Where The BIG Profit Is Made In Our Business

Where The BIG Profit Is Made In Our Business
Where The BIG Profit Is Made In Our Business

We are crazy busy here at Internet Profits at the minute, as you know if you’ve been watching some of these “Drives” episodes of recent times.

Over the last week or so, you’ll know that I’ve been talking about – obviously one of the big things we’re working on right now is actually getting a new offer and sales funnel live, to generate more customers into the business.

So, just to kind of bring you up to date on that. What’s happened over the last 24 hours – really quite some great progress.

We initiated the order for a thousand of our new product to be made, because it’s actually (I don’t know if I’ve discussed this, but I probably have)…

The New Product

100% Confident Our New Product's Gonna Be A Big Seller
100% Confident Our New Product’s Gonna Be A Big Seller

…or in fact if you do follow me on Facebook, you’ll actually see there I think I put a photograph, or in the last few days put a photo of our new product on Facebook. So you can see that…

So it’s basically – it’s the USB stick inside of a plastic, they call it a plastic clam case. Basically looks like a DVD case, but if you open it up it’s got a USB stick clipped inside. So we’re actually having – because now I’ve had the sample, we’ve checked the sample over, we’ve looked at everything, everything is looking good, everything is looking amazingly good actually, it looks incredible – we are having a thousand of them made on the initial run.

So that we know that these are going to be a really popular seller, you know. I don’t want to order the 5,000 of them and then find out, well actually it doesn’t look like anybody wants them. We’ve done our due diligence. This is something that I am almost…

100% Confident That It’s Going To Be A Good Seller

But I don’t want tens of thousands of dollars worth of these things sat on the shelf. So we’ve ordered a thousand of them. That got initiated yesterday.

The Perfect Offer Case And USB Stick Dean Holland
Dean Holland’s “The Perfect Offer” Case And USB Stick

We paid somewhere in the region of six/seven thousand dollars for those. So they’re now being done this week. I’m waiting on a completion schedule for those, but it shouldn’t be long.

Yesterday we also recorded the two upsell videos. We also recorded a downsell video. So those have basically got to be put onto the pages and everything finished off there. So everything in terms of the sales funnel is really coming together.

And as I said I think at the start of the week, in the last couple of episodes of The Drive, once we’ve got it all ready, before we open the gates to our Certified Partners who get to use all of our sales funnels – one of the benefits of being one of our Certified Partners is…

We Optimise ALL Of Our Sales Funnels First

So the big job, once we get this ready, the main task at hand, will be for me personally to start putting thousands of dollars into traffic generation and advertising. And begin to optimise the sales funnel, test the funnel.

But one of the the biggest things, in fact this is probably the biggest thing out of everything; one of the mistakes I used to make, going several years back, was to put all of my attention on the front end part of the sales funnel, which is what we’re actually talking about – what we’ve been building at the moment. That’s the front end that actually acquires customers.

Dean Holland The Drive Episode 13
Dean Holland’s “The Drive” Episode 13

Now the problem with that is, is that the bulk of the profits for the business, or all of the profits essentially for the business are made in the what’s called the back-end of the business. So after we’ve acquired a new customer, actually selling more to that customer – having that customer return back to us to purchase additional products, premium products that sell for…

Two To Twelve, Twenty Thousand Dollars And Beyond

So from $2,000 up to tens of thousands of dollars. That’s where the profit is generated for us in the business; working at a higher level, making premium high level products, programs, opportunities, solutions, services available to the new customers.

A big thing that I was mapping out yesterday – I was to share this with you actually, I almost forgot. I was planning out the back-end campaign.

So what I mean by that is; what happens once we’ve got a customer. So once people are ordering the new product which is called “The Perfect Offer” – once people are ordering that, what then takes place, what happens.

We have to have, a business has to have, an ascension plan…

Where Do We Take Our New Customers?

Well certainly with our business model, we need an ascension plan. So we acquire a customer, we sell more to that customer at the time of purchase – that helps us to liquidate the money it cost us in advertising to make that sale.

And then in order to generate profit, which is what the business needs in order to function and deliver the most we can to our customers and audiences, what are we going to do?

Optimised Back-End Marketing Campaign, A Back-End Ascension Campaign
Optimised Back-End Marketing Campaign, A Back-End Ascension Campaign

This is one of the huge things – actually I’ve not even spoke about this on these Drive episode yet, and maybe I’ll go into this more detail tomorrow and in future episodes. Because one of the big, big things that we’re actually now developing and working on, is a really much higher optimised back-end marketing campaign, a back-end ascension campaign.

Basically, Just To Give You A Quick, Skinny Version…

…because we’re actually pulling into the office now. The quick skinny version of what takes place for us once we get a new buyer is:

  • We then have an email follow-up campaign that goes out.
  • We have outreach phone calls – so a member of my team phoning the new customers.
  • If we have their cell phone number we have text messages go out – we’ve just been setting all of that up.
  • We have retargeting campaigns using Facebook Ads to show relevant retargeting campaign messages.
  • We send people to things like automated webinars, video series, case studies, testimonials, interviews with successful clients.

Really the whole goal being, once we’ve got a customer, is let’s now see how we can further help them and accelerate the pace, accelerate and shorten the journey from where they are to where they want to be.

There’s only so much that the digital product can do for somebody. You can watch something, you can learn and you can work on that and apply it yourself.

But if you can actually have something done for you, for example. Or if you can have somebody work on things hands-on with you on in a group coaching environment. Or you can attend a mastermind (seminars) and mastermind with like-minded individuals.

There’s Nothing That Can Beat Those Types Of Opportunities, You Know

How Do We Ascend People Through Our Product Line?
How Do We Ascend People Through Our Product Line?

You cannot compare a digital product to a coaching program, or a digital product to a mastermind.

So that’s what we then think – how do we ascend people through our product line. We’ve got all these amazing things that we can make available. How do we make them available to people and…

How Do We Show The Value Proposition To Them…

…so that people actually want to take action, want to get hold of those high level premium programs and opportunities?

So that’s what I’m really going to be focused on today. Further developing that back-end marketing campaign. Because the exciting thing is is once you’ve built a back-end marketing campaign that you put your customers through, and once you’ve optimised that, the key ultimately is; how do I get more buyers into this back-end marketing campaign – which once working correctly, is like a well-oiled machine.

You’ll have all these cogs turning, you’ll have people purchasing premium products and programs, people applying and getting on the phone with my phone team, people wanting to work closely with my team and my coaching programs. Things like that – so that’s the exciting part!

So that’s really kind of what I’m working on today. That’s what’s been happening in the last 24 hours. Huge developments, huge progress, but there’s still lots of work to do. So with that said as you can probably tell I’m at the office. That is another episode of The Drive done. I shall see you back with¬†How To Get People To Open And Read Your Emails¬†tomorrow. Have a great day my friends.

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