To-Action In The Content

We have crossed a thousand subscribers. It took us 14 weeks. We could have got there faster, had I known some of the stuff that I know now. But definitely, to get more YouTube subscribers, the key takeaways are:

1. Be consistent in the in your production of your content.

2. Give call-to-actions in your content, for what you want them to do next. (Subscribe being the word for us!)

And 3. If you’re looking to monetise, then why not consider some kind of outro at the end of your video?

Because the video’s already over – and if people are still watching, you might as well tell them about something that can help them – direct them to the next step that you want them to take.

That’s what’s enabled us to get to a thousand subscribers on YouTube, and start making money from our free content. And that’s only going to improve.

So I hope that helps. That’s how we managed to get 1000 YouTube subscribers. Took us too long. But now we’ll see how fast we get to 2,000 subscribers.

So have a great day and I shall see you again in the next episode about . Thanks for joining us here on The Drive.

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