The Two Things That Will Increase Your Business Income

The Two Things That Will Increase Your Business Income
The Two Things That Will Increase Your Business Income

Had one of those days yesterday where things don’t necessarily all slot into place and go to plan. Have a lot going on yesterday.

Had an interview with one of our clients who’s basically been getting incredible results in our Certified Partner Program.

He’s basically generated a little over $31,000, I discovered yesterday, in the last twelve weeks / three months – something like that – in the first few months of being with us in the Partner Program which is incredible…

The Future Of Traffic Generation And Online Advertising
The Future Of Traffic Generation And Online Advertising

Now Earning Somewhere In The Region Of About $8,000 A Month…

…at the minute which is just incredible to see that within 12 weeks. So I had an interview with him and that was about 30 minutes.

Last night I had the first of a multi-part implementation bootcamp for a Fuel Digital Traffic Mastery Program. Did that with our Certified Partners – teaching them the future of traffic generation and online advertising which was exciting.

But had a bit of a disaster with that actually. Turns out with GoToWebinar, our service we use, it didn’t record the webcam parts which actually had the camera on as I was drawing stuff out demonstrating it on the board, which is a pain. So now I’ve probably got to re-record that at some stage.

We all have days like that, where things don’t always go to plan. You gotta dust it off and just keep moving.

The one thing I wanted to actually talk about here today, because somebody asked me this actually (was it yesterday in a message or maybe a comment?) Somebody asked me what’s my reasons behind doing “The Drive”.

So, if you obviously see on my YouTube channel, you can also see on my Facebook page, and also on my blog. I’m taking these “Drives” and I’m…

Purposing Them On Multiple Platforms

So on the blog that I own, then YouTube and Facebook.

Now somebody was asking me, as I say, what’s the reason behind doing these Drives?

Because you’ll see that, you know, I’m not doing these Drives to sell anything – there’s nothing that I’m selling here – I’m not telling you to do go to websites or trying to sell you anything at all.

But here’s the thing. And here’s what I want you to always remember…

“The success of your business and the amount of money you generate in your business, will be in direct proportion or will be directly affected by the amount of value that you deliver to your marketplace.”

Dean Holland's "The Drive" Episode 12
Dean Holland’s “The Drive” Episode 12

So my intention behind The Drive is really just to give value. There’s no there’s no set agenda. If you’ve been following along with these, I don’t have necessarily a day-by-day plan of exactly what I’m going talk about.

I literally get in the car and get ready to head to the office, to drive, and on this short journey I basically talk about whatever it is that happens to come up. Like here, I’m addressing that comment that we had yesterday about why I do it.

So what this basically means, by me putting out this daily content five days a week, every single day Monday to Friday putting out this content, it gives our audience a chance to get to know us better.

It also gives us the ability to find and reach out and give value to new people in our industry, in our marketplace, that have never been aware of me before, or my company before.

So we’re able to…

Make New People Aware Of Us In Our Marketplace

We’re allowed to build a stronger bond and stronger working relationship with those that are aware of us.

And the natural cause of just continually giving value and sharing with the marketplace is that, we will get more more business because of it. We will have been seeking our products.

There Are Only Two Reasons People Are Not Buying From You
There Are Only Two Reasons People Are Not Buying From You

When people do happen to see ads online for our products or our offers, they’re going to be more inclined to take us up on it.

Why? Because there are only two reasons the people are not buying from you. Reason number one; they can’t afford what you’re offering. That’s the truth, you know, that is a fact – that there are people that cannot afford what you’re offering.

All right, now obviously you do hear arguments that well, if people really wanted what you had, they would be resourceful enough to get it – you know – people should be resourceful, which I agree with. You should be resourceful, but we also have to understand that there are limitations within our reach and mean at times. We can only be so resourceful.

It’s like, if Ferrari said, well not everybody can afford our car, so we’d better not put it out in the marketplace. Well, no… there are people that can.

So, Reason Number One People Don’t Buy From You Is…

…they can’t afford what you have to sell. We can’t do anything about that really.

But point number two, or reason number two, why people don’t buy from you is they don’t trust you.

And that’s something we can do something about. Because one thing is for sure, that I can guarantee you builds trust, is time, okay? Time and people continually seeing you.

So if you ask me…

Why Do I Do These “Drives”?…

If we cut to the chase, it’s to give value and build trust. Because I know that by giving continual value and building trust, my business will grow.

My income will be directly affected. And the success of my business, and the lives of the people that I’m able to get what we have and know into the hands of, will have a dramatic impact.

The information that we have to share, by even just sharing little golden nuggets or small key insights every day in these Drive videos, there might be just be one thing that you pick up one day from one of these Drive videos, that you go, “that’s what I needed to hear – that’s what I needed to listen to – that’s what I need to implement – that’s what I’ve been seeking”…

And then the moment that that happens, the day that you get a golden nugget from listening to these Drive videos (and hopefully it happens many times over) hopefully you will feel, “I’ve got enough value from that Dean Holland to trust him now, to actually make a purchase of one of his products and become a customer of that business”.

Giving Value And Building Trust Generates Happy Customers
Giving Value And Building Trust Generates Happy Customers

And that’s why I do it…

To Give Value, To Build Trust, And Hopefully…

…in time, when enough time has passed and enough trust has been built and enough value has been given, if you’re not already a customer and you’re watching this, hopefully it means you might become a customer and convert into a customer.

But that decision is ultimately going to be yours. I’m going to keep giving the value, building the trust. That’s why I’m doing these Drive videos.

So I hope that’s a bit insight into why I’m doing this, but also some insight into things to get your mind thinking – well okay, if people aren’t buying from me they either can’t afford it or they don’t trust me yet.

What can I do to make a difference in one of those two things. Because you can’t change if people can’t afford it – they can change that. But you can change that people don’t trust you. Time, effort, value and trust can be built.

So with that said have a great day. This is The Drive, and I shall see you back tomorrow with Where The Big Profit Is Made In Our Business.

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