Personal Online Business Mentor: Are You Investing In Yourself?

Personal Online Business Mentor: Are You Investing In Yourself?
Personal Online Business Mentor

Probably the most important question you could ask yourself as an entrepreneur is, “Do you invest in yourself and your business?” Specifically, “Do you have a personal online business mentor?”

Today I’m really excited… today’s going to be an awesome day because… today I have my call with…

My Personal Online Business Mentor, Russell Brunson

So I’m actually in Russell’s ‘Mastermind’, which is a $25,000 a year investment.

Basically the main part of that is two or three times a year we have an inner circle meet up at the Clickfunnels head offices. So I’ll actually be going out there in a few weeks.

Once a year we have what he calls the ‘Decade in a Day’ call.

Essentially you get 30 to 60 minutes personal time with Russell, where he looks at your business and goes through everything and gives you some immediate action steps to make…

Immediate Improvements To Your Business, Revenue And Growth

Are You Investing In Yourself, And In Your Business?
Are You Investing In Yourself, And In Your Business?

Also I have him on Voxer, which is an app that you basically can send voice messages (almost like a walkie-talkie) from my phone to his phone, for any time we have questions.

Today, because I’m actually in my second year, every time you renew – you have another ‘Decade in a Day’ call. It’s like a yearly thing.

So today, I have my ‘Decade in a Day’ call. And I really get to show Russell what it is that we’ve been doing, where we’re at right now, and basically get some immediate advice.

He’s very intelligent – a very, very smart guy, who’s achieved some incredible things. I’ve followed him since 2009, well probably before. So I’ve seen the transition his business went through.

Which why I saw him as the perfect person to help me evolve and develop my business to where I see us in the future, and where we’re heading right now.

That’s essentially the focus for The Drive today: Are you investing in yourself, and in your business?

That Is The Biggest Key, I Would Say

If I look at myself over the years, anytime where I’ve grown, anytime we’ve achieved highest success and gone on to bigger and better things – it’s because I’ve invested in myself.

It’s because I’ve invested in help from somebody that’s ultimately done what I want to do, and achieved things that I’d love to achieve.

In 2004, when I first began, for the next four years I was just buying products and courses that you would just download or access online.

No personal interaction, no personal coaching or mentoring of any kind – and I didn’t make anything! I just lost money.

Dean Holland The Drive Episode 60
Dean Holland, “The Drive” Episode 60

I Just Kept Buying And Trying Stuff – I Didn’t Get Anywhere!

Then I invested in an online business mentor and joined a coaching program for six or eight weeks. That finally got me starting to make money an affiliate marketer online, in 2008-2009.

Then… for many years after funnily enough, I made the mistake of not continuing to invest in myself. And I seriously see now, looking back… obviously hindsight’s always a wonderful thing…

Looking back now, I can clearly see that to start with, my business just took off and things were incredible. But then over the years, I lost momentum.

I failed to continue to scaling and growing at the pace we were. And then eventually that pace started coming back down.

And really, if I look at it now, I can categorically say that’s because actually…

I Stopped Investing In Myself, For Far Too Long!

It was only, gosh, it was only like three years ago that I actually started investing in myself again.

If I look at the reasons why… I fell into actually a really dangerous trap of thinking, “I don’t need anyone – I can figure this stuff out”.

Because you’ve learned a lot, and you understand a lot, and you’ve accomplished a lot – you start thinking,

“Do I Really Need To Spend That Type Of Money?”

As your business grows… When you’re in the early stages and you’re just starting out and you need help, coaching and mentoring, you can find people to help you get to that next stage for a few thousand dollars, give or take.

The Best Decision I Ever Made Was Investing In An Online Business Mentor
The Best Decision I Ever Made Was Investing In An Online Business Mentor

But then as your business grows, obviously the people that have accomplished what you then need to go on to accomplish, are at a much higher level. Therefore they generally command higher fees.

And so when I started, a few years ago, looking at mentoring again to help me over this slump that I was in – it was like five figures, like $10,000, $20,000 and beyond.

That Scared Me!

And so I actually put it off again. But then, once I finally invested again in a personal online business mentor for two or three years ago, it was the best decision I’ve ever made!

And since then I haven’t stopped doing it.

Literally tens and tens of thousands of dollars every year now goes into mentoring and support for my business, from people that have done and are doing what I want to do, and who are at levels that I need to get to.

So hopefully that that bit of advice… Hopefully you can read between the lines there on what I’m saying.

Do NOT Go It Alone, No Matter Where You’re At!

If you’re in the starting gate, find somebody that’s on that next step and get help from them. Not a video course, not a not an e-book – get real help from your very own personal online business mentor.

And then when you’re at that next stage, seek out who that next business mentor could be.

No Matter Where You're At, DON'T Go It Alone!
No Matter Where You’re At, DON’T Go It Alone!

Who’s at that next level? Who’s gone to that next phase, where I need to go? Find that person and see if you can hire them as well.

There’s always somebody, even if seemingly there isn’t anybody… Everybody’s ultimately got their price.

Right now, the person I invest tens of thousands a year with, is…

Making Tens And Tens Of Millions Of Dollars A Year

So it commands that price.

But the knowledge I get to tap into for $25,000 a year is just ridiculous. This person has accomplished and overcome every single obstacle that I could possibly encounter, or at least 99% of them.

So why would I spend years trying to figure it out when I could just now pick up my phone and say, “Hey, quick question – what do I do about this?”

Then, BOOM!…

Within 24 48 hours or so – get the answer. There we go…

Instead of spending weeks or months trying to figure that out, now I get the answer in just hours or days.

So hopefully that helps. We’ll be back of course with Your Online Business Success Depends Upon This One Thing – another episode of The Drive. Thanks for joining us.

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