How To Sell Things Online: Getting Customers And Online Sales More Easily

How To Sell Things Online

Dean takes time out in the office today to explain a core psychological principle behind how to sell things online

“A lot of people over-complicate in their own mind, what needs to happen for an online sale to take place in their business.

Dean Holland on How To Sell Stuff OnlineWhether you’re an affiliate marketer, a network marketer, an ecommerce store, a product owner, or a service provider… whatever it is…

If you realise this one thing, it will become exponentially easier to get customers and online sales.

All right guys, Dean here of course. Bit of a different Drive today. You’ll notice I’m not in the car. We’re actually here at Internet Profits HQ – just actually in our training room – you can see the main offices behind me there.

So today I want to talk about…

How To Sell Things Online

…and give you this small piece of advice that can become huge for the results that you’re getting.

You see, I see a lot of people chasing the money. Desperately trying to make the sale. Almost chasing the customer away! And I want to give you this big piece of advice that should really help give you the clarity you need.

Dean Holland The Drive Episode 119It doesn’t matter whether you are an affiliate marketer, network marketer, an ecommerce store, a product owner, or service provider.

Whatever it is that you’re doing…

This One Thing Makes It So Much Easier

…or clearer, on what you have to do in order to allow that sale to take place… No matter what it is that you’re offering to that person.

So here it is… When anybody is looking at a product or service, potentially interested in purchasing it, okay? What they’re weighing up in their head is ultimately an exchange of value.

Like, if I (as the customer) am going to give you my value, which is my time and my money – what am I being provided with in exchange?

Now Imagine It Like A Balance Scale

Imagine you’ve got this scale, and on one side of the scale you’ve got the potential customer, and their value is on this side of the scale.

How To Start Selling Online

On their value we’ve got – their time and money, right? That’s their value. So they’re on this end of the scale. And when they first start looking at your offer, the scale is tipped not in their favour, right?

Because their time and money is more valuable to them when they first encounter what you’re doing over here (your offer, which is on the other end of the scale).

So what you have to do is tip the scale… the scale of value… into their favour. So that the value on the side of the scale that you’re offering them, outweighs the value that they’re putting in.

If what they’re giving you… their money and their time… is less valuable than what you’re offering to them on your side of the scale… you’re gonna tip the odds, you’re gonna…

Tip The Scale, The Value, In Their Favour

And that’s going to make that exchange of value – from them to you – much easier, okay?

That’s the way I like to think about this:

Is the value that I’m offering my customer more valuable to them than what I’m asking them to give me?

How To Sell Products Online

And that applies whether you’re offering something for 10 dollars, whether you’re offering something for free, or whether you’re offering something for twenty thousand dollars.

The scale of value has to tip in the customer’s favour, in order for them to make that exchange happen.

If you can do that, you’re going to find it significantly easier to start turning more visitors into buyers in your business. Either as an affiliate, a network marketer, product owner, service provider… or whatever it may be.

Focus On Tipping The Value

Imagine the scale… On one side is your customer, on the other side is what you’re offering. And if their value coming in is more valuable to them than what you’re offering… then they’re going to jump off and run away.

If you can tip the scale, so that the value offered to them becomes more valuable than their time and money… then you’re going to win.

So that’s my message for today. With that said have a great rest of your week. I will of course be back with Cost Of Advertising Online: How To Combat Rising Online Advertising Costs – another episode of The Drive. Until then, take care.

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