Three Daily Routines That Increase Productivity, Focus And Energy

Three Daily Routines That Increase Productivity, Focus And Energy
Three Daily Routines That Increase Productivity, Focus And Energy

You’ve probably heard of personal development books like “The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People” by Stephen Covey. Well, here’s online entrepreneur Dean Holland’s top three daily routines that will increase productivity, boost your energy levels, and help provide the focus you need in order to succeed with your online business today…

“Hey! Dean here of course. Welcome to today’s Drive. Thank you for joining me on the way to Internet Profits here today. It is a sunshiny, glorious day. Long may it continue – although I know that here in the UK, good weather only ever lasts a short period of time.

But nonetheless we are here, showing up every single day of the week. And I hope you are too in your online business.

Today I want to talk about something a little bit different. I want to talk about more to do with how you’re operating, and how your kind of acting yourself…

Your Daily Routines, Your Patterns, Your Behaviours – How Are They Impacting What You’re Doing?

And this is especially important for those of you that still have a full-time job, and you’re trying to build your online business whilst working and juggling all this other stuff going on in your day to day life. It is especially important for you and your daily routines.

I've Done A Bit Of Testing In Terms Of How You Operate In Certain Areas Of The Day
I’ve Done A Bit Of Testing In Terms Of How You Operate In Certain Areas Of The Day

But also I guess, in many respects, this is equally important to those of you like me, in my position, where you are full-time responsible for the outcome of your business. You’re running your own business, and nobody’s going to put a wages pay check into your bank account at the end of the month.

So, I had an interesting conversation recently. I was at a seminar and we were basically in the bar in the evening, talking about everyone’s day to day patterns and daily routines, and how they operate on a day to day basis. And I was talking about how I’ve done a bit of testing over recent times, in terms of how you operate and perform in certain areas of the day.

Now I’m gonna tell you the number one biggest thing of everything, that I’ve found in my testing that’s gonna impact the way you act, your sharpness, your focus, and your energy levels.

This Is Biggest Daily Routine That Impacts Your Energy, Sharpness and Focus

I used to get really, really sort of sluggish, sleepy and be yawning mid afternoon. I’ve discovered it’s dehydration. Got to be drinking lots of water in a day. And sometimes you got to kind of force yourself to do it. But you have to.

You’ve got to be drinking water all throughout the day. From the moment you wake up, through to the evening, an hour before you go to bed. You’ve got to be consuming like at least three litres of water. And the difference it makes is astounding. Like, honestly it’s staggering the difference it makes. So that’s one thing.

If You Are Operating On Hardly Any Sleep, You're Going To Burn Out
If You Are Operating On Hardly Any Sleep, You’re Going To Burn Out

Two: Having a good sleeping pattern. Like, if you’re staying up really late and then getting up late… If you operate best that way, and you’ve got that option if you’re working for yourself full time, then fair enough. But if you’re not, it’s not gonna be good.

On the other side of that as well – and this is what a lot of people are doing when they’re juggling work, life, and trying to start a business… Is they’re staying up really late, not getting much sleep, and then waking up early. If you are operating on hardly any sleep, you’re going to burn out.

Some People Think That, “Oh, But I’m Being Really Productive”

You’re probably not. Like, you’re probably being a “busy fool“. You feel like putting in those hours and staying up late is serving you. But it may not be, at least not in the long-term, okay?

Get a good amount of sleep each night. Make sure you’re having enough sleep for your body. So that’s two things: Make sure you’re drinking plenty of water, be hydrated. And fix your sleeping patterns.

Here’s another… I’m gonna leave you with this one. It’s like “the big three” I guess.

Receptors In Your Brain Are More Receptive In The First 10 To 20 Minutes Of The Day
Receptors In Your Brain Are More Receptive In The First 10 To 20 Minutes Of The Day

How you start your day can dictate the mood and the the results of the entire day. So what I mean by that is… If you are in daily routines where you wake up and you watch the news, or you read a newspaper and consume media. Not good!

Media can come in all different forms… Social media, like if you wake up grab your cell phone and sit on Facebook or Twitter reading other people’s lives other people’s crap, news, politics, all this kind of gibberish… It is going to have a negative effect – you’re feeding your brain with negativity.

I did a Drive recently on this – what you’re feeding your body, what you’re feeding your brain. Like, food intake into your body, and information intake into your brain. It’s impacting you – what you’re feeding your brain and your body will impact you.

And what I found is…

And I Do Believe There’s Scientific Studies Behind This

Receptors in your brain are more receptive in the first 10 to 20 minutes of the day, when you first wake up. So, what you choose to feed your brain in that first 10 minutes of waking up in the morning can dramatically impact the mood of your whole day.

At The Start Of The Day, I Want To Feed My Brain With 'Pump-Up' Motivational Positivity
At The Start Of The Day, I Want To Feed My Brain With ‘Pump-Up’ Motivational Positivity

So I would personally recommend that when you wake up, instead of grabbing a cell phone and checking Facebook, Twitter, news or politics, or any kind of other BS. Instead put on something inspiring and motivational.

One of the things I do every morning is like, I’ve got like a Bluetooth speaker. So I wake up, connect my phone to it and I’ll listen to some Les Brown or Tony Robbins or Jim Rohn or something like that – some Eric Thomas (ET). Some motivational positivity. Y’know, motivational personal development type stuff.

Because at the start of the day, I want to feed my brain with ‘pump-up’ motivational positivity – “You can do this!” Like y’know, inspirational motivational positivity. NOT politics, crime, injuries, accidents, and tragedies – all the horrible stuff that’s happening in the world. Like, I know it’s happening, I know it’s going on. I know there’s terrible, terrible things happening in the world.

But I’ve got my mission…

I’m Striving To Change My World In My Own Little Way

Do you know what I mean? And I think far too many people let external influences into their day, and it affects them. I see people talking about, “Ah, did you see this in the news? Oh my gosh!”

Three Daily Routines For How To Be More Alert, Focused, Driven, Energetic, And Productive
Three Daily Routines For How To Be More Alert, Focused, Driven, Energetic, And Productive

And I’m like, I have zero idea what’s going on out there. Because I shield myself from it. And I know everybody’s gonna have a difference of opinion on that, but that’s me.

So there’s my ‘big three’ daily routines for how to be more alert, more focused, more driven, more energetic, more productive, and all this kind of good stuff:

  1. Drink plenty of water every day, from the moment you wake up, through to about an hour before you sleep. Consume litres of water.
  2. Make sure you’re getting good rest and sleep. Have a good sleeping pattern.
  3. How you start your day is how you’re gonna impact the rest of your day. When you wake up, don’t allow negative crap and media to feed into your brain, because it can impact the rest of the day. Fill it with positivity, motivation, something inspiring, like I just mentioned.

There we go. My big three daily routines to increase productivity in your day and impact it in the best possible way.

So with that said, until next time with “Find The Right Mentor For Your Business And Keep Fighting” thank you for watching. Have a great rest of your week. Talk to you soon. Take care and bye for now.”

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  • November 18, 2020 at 10:16 am

    I’m definitely going to try 3 litres of water, it’s the first thing I consume but I don’t drink it throughout the day like I should. Thanks for this is a great post.

    • November 18, 2020 at 2:17 pm

      Makes a surprisingly big difference. So I now keep a water bottle with me all day.
      Thanks for the comment.

      • November 18, 2020 at 2:18 pm

        I’m going to do the same👍


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