Best Online Business: 2 Steps To Build The Best Business Online For YOU

Best Online Business: 2 Steps To Build The Best Business Online For YOU
Best Online Business: 2 Steps To Build The Best Business Online For YOU

Here are a couple of key steps from Dean to follow, to build the best online business that’ll be a perfect fit for you.

“So, e-commerce just paid for my friend to get an Audi R8. An orange Audi R8 supercar. He’s actually coming to see me today, to show it to me. And and I’m incredibly excited about it all.

Good morning. Welcome to another episode of The Drive. Dean here of course, on the way right now to Internet Profits HQ. A little later than normal today.

It’s just after 9:00 a.m. I was and the office late last night, well until about 1 am.

We’re running week one of a six week brand-new coaching program…

The Customer Acquisition Boot Camp

…teaching the clients in the program how to get their own free plus shipping offers up and running.

Very, very excited about that program. Very excited for the success stories that are going to come from it.

$60K+ Debt Across 5 Credit Cards, 2 Bank Loans, 1 Bank Account
$60K+ Debt Across 5 Credit Cards, 2 Bank Loans, 1 Bank Account

So today… Lots of stuff happening at Internet Profits HQ. I’ve got a friend coming to see me today. Somebody I’ve known for many, many years – a good friend.

We don’t see each other enough. I’m really excited to see him today, particularly because I’ve not seen him for months and months.

We actually kind of started our journeys together in a way. Or at least, have known each other from the beginning of my full journey since 2008, when I got my mentor for the first time.

I Was In Over Sixty Grand’s Worth Of Debt

…at that stage, five credit cards, two bank loans, less than nothing in my bank account, y’know – overdrawn, maxed out.

And when I used up that last bit of money on a credit card, and joined a coaching program – he was in that program.

Now here’s the thing. When he joined that program, he was in a very different situation to me.

He actually had a business model – a system, if you like – that he was running on eBay.

And he was making like anywhere between ten to…

Dean Holland The Drive Episode 117
Dean Holland’s “The Drive” Episode 117

$20,000 A Month On Ebay Selling Hair Straighteners!

And this was the first time I’d ever come across… and bear mind this is 2008-2009… this isn’t in a time where e-commerce was huge. He was the first person I’d ever seen doing what, I guess, is now called e-commerce, right? Selling physical tangible products on the Internet

I remember thinking like, “Wow!” For one reason or another… long story short… he basically ended up having to cease selling that product. And his whole business kind of crumbled, and he had to start again using the process that he’d learned and built up for…

His Best Online Business

And I remember always thinking like, “Why are you doing physical products, when it’s surely so much easier to do digital products? Why are you doing this?” It seemed so much more work, so much more difficult.

But he persisted, and he kept on. And along the way, he did dabble with different online business ideas. He did create and launch some digital products.

It was always like, back and forth. Like, “Ah, but I really enjoy the the physical product, the importing, the e-commerce.”

Well, you’ve got to do what you enjoy, of course.

And he stuck with it, and stuck with it… and here we are years later and he’s absolutely crushing it now… making tens and…

Tens Of Thousands A Month, On Both Ebay And Amazon

When You Hit On Something, Work It, And Don't Get Distracted
When You Hit On Something, Work It, And Don’t Get Distracted

…with certain products. It’s not for me to say what products he’s selling.

But what’s exciting is, today he’s actually coming to see me. Because his e-commerce business basically just allowed him to buy, I guess a “supercar”. It’s not, like, a Lamborghini. But it’s a beautiful car! An Audi R8. And he’s coming to show me. Like a sixty, seventy, eighty thousand dollar car(?)

And it’s all paid for from his Ebay and Amazon e-commerce business. What it really highlights to me is… a few things…

Like, one… When you figure something out, when you hit on something… work it! Work it as hard as you can. And make it work. Don’t be tempted by other things, because that can take you back – it can delay you and hold you back. So that’s one thing for your best online business.

The Other Thing Is… Don’t Follow The Masses

Do what YOU want to do. Do what you enjoy, if it’s a proven business model at least.

Just because… like… everyone around my friend was doing digital products, affiliate marketing, creating digital products, launching them… And it pulled him away from what he truly knew, and was doing well at, and had figured out.

And I guess that kind of held him back a bit. Because if it he’d have stuck at what he was great at, he’d have got there much sooner.

So there’s a couple of things to build that best online business for you:

  1. Do what you enjoy.
  2. And if you figure something out, stick with it and really work it. Really make it big, and reinvest, and scale, and grow.
Well y'know, it's all set up. It's all automated. I don't really have to do anything.
“It’s all set up. It’s all automated. I don’t really have to do anything.”

And above all… like… another thing with my friend – and I’ll probably see if we can sit him down in the office and ask a few questions, and share that with you…

“Live The Life That You Want To Live”

Y’know, I always laugh with my friend… I’m like, “You could be making so much more if you did coaching and stuff – if you taught this to others.”

And he’s like, “Well y’know, it’s all set up. It’s all automated. I don’t really have to do anything.” He travels to different places, and he buys what he wants to buy. He’s got this new car. And he lives how he wants to live, not tied down to anything or anyone.

It’s an amazing thing to see.

…and I’m excited to see him again today, have a drive in his car, and hear more about his best online business. And like I say, I’ll try and ask him some questions, flick on the camera, and share it here.

I will of course see you again in “How To Sell Things Online: Getting Customers And Online Sales More Easily” – another episode of The Drive.

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