Benefits Of Outsourcing For Small Businesses And SoloPreneurs

Benefits Of Outsourcing For Small Businesses And SoloPreneurs
Benefits Of Outsourcing For Small Businesses And SoloPreneurs

This is a short piece from Dean Holland on the benefits of outsourcing for small businesses; when you should outsource business tasks and why. Dean starts by explaining that…

“When It Comes To Any Task Running A Small Business, You’ve Got Two Choices”

Yesterday I was having a conversation, and I want to pass this on to you.

Hopefully this helps you in future when you’re thinking about certain things that you’re going to be doing, or might be doing, or are considering doing, in your business.

Ultimately you have two choices when it comes down to any task in your business.

You Either…

  1. Do it yourself, or
  2. Have someone else do it for you.

That’s it, right? There’s no other way.

So when it comes down to this decision, there’s obviously a few things that are going to be taken into consideration, right?

Obviously a lot of it is going to depend on where you’re at in your business, what stage you’re at.

What Available Time And Skills Do YOU Have?
What Available Time And Skills Do YOU Have?

And also, when considering the benefits of outsourcing, you have to…

Think About What Available Time You Have

You have to think about the skills or knowledge that you have.

For example, there are going to be some things that you know how to do, you enjoy doing them, and you have the time to do them, okay? In which case you could do it yourself.

But there are going to be other things where you’re like,

“Okay, I want to do that for my business, but I have no idea how to do it. And to learn how to do that thing is going to take me a considerable amount of time.”

When I’m in that situation…

I’m Always Leaning More Towards…

“Well, is it going to be worthwhile learning how to do it first of all, and spending all the time doing it, when there is probably someone else that, even after you learning it, could probably do a better job than you.”

In which case it would probably make sense to outsource it, right?

I remember, if I look back over all the different stages of my business, very early on…

Gosh, We’re Talking Over Ten Years Ago!

I didn’t really have much choice, other than to learn how to do a lot of things for myself.

This was because I didn’t necessarily have a lot of funds at that stage to actually outsource. And I’ll be honest, I didn’t really know how to outsource, or the advantages of outsourcing, y’know, a long, long time ago.

Dean Holland The Drive Episode 76
Dean Holland, “The Drive” Episode 76

But when I look at where my business is at today, my company’s in a position where we have many, many employees and people we outsource to as well. And everybody has their roles and positions in the business.

Now, I have a lot of help and a lot of other people that are assisting me to do everything that we do.

Right now, where we’re at as a company, I wouldn’t be able to do everything myself. We just would not be able to handle the level of business and growth that we’re doing.

You’ve Got To Look At This For Yourself Though

I can’t obviously say to you,

“Well, this is where you’re at, this is what knowledge you have, and this is what you should do.”

Everybody watching this is going to be different.

But ultimately I just want you to really simplify things down.

I Want To Share That Advice With You…

And just say,

“You really have those two choices – do you do it yourself, or have someone else do it for you.”

And for some tasks, y’know, you can use places like Fiverr.

You Can Use Fiverr, Or List The Task For Bidding On Upwork Or Freelancer
You Can Use Fiverr, Or List The Task For Bidding On Upwork Or Freelancer

You have places like UpWork or Freelancer that are mass freelancing websites where you can actually list a task or job that you have, and people will submit their kind of ‘bid’ to do that job.

So you’ve got many different options. And I think sometimes,

You Might Be Surprised At How Low-Cost It Can Be

…to get somebody to do some of these things for you.

You can get a virtual assistant, for example. Somebody that will help with;

  • Answering your emails
  • Answering your messages on social media
  • Assisting you with publishing your blog posts or
  • Posting your videos or
  • Posting your content or…

Y’know, many different benefits of outsourcing for

Literally A Few Bucks An Hour!

And for many solopreneurs just starting out, you might just need somebody like that or you could benefit from somebody like that for just an hour or two a day, just to take some of those things off your hands.

Say for me, for example; I record this video. But then I walk in and I hand it off to Adam who’s my Videographer. He produces it and then hands it on to Chris our Marketing Assistant, who then gets it uploaded, posts it onto our Facebook page, uploads it to YouTube, does the blog post, etc.

We all have our roles. But for you – if you’re just ‘you’ right now, and you’re a business of ‘one’ – a solopreneur, then you can

Leverage The Benefits Of Outsourcing

You don’t have to go off and employ staff and team members, like what we do.

Do I Enjoy It, Or Should I Outsource And Have It Done For Me?
Do I Enjoy It, Or Should I Outsource And Have It Done For Me?

But just consider that:

  • Do I do this task myself?
  • Is it worthwhile?
  • Is it something that I enjoy?
  • Is it something that I’m capable of?
  • Is it something I have the time for?
  • Should I be doing that?

Do I enjoy doing that, or… Should I just outsource this and have it done for me?

Don’t Allow Anything To Stop You!

…or hold you back in your business.

Often I see people… they spend weeks and weeks, trying to learn how to do something, like set up a blog. When really you could have gone to UpWork or Freelancer or Fiverr, and probably outsourced it for less than 20 bucks or so.

Just something for you to consider, this morning on the benefits of outsourcing. Hope this comes as a good message.

Remember, you have two options; you either do it yourself, or you have someone do it for you.

But don’t spend time in the middle just drifting, right?

Make A Decision – Get It Done!

If you can do it quickly, great! Get it done.

If not; outsource! Done… Decision over!

All right, so with that said have a great day. I will of course speak to you again very soon, in a very special episode of The Drive – “Affiliate Marketers Playbook FREE – The Best Product We’ve Launched?” So, don’t delay! Check out that next cornerstone episode right now.

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3 thoughts on “Benefits Of Outsourcing For Small Businesses And SoloPreneurs

  • August 6, 2018 at 9:18 am

    Time is definitely one of your most precious resources when owning a business and I think that’s why the outsourcing industry are doing well right now. I agree with you that small things such as answering emails and queries can take time and that’s why outsourcing is worth the few bucks you pay per hour.

    • August 7, 2018 at 4:44 pm

      Thanks for the comment Adrian

      Especially for solopreneurs like myself, as our work increases and more things need our attention, not outsourcing or delegating at the right time can quickly become a powerful limiting factor in the growth of business.

      ~ Matthew Brewin

  • August 3, 2022 at 6:22 pm

    Great information! Outsourcing may be a very good option for small businesses


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