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Writing good sales copy that sells… Good morning! Welcome to another episode of The Drive. So… what are we doing today?… Let me update you on what’s going on in the world of InternetProfits.

I’ll be finishing up writing sales copy today for another product that we’re actually launching next month, called “The Quick Start Challenge”.

Copywriting Writing Good Sales Copy That Sells Bullet Points - Dean Holland

It’s a 30 day coaching program that we do every year, that essentially is to teach people in a 30 day period to get started online, start building their email list, start driving traffic, and start obviously monetizing all of that process by making affiliate commissions.

I’ve wrote version one of the copy. Just got a few bullet points to add in there. Actually, speaking of which, when I say a few bullet points, I’m actually going to stack the bullet points, as many as I possibly can. Obviously all factually true and correct, about what’s actually included, what people are getting.

And here’s just to focus in on copywriting for you today, in today’s Drive.

When It Comes To Writing Good Sales Copy That Sells…

…one thing that I learned is that; when it equates to bullet points, when for example I would be saying, in week one – this is what it’s about, here’s some of what you can expect to discover – and I start listing some bullet points.

Copywriting Writing Good Sales Copy That Sells Bullet Points - The Drive E39

Well sometimes people would… sometimes I see people, in their sales copy, they just put like a couple of bullet points and they think that’s it. So then they just move on to the next part of the sales copy.

But Here’s The Truth…

One thing but I’ve learned before, is that people equate bullets, bullet points, to something they’re actually receiving.

So if I said to you, ‘here’s what you’re going to discover – how to drive traffic without ever… or how to get thousands of visitors without driving any traffic for yourself’. Then you would equate that to receiving or discovering one thing.

Now if I was to then list another two bullet points, you reading that copy or watching that video, you would equate that to receiving two more things. So now you’ve received three things.

And that’s the thing. When people are summing up the value – because this is what takes place – when you’re making an offer…

Ultimately What’s Going On In Someone’s Head Is The Value Exchange

If I’m paying you a thousand dollars, do I feel that your offer – that you’re offering to give me in exchange for my thousand dollars – am I receiving a fair exchange of value? Do I feel that that value is tipped in my favor?

When you think about that with sales copy, and you think about the fact of…

How Many Bullet Points Is Enough?

Copywriting Writing Good Sales Copy That Sells Bullet Points - The Drive E39

You ultimately want as many as you can. Because the more bullet points, the more people feel like they’re receiving for your offer.

So if somebody… let’s just imagine… imagine we had two identical sales pages, for two identical products, okay?

Now version one – let’s just say there are five bullet points. So I say, ‘this is what you can expect’ and there’s five bullet points.

Now in version two – everything is the same, except in this copy I include 30 bullet points of what you can expect to discover.

Which do you believe is going to sound more valuable to the person reading or watching?

The more bullet points, right? Because if you say to me, ‘here’s what you can expect to discover:

  • Thing one
  • Thing two
  • Thing three
  • Thing four
  • Thing five

And that’s it.

Then you compare that to the same copy that says here’s what you can expect to discover:

  • Thing one
  • Thing two
  • Thing three
  • Copywriting Writing Good Sales Copy That Sells Bullet Points - The DriveFour
  • Five
  • Six
  • Seven
  • Eight
  • Nine
  • Ten
  • Eleven
  • Twelve… and so on.

I’m going to read that and I’m going to think, “I’m getting so much more with that offer, than I am with the first offer”.

So that’s just a…

Big Tip For You Today When You’re Copywriting

And that could be that could include writing good sales copy that sells, writing sales videos, writing emails, writing ads like Facebook Ads or any other ads.

You need to realize that when it comes down to your copy, whatever that copy may be…

Bullet Points Equate To Value

So the more of them, and obviously the better you write them, the more value that person feels they’re receiving. Therefore the more likely they are to convert.

So I hope you find that helpful. We’ve got tons to do today. The copywriting, some videos and lots of other stuff going on.

So you can tell we’re here. I will of course see you soon in Understanding If You’ve Got Your Marketing Message Right, the next episode of The Drive. Thanks for watching.

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