Snapchat Tips, Video SEO & Latest Video Marketing Trends

Video Marketing Trends, Snapchat Tips & Video SEO

Video Marketing Trends, Snapchat Tips And Video SEO
Video Marketing Trends, Snapchat Tips And Video SEO

So in this video I talk with Sunny Lenarduzzi about Snapchat tips how to get videos found in search and her A.C.E. strategy coming up.

SEAN CANNEL: Hey what’s up guys Sean here with video influencers and I’m sitting here with Sunny Lenarduzzi. She is a social media influencer, branding expert and real video marketing expert. She’s done some big campaigns for HootSuite and a really well known one with over a billion views for Applebees as well as she’s got a great YouTube channel and in really less than a year has grown to over 17 000 subscribers. So you’ve got some great tips for video influencers and its great to have you on, how are you doing?

SUNNY LENARDUZZI: Thank you so much for having me I’m so excited to be here.

SEAN: Yeah it’s great to have you and we’re here at CES, just chilling outside, literally, it’s pretty cold. But she’s from Canada, so it’s not even cold for you.

SUNNY: This is like this is hot for me. I’m wondering why the pools aren’t open.

SEAN: I’m trying to borrow your jacket, but she said no, but whatever. Anyways so – online video – here’s the big question I mean you probably have a lot of different tips and there’s a lot of different questions I want to ask you. But one those questions specifically is what did you learn in the
process of growing your YouTube channel now to over 17,000 subscribers in a really short time?

SUNNY: Yeah it’s been to be honest unexpected and I told the story a few times, but the way I started my channel was quite organic and on a whim. So I started it March 31st when I put out my first tutorial. Before that I had a YouTube channel but I didn’t really use it and I was looking for a Periscope tutorial. I couldn’t find one at the time so I was like, I’m just going to make one. So I made one and it really took off.

I use, I mean obviously optimization and keyword targeting and all that kind of stuff, but it was completely organic. I didn’t pay for advertising or anything and I like, ok I’m on to something.

And more than anything, I was just really excited because the gratitude for the video was really cool, and people were like, wow I couldn’t find this information anywhere else, I’m super glad that you broke it down like this. And I feel like I’m a fairly good teacher, so that’s really why I love doing the videos, because I’m able to bring down things that are maybe a little more complex. And if you don’t eat, sleep and breath social media and video marketing like I do, you want that quick hit of how to do things. So that’s really why I started the channel.

SEAN: That’s awesome and you mention a few things in there that I’d love for you to share, more tips on. One of the things you mention was keyword targeting, like what’s that mean?

SUNNY: Well basically I mean it’s using Google adwords keyword planner and going in and seeing what the search volume is, and seeing also one of the things that I have noticed is, the higher the bid it tends to perform a little better, depending on what kind of audience you are going after.

So if you’re going after an audience that you want to convert into customers, whether you’re selling product or you’re selling information, the higher the bid tends to work better because you know it’s competitive and you know people are actually paying for it. So that’s one little trick but yeah looking at the search volume for sure.

Also checking YouTube search bar and just typing things and seeing what are the top ten suggestions are, and those are really good clues as to what will work well for your title.

SEAN: That’s awesome and then one of the other things you mention was teaching. And so you are actually breaking down a ton of value and if you haven’t seen her videos – super valuable – super practical. What are some of your tips for those that are maybe floundering, trying to find their niche and discover what value they have to offer?

SUNNY: I think first and foremost you have to enjoy what your talking about. I love what I do. I’m often asked that, like did you plan on choosing this? Is it strategic? I’ve loved social media for a long time. I had a consultancy for about six years and I’m a little obsessed with it, so it was a natural fit for me.

So don’t try and fit into something that’s not a natural fit for you and that your not super, super educated on. I still have to learn everyday in order to put these tutorials together, but that’s one thing. And I think just paying attention to trends too is really important, paying attention to the questions people are asking you – your zone of genius generally lays where people are giving you gratitude and more people are saying you are doing a really great job on this. So, hone in on that, pay attention to what people are asking you over and over again, especially on other social platforms and that tends to give you clues as well as what you should creating content about.

SEAN: I love it know you mention trends and so it’s 2016 now we are starting the year off what are some of your maybe predictions and some things you think people can take advantage of this year on online video and social media in general?

SUNNY: Oh that’s a good one. I mean live streaming is like everything right now, so I’m kinda over the whole like Meercat or Periscope or Facebook live versus what ever the next thing is, because I know there’s one here this weekend. But yeah, I mean I think live streaming is only gonna continue, I think Snapchat is going to be everything.

I was just talking about this yesterday, someone was saying “where’s all your CS content” and I’ve been posting nonstop on Snapchat and I did a Snapchat tutorial. Its actually my most successful video that was also a huge shock.

But the reason I love Snapchat is you can post as much as you want without irritating people and the audience on snapchat is so much more engaged, because they have to consciously go and find you and have to consciously click on your story. There isn’t a feed coming at you like on Twitter and on Facebook and Instagram, where they stumble across you. They’re consciously going and seeking you out and seeking your content out and actually watching it. So I expect big things from Snapchat this year, big time, and just more real time engagement for sure.

SEAN: I love it and maybe if you’d give away of course not all your secrets but when you think about your strategy for 2016, what are some of the things you’re doing and maybe a tip, an insider tip.

SUNNY: Let me think, that’s a good question. This year I’m really focus on kind of upgrading the quality of my videos. I think, here’s the thing, I started with a webcam, I still have that webcam, I love it (Logitec c920 highly recommended). But I just actually got my first ‘big girl’ camera. I got a canon 70D, so I think improving the quality, I’d like also improve the consistency, so I do them every Tuesday. I put out new videos every Tuesday, but I’d like to put a few more per month.

And then as far as tips go, I think the biggest thing I’ve learned with YouTube is, yes, the growth has been insane. I really am truly surprise by the growth on my channel, but I think more than anything what has been a key to my success (shout out to DJ Khaled), I think what has been
a key to my success is my community. That’s really where I focus; when people comment on my videos or when people share my videos, saying thank you ’cause they don’t have to and I realize that they’re taking time out of their day to watch my stuff.

And honestly, another thing I find people say a lot of the time is, “I followed your steps for optimization and it’s not working”. Ok, that might not be working, but the thing is you can’t just title something with a good keyword and have it be not really, really in-depth good content. So go as in-depth as you can with what ever it is you are covering and make it as creative as possible, ’cause it’s the uniqueness that stand out and keeps people coming back.

SEAN: That’s really really good. And so what is maybe some final thoughts and just encouragement for those creating videos creating content for this

SUNNY: I think, I call it my A.C.E. strategy, so if you want to ‘ace’ your strategy, if you want to build authority on a specific niche, so keep it niche whatever that is.

Consistency; stay consistent because I equate it to when you’re dating somebody – if your boyfriend or girlfriend says we are gonna go for dinner every Friday night and the first Friday you’re supposed to go they don’t show up, and then the second Friday they don’t show up, you’re probably gonna break up with them. So your audience is the same thing, you want to have them know that they can trust you, that you’re gonna be there

And then finally engagement. So make sure that you’re actually engaging with your community like I said.

SEAN: That’s brilliant! The A.C.E. strategy for this year… that is amazing! Well thanks so much for being on your channel, Sunny

SUNNY: And also if you are looking for help with video marketing, I do have a course called Recording For Revenue. It covers every single social video platform really in depth with how to use case studies, all those things for success. So you can check that out too.

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