How To Increase Email Response Rates From Your Email Marketing Campaigns

How To Increase Email Response Rates From Your Email Marketing Campaigns
How To Increase Email Response Rates From Your Email Marketing Campaigns

If you’re thinking of starting an email marketing campaign or want to increase email response rates, today Dean reveals his secrets to how he builds his highly effective email marketing campaigns…

“Someone asked me the other day…

How do I get a better result from the email list I’ve built? I’ve built this massive email list of tens of thousands of people, and I’m just not really getting the results I used to. What’s going wrong?

This is what I’m going to talk about in today’s Drive.

Good morning, good morning! Welcome to another episode of The Drive. Dean here of course, on the way to Internet Profits HQ.

I’ve got a great message for you today, based on something I was asked just this week.

A friend and former client of mine mentioned… they’ve built their email list very successfully, into the tens of thousands of subscribers. But they’re struggling to get the results they used to.

All These Technicalities Result In Your Emails Not Being Delivered
All These Technicalities Result In Your Emails Not Being Delivered

Their list has become less responsive. They’re not seeing the revenue from their list that they used to. And they basically asked me, have I noticed the same with my company? And have I got any advice to share with them?

It’s a really key topic…

So Many People Are Reporting Lower Email Response Rates

…and lower results from their email lists.

And whilst there are certain technicalities that can play a part here, such as the autoresponder you’re using… Perhaps they have blacklisted servers… Your email address, your server being blacklisted…

So it’s basically, ultimately all these technicalities I’m talking about… resulting in your emails not being delivered. Or indeed, landing in the spam folders.

Now this aspect… This is something I could talk about for, gosh, probably a whole weekend! But I just want to give you a few tips… a few bits of advice.

Number one; look at the factually correct things here… where lies the problem? If you say to me, “Dean, I’m getting a crap ton of opens, a load of opens, but nobody’s clicking through.” Then, you’re…

Writing Good Email Subject Lines

…but poor emails and calls to action.

Dean Holland The Drive Episode 123
Dean Holland’s “The Drive” Episode 123

The first thing is; the subject line has to get the open. So, the way in which you diagnose the problem is this:

1. If I’m not getting any opens, then there may be a deliverability problem. If I’m getting very poor performance of opens, there either might be a poor deliverability problem or your email subject lines need work – your email subject line is not enticing the open.

2. If you are getting opens, but no clicks or few clicks… Then your email copy and your calls to action need some more work.

Okay. So first, find out where the hole is in the bucket: Assess where the problem is, assess where the issue is, in order to improve email open and response rates, so you can diagnose it properly.

Now, when it then comes down to fixing this…

How Do You Write Better Subject Lines? How Do You Write Better Emails?

I like to use what I refer to as, story cliffhanger campaigns. So what I mean by that is, my emails are all very story driven. And early on in the email, I’ll do what’s called, “Opening a loop”.

Basically, I’ll open a loop to what they can expect in my next email. So, I might say something like,

Hey, how are you doing today. You are not going to believe what happened to me earlier. You’re probably gonna cry with laughter. But I’ll tell you about that a little later. First, let me explain about this.

So it’s kind of like, I’ve opened a loop. I’ve dropped a hint for something that intrigues them and gets their curiosity up. And then I’m telling them, “I’m gonna tell you about that a little later.”

Then I’ll go into another story, and at the end of my email I’ll say, “Oh and remember that thing I mentioned above, where you’re gonna laugh and cry?… I’ll send you an email later on today and tell you all about it. Look out for that.”

So it’s like, I’m opening a loop, I’m dropping a cliffhanger… so they’re actually looking forward to, or are curious about, the next email. Because, the way the human mind works is that we have to complete things.

We Have To Know The End Of The Story

Story Based, Curiosity Driven, Cliffhanger Email Campaigns
Story Based, Curiosity Driven, Cliffhanger Email Campaigns

If the story is enticing… we have to know the end. We have to know how this story ends, right?

And so I use these story based, curiosity driven, cliffhanger campaigns… Where I’m telling a story, I’m opening the loops, and I’m dropping cliffhangers, to get them excited for the next email.

And when you start doing this, and you continue to do it, and you email every day… and I’m actually significantly increasing the frequency of my emailing. Not just one email a week, or one email a day… like, two, three emails a day, sometimes more depending upon what it is that I’m sending out about.

So… increased frequency, cliffhanger story campaigns, make your emails interesting… and this will greatly improve email response rates for you. And a simple thing that I’ve been sharing with our clients recently is…

“How’ve You Come Up With All These Stories, Dean?”

Well basically, just share each day… Take something that happened in the last 24-48 hours, and share it in a story format. Everybody has stuff happening. There are 24 hours in a day. You only spend 8 or so of those hours in bed. That means you’ve got 16 hours approximately, that stuff is happening to your day, in your life.

Turn Your Daily Life Into Short, Interesting 'Cliffhanger' Stories
Turn Your Daily Life Into Short, Interesting ‘Cliffhanger’ Stories

So, what is happening? How can we spin that? Like, I’ll talk about how I was in a store earlier, and I saw this. Or I was at a bar, and I heard this argument and… whatever.

And so I’m sharing a story. What’s happened in the last 24-48 hours. Take it into a short story. Make it interesting.

Drop a cliffhanger, make it curious and pique their interest for the next email. Keep doing that and…

People Will Start Looking Forward To Your Emails

Cos it’s like, “Ah, what’s happening with Dean today? What’s Dean going to share today? What exciting thing is happening in Dean’s life.” People like to hear stories. People like to hear what’s going on in your life.

So share these stories. Do it in the way I’ve said. And you should hopefully start to see an increase in email response rates, and an increase in results from your email marketing campaigns.

Thanks for joining me here on The Drive. If you’ve enjoyed this, hit that Like button, please share this message. Have a great day and I will of course see you again in – another episode of The Drive. Take care. Bye, bye for now.

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  • January 6, 2020 at 1:03 pm

    I was struggling hard to boost email response rates after building effective marketing campaigns. For the last three years, I am using EasySendy and Amazon SES to deliver emails with personalized content.

    • January 6, 2020 at 1:37 pm

      Thanks for the comment, Matthew.
      I’ve not had experience with EasySendy myself. But after leaving GetResponse and rebuilding my email marketing using InboxingPro combined with ElasticEmail, I did notice an all round improvement in email deliverability and response.
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