How To Achieve Your Business Goals And Objectives In The Next 60 Days

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Discover how to set and reach your business goals and objectives over the next 60 days, using the following principles and tips from Dean Holland:

“Today I’m gonna talk about how to absolutely annihilate your business goals and your results in the next 60 days… so let’s do this!

How to Achieve Business Goals and ObjectivesGood morning welcome to this edition of The Drive. I want to just quickly give a few tips on how to accomplish more in the next 60 days, than you possibly have in the previous 60 days / hundred days / or months previously before now.

This is the process that we actually went through last week.

I decided to set what I called the obnoxiously ambitious business goal for the next 60 days.

I Set This Huge, Huge Business Goal…

A target above what we’ve achieved in that same period of time, ever in the history of the company.

So I set this really high business goal. And when you set yourself an income target, especially one that’s significant, then it forces you to think differently.

Because a lot of us are… what a friend and my first mentor used to say to me, is…

The Concept Of Being A “Busy Fool”

How To Set And Reach Your Business GoalsIt’s like you can be busy… but in the wrong areas. And you can feel like you’re busy, but really you’re being a busy fool because you’re not focused on the right things.

It comes back to the 80/20 principle, right? The 80/20 principle dictates that 80% of your results will come from 20 percent of your actions. And so this is what setting this huge target has done for me.

It Makes You… It Forces You…

…to figure out what those 20 percent of your activities are. Where are the large amount of your results coming from. And what is it that you’re doing in those 20 percent, that produces the 80 percent of the results.

Because if you can actually shift to spending 80 percent of your time on the 20 percent that produces the results, then you’re naturally going to shift your focus onto income-producing activities, results orientated activities.

And therefore you’re going to enable yourself to produce the results in a shorter period of time, therefore enabling you to get bigger results over the next 60 days. So…

Here’s What You Need To Sit Down And Do…

Business Goals - Dean HollandFirst of all, set yourself an obnoxiously ambitious target for the next 60 days, okay? Set it!

If you are in the early stages of your business and you haven’t made any money, or you’ve made very little…

…Then your ambitiously obnoxious business goal might be to make, I don’t know, a thousand dollars, or a few thousand dollars, or five thousand dollars.

If you’ve made a bit of money, but you’re not seeing consistency, it might be ten thousand dollars.

Wherever you’re at, set ambitious business goals. For some of you it might be thousands, some tens of thousands, some hundreds of thousands, some even millions of dollars!

So set that business goal… Say, “Right, next 60 days – THIS is my target.”

Then You Need To Sit Back And Say…

“Right, what are the profit producing activities that are going to get me that target?”

How To Achieve Your Goals

Okay, and it might be y’know, building your email list and emailing them more frequently, or every day.

Making more offers to your marketplace. Running more webinars. Or y’know, running more ads.

There’s going to be different things for different businesses. So I can’t say to you specifically what they are for you.

Then you start working on them, and you shift.

Instead of spending 80 percent of your time on the 80 percent of tasks that aren’t producing the results. You shift to spending 80% of your time on the 20% of results-producing activities.

And now all that other garbage, all that other fluff stuff, that sometimes does need doing, right? You spend 20% of your efforts on that. And 80% on the profit or income or results producing activities.

And that is how you’re going to produce more results over the next 60 days. So with that said, let’s get it done! See you in “What If Money Was No Object? How To Design Your Life“, the next instalment of The Drive.

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