How To Use Facebook Audience Insights To Get More Marketing Ideas

Using Facebook Audience Insights For Marketing Ideas
Using Facebook Audience Insights For Marketing Ideas

Leveraging Facebook Audience Insights To Find More Targeting Ideas

Okay, so today we’re going to talk about Facebook Audience Insights and how you can leverage it to find more targeting ideas.

Because we know when it comes to advertising  or any type of marketing at all, targeting is the name of the game, and it’s really what breaks or makes an advertising campaign.

So what you need to do is, you need to go into your Facebook Ads account, or you can go into your Facebook Business Manager account and all I need to do is click on the link where it says ‘Business Manager’, and then expand it where it says ‘All Tools’. And I need to go to the ‘Audience Insight’ section. So it’s here under Plan, and I click Audience Insights.

Facebook Audience Insights
Facebook Audience Insights

This is a tool that not a lot of people talk about, because it’s not really sexy to talk about how you go about targeting, but it’s what builds the foundation of your advertising campaign.

let’s just say for example, I’m trying to find more people and I’m selling shoes, sports shoes for example. I’m looking for more people that are interested in brands such as Nike and I think, Lululemon might also sells shoes as well, Adidas, Puma.

So I’m looking to create an audience and looking for people, age 18 and we can go to 40 or so. And then we’ll type in interests. We’ll go with Nike and we’ll also go with Puma and let’s go with Adidas, and then let’s go with Lululemon just to add a little more variations into it. And what else is another big shoe brand out there? Let’s go with Converse.

Okay, alright, there we go. So now we can see what the age in general looks like. On the breakdown over here we can see that 46 percent are women, 54 percent are men.

Demographics on Facebook Audience Insights
Demographics on Facebook Audience Insights

And then you can look at the type of lifestyle for the age range that we have. Six percent right here interested in career building. They talk about what else they’re interested in. They’re savvy singles. They’re interested in trucking, for example. You can also see their relationship status too. You can see there’s plus 50 percent for single, in a relationship and minus 47 percent for married. And you can see their education levels as well. And you can take a look at their job titles too. So, this one doesn’t add a lot of insights here when it comes to targeting, but it’s just good to kind of know.

What I really like to do is I like to go to the Page Likes section to see what’s going on. What type of page likes are relevant. So you can see right here, if I go to page like section, you can see the top categories. This might give you some ideas as well.

But I like to scroll to the bottom where it says, gives you some other ideas for pages to target. Especially if you’re going about Facebook and you’re thinking about cold targeting, for example, then you might take a look at these and start to note these down.

Page Likes on Facebook Audience Insights
Page Likes on Facebook Audience Insights

You can see right here ‘Foot Locker’ is one of the similar interests here, and then you can see Chap Sports is another one. Nike Football, Jordan as well. Then you can see Beats by Dre, that’s interesting because that’s kind of related even though it’s a headphone accessory, it’s not too far off. You know, people who are interested in Beats by Dre, I see that often in the gym. If you’re wearing athletic shoes, you might be wearing Beats by Dre, I see it a ton.

Right here, this will give you some ideas. You can also ‘Save’ this audience as well. You can ‘Create an Ad’ with it too.  If you don’t know how to use this at all and if you want to get a tutorial, just hit ‘Take Tour’ and it’ll help you get started with it.

This is kind of the high level on how you can go about finding more targeting ideas using Facebook Audience Insights. There’s a lot more that you can do with it, I just want to help you get more targeting ideas right here.

Here’s Eric Siu’s video which is the source of this article:

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