Your Online Business Success Depends Upon This One Thing

Your Online Business Success Depends Upon This One Thing
Your Online Business Success Depends Upon This

Are you still searching for online business success? Everything hinges on this one thing you must have.

I’m asked all the time… “What was the key to your success?”

How did you go from over $60,000 in debt, working in a construction company, stuck in a job you hated…

…to starting your own company and helping tens of thousands of people, and having all this financial freedom and online business success… What was the secret?…

What Was The Key To Your Online Business Success?

I Stopped Being Just Interested And Became Committed
I Stopped Being Just Interested And Became Committed

There’s many different things that I could choose to mention here, but there’s one that ultimately stands out.

You see, for my first four years, when I first began in 2004, I always said to myself, “I want to build a business”. I would love to have that online business success – looking at other people, like… “I want what he’s got, what she’s got!”

But for the first four years, looking back… By saying those things, all I was really indicating, was my ‘interest’ in doing it.

I was interested in making money online. I was interested in having success. I was interested in having what he or she had – the gurus I followed online.

But It Wasn’t Until 2008… Where I Changed

…Where I stopped being just interested and became committed. There is a HUGE difference!

And this is the problem I see. Just like I used to be, most people in this industry say they “want to start an online business” they “want online business success”. But very few are actually committed to making happen.

If you were committed to making it happen, you don’t keep buying many different things. You commit to one thing. If you are committed to making something happen, you do it every single day.

If you’re committed to achieving a result, you do not give up until you make it happen.

Dean Holland The Drive Episode 61
Dean Holland’s “The Drive” Episode 61

And if you’re committed to something you say it is going to happen, and you believe it with all of your being – it just hasn’t happened yet. It’s not, “I hope it will happen.”

Think About It This Way…

How many times in your life have you thought to yourself, “I need to get in better shape, I need to do some more exercise, make better dietary choices and eating habits.”

It is one thing to say “I want to get in shape” and “I want to build more muscle” and “I want to lose more fat.”

It is another to show up at the gym every single day until you’ve achieved it and followed through.

Very Few People Follow Through. Why Is That?

Well it’s because they haven’t committed. They’re just ‘interested’ in achieving something.

And so now, when people ask me, “What was the key?” As I said at the start, there’s many things I could choose to say… Like getting a mentor, working at it every single day, or focusing on one thing, or following a proven plan.

But ultimately you could put all of those things into the category of saying,

“When I Actually Committed To Making It Happen”

"I Want To Live In A Certain Way, Here's How I'm Going To Make It Happen"
“I Want To Live In A Certain Way, Here’s How I’m Going To Make It Happen”

I see it all the time… People say they want the online business success, they want to change their life, they hope that happens.

It’s kind of like the mentality of, “I want to be rich so I play the lottery because I hope to win.”

OK great, but there is a slim chance. Of course, somebody’s going to win the lottery. But your chances are minimal and you have zero control over it.

So instead, you should say, “I want to live in a certain way…

Here’s How I’m Going To Make It Happen…

  • I am going to invest in a mentor.
  • I’m going to listen and learn to every single thing they tell me, and
  • I’m going to take action on it every single day without faltering, falling or slipping off track.

And any time I feel that I’m getting distracted, I am going to do whatever it takes to ensure that I get myself back on track.

Because I am going to make this happen. I am committed with all of my being to making it happen. It is going to happen!

Okay and that’s the truth…

There Is A Big, Big Difference…

There's A HUGE Difference Between Wishing, And Making It Happen
There’s A HUGE Difference Between Wishing, And Making It Happen

And that’s what I’m emphasising here – a HUGE difference between wanting something, wishing for something, hoping for something… and committing to making something happen.

That’s my big message today…

What was it that took me from $60,000+ in debt, down and out with seemingly very little hope of anything ever changing?…

The Day I Committed!

…Committed to making a change. And you should do everything within your power to make it happen, without of course doing anything illegal and without of course causing harm to somebody else or even yourself.

So with that said, have a great day. Hope that helps. I’ll talk to you soon in Build An Online Business From Scratch, another episode of The Drive.

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