What If Money Was No Object? How To Design Your Life

What If Money Was No Object

Imagine for just one second that money was no issue… what if money was no object? How would your life look?

That’s what I want to talk about in today’s Drive.

Good morning. Welcome to another episode of The Drive. So we are just on the way to Internet Profits HQ. Only a few minutes down the road actually.

Today will be a short Drive, but something I think you’re gonna have a lot of fun with.

You see, a lot of us, we put restraints on ourselves based on a circumstance. And a lot of people actually let ‘life happen to them’, rather than ‘happening to life’.

So I want you to have a good thing today, right.

If Money Were No Object - Dean HollandHere’s A Fun Exercise For You…

I want you to go back to like being a kid again.

What happens when you’re a kid (if you’ve got children, you know this) you have this incredible imagination, where you can literally entertain yourself for hours on end, with your imagination alone, playing around.

But what happens is, as we get older, these parts of our brain start to close off, because you start to understand ‘reality’ and you start to really shut things off.

And as we get older and older we become almost, many of us… many people… can become a victim of circumstance… Like, “Oh, I don’t earn enough, because my job sucks, and I’m struggling, and this. and that.” And…

We Become A Victim Of Circumstance

Well I want to reverse this… I want to turn this around.

Because with your business, if you change your mind… you can change your life.

So I want you to get yourself fired up again. I want you to…

Shake Yourself Out Of That Zone!

And from today, what I want you to do over the next couple of days… whenever you get a chance… is to sit and spend as much time as necessary opening your imagination up again.

Design Your Life - Internet ProfitsHere’s what you can do… Imagine that money is nothing… that there are no barriers in your life… no money issues… no circumstantial issues… no restraints, no constraints, nothing!

What If Money Was No Object?

Imagine you could have everything you want, and live every way you desire. How does life look?

I want you to DESIGN it… Design your life… I want you to let your imagination open up again.

Because when you have that vision… now you know what we’re doing all this for. Now you know what you’re striving for. I want you to design your dream life like nothing can stop you from getting there.

Because Here’s The Reality…

From where you are today, to where you want to be… there are probably a few actions that you need to take… and acknowledging a time frame of applying those actions… to get you from where you are, to where you want to be.

Now most people don’t do what it takes to get from point A to point B, because they blame their circumstances.

One Of The Biggest Things We Hear…

…a lot of times… we get a lot of people applying for different programs of ours here at Internet Profits. And people say, “I can’t afford it.”

Money No Object - The Drive E106But really… I truly believe that there’s actually very few people that truly can’t afford something. What the problem is… they failed to prioritise their cash flow and their resources.

For example, a ton of people can afford to smoke cigarettes… but can’t afford to go to a gym… or can’t afford to get a mentor.

Crazy! Right?

And a ton of people can’t afford to get help, and get a mentor, or join a coaching program… But they can afford to eat out, or go to cinemas, or drink excessively at weekends… or do all these other things. Makes no sense, right?

They’re prioritising those things, over the important thing. And that’s what it is… People prioritise their resources incorrectly, and have the wrong priorities. So you need to…

DESIGN Your life…

Let your imagination run wild… Open up your mind… And you literally can achieve everything you want to… if you know what you’re working towards… and you set a plan… and you implement consistently.

And remember, prioritise your resources to make it happen. There’s no such thing as, “I can’t”… there’s only ever such a thing as, “How will I?”

Okay? So, a bit of a random one today, what if money was no object… But something to get your mind thinking. Look forward to seeing you again in “Do Your Actions Match What You Say You Desire?“, another episode of The Drive.

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