7 Email Subject Line Templates To Get Your Emails Opened

7 Email Subject Line Templates To Get Your Emails Opened
7 Email Subject Line Templates To Get Your Emails Opened

The only way your future email marketing campaign is going to show good results is if your subscribers open up your emails. And in order to achieve that you’ll need to be making use of great subject lines. So how do we come up with such killer subject lines? It really is much easier than you think, when you have a bag of tricks to draw upon.

Likewise, you are going to need to keep in mind that on the reverse side of your email messages is not merely a subscriber or a bank balance, it’s a genuine person. That individual is usually trying to find alternatives and beneficial information, which means you always ought to give great value (this is actually the primary secret of marketing via email).

Loads of internet marketers write subject lines which can be full of hype, and even misleading, in an effort to obtain opens no matter what. This is not your best option. Even though some may get opens, they are almost certainly aren’t delivering value that fits the subject lines, consequently their subscribers inevitably unsubscribe or stop opening the emails.

Email subject lines that work can make or break a campaign. It won’t matter how compelling your offer is, if your subject line doesn’t persuade your subscriber to open your email. Further down are seven email subject line templates that you can use to spark your imagination.

Writing killer email subject lines that work is easier than you may think once you have a reliable bag of tricks to draw upon. Remember, on the other end of your send button is a person, not just a “subscriber” or a wallet, and it’s safe to assume they are also opting in to other lists, including your competitors.

They are the kind of people who are looking for solutions and helpful resources. This also underscores the first rule of email marketing: offer value. While it is possible to trick someone into opening emails, if there is no real value inside then subscribers tune out or unsubscribe.

What offers value? It depends on what your subscribers are interested in. That said, if your email subject lines use curiosity, a benefit, or a combination of both, you should get good open rate.

Listed below are 7 proven subject lines that get email messages opened and read, and maybe they will open up your imagination to a variety of alternatives for all your email promotions.

Seven Subject Line Templates That Get Your Emails Opened

1. How to [insert anything your target audience would want to know]

The more specific the “how to”, the more difficult the task, or the more immediate the reward, the greater the interest in your email. For example, “How to lose belly fat in time for your wedding” is stronger than the generic “How to lose weight”.

2. Don’t let [x] happen to you

The bad thing must be something your subscriber would care enough about to want to avoid, and the tip to avoid the bad thing must be credible. If you’re doing a sales pitch, try to tell the story of what your subscriber should avoid and how to do it before pitching the product for maximum perceived value and congruency.

3. Special offer for this weekend only

This can be an effective subject line when used in moderation. If you have these deals too frequently, your subscribers will only buy from you when you have sales.

4. Why [X] is better than [Y]

People like to hear strong opinions that help them make better informed decisions. If you never express strong opinions your message will blend into the background while more assertive voices stand out.

5. The best time to [insert benefit]

Make sure the benefit is something your readers want. It’s important that any curiosity you generate can be satisfied, curiosity without any real value is just hype.

6. Where to find [X]

Everyone likes to know the best place to find deals, the best quality, or the best selection. Of course, the best place may be your own products or services. If you are using this as a promotional angle, you could tell your subscribers the best place to find the equipment they’ll need to follow your exercise plan.

7. I need your help

People like to feel good and helpful. You can ask your subscribers to help you in many ways, such as giving you their opinion. It’s a good idea to keep the request for help within a range of things that would build good will and avoid seeming opportunistic.

These email subject lines can provide you with a wide range of possibilities. Again, the key to a good subject line is to combine curiosity and a benefit and then deliver in the body of the email.

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