Building Online Business From Scratch – You Don’t Need To Know Everything

Building Online Business From Scratch

Building online business from scratch? There’s actually very little you need to know at each stage. A lot less than you may think in fact.

Building Online Business From Scratch - Dean HollandHey good morning welcome to another episode of The Drive. You know, what I was just thinking about is how, as humans, we tend to want to learn everything about something.

If I look back to certain times in my life and certain times in my business, I realize…

One Of My Mistakes Building Online Business From Scratch

Was trying to know it all – to try and learn everything there is about something.

And what I realize now years on, where my business is at today, is you don’t need to know everything for where you’re at right now. You just need to know enough to start or continue building online business from scratch.

So Let Me Give You An Example Of This…

Let’s just say, “I like pizza” okay. So I could buy a pizza, eat that pizza and enjoy it. Do I need to know how to make the dough? No, right? I just needed to know that I liked pizza in that instance.

Now that’s not the greatest example. So let me think of a few more.

Let’s just say, how many times did you walk into your bedroom late at night – you’re going to bed but you’ve shut off all the lights – it’s dark, so you flick on the light when you walk in the room.

So you can see and now the lights come on, right? You can see now this just happens naturally, right?Building Online Business From Scratch - The Drive E62

You Walk Into A Dark Room, You Flick On The Light

Do you need to understand how electricity works?

Do you need to understand how that electricity is in that room? How when you flick that switch the whole thing’s working? How that electricity is being delivered to your property?

No, you just know that ‘I want the lights to come on’ – I flick that switch and that’s it, right? All you needed to know was how to flick that switch, how to turn on that light. You didn’t need to know anything else.

So when you think about things in that way, if your business right now is at ground zero – meaning you’re not making any money each month – all you need to do is learn enough to take that next step forwards.

Let’s just say…

If Your Goal Was To Get To $10,000 A Month…

…you don’t need yet to know what to do to get to 10 grand a month. You need to know what to do to make that first thousand dollars, or that first sale, a hundred bucks or so.

Then when you’re there it’s like, okay I’m making a thousand dollars a month. What do I now need to know to take me to two thousand dollars a month or $5,000.

And then when you’re there, what do I need to know to take my business to ten thousand dollars a month. Does that make sense?

I see that this is actually…Building Online Business From Scratch - Thumbnail

A Vast Mistake That So Many People Are Making

Because everybody gets stuck, or a lot of people get stuck, in like what I would call the ‘learning zone’ when building online business from scratch.

So they would continually think, “I don’t know enough yet to do that – I don’t know enough to take action.” right?

You only have to know and learn enough to take that next step. Here’s a prime example of me many years ago when I was first learning how to set up a blog.

When I was first setting up my blog at, I didn’t know, first of all, what a blog was. So I had to just learn, “What is a blog?”… Okay, so now I know what a blog is. Next, “How do I install a blog”? So then I had to watch tutorials.

Did I just watch a ten minute tutorial and then ‘magic’… I went away and did it? No. What I had to do was…

Watch Thirty Seconds – Pause There – And Then Implement

So I didn’t know what was going to happen in five minutes time, I just knew what was happening for that next 30 seconds – then I could implement it. I just had to know enough to take that next small step forwards.

I would suggest for you in your business, particularly if you’re in those earlier stages, that if you find yourself feeling overwhelmed, if you find yourself a bit lost, a bit confused, not sure, uncertain about what it is that you’re doing.

Building Online Business From Scratch - InternetProfitsThen I would suggest that it’s probably because you’re trying to learn too much, okay?

So, Two Pieces Of Advice When Building Online Business From Scratch:

  1. Commit yourself to one thing.
  2. Only focus on learning enough to take that one step forward. And when you’ve done that, then you can learn another piece.

Don’t fall into the trap of thinking, in order to take action, in order to see progress, in order to take that first step, that you need to learn everything about a given subject. Because the reality is this – there is a very minimal chance of you ever knowing everything there is to know about something.

Think About That!

If you are trying to learn everything, chances are you’re chasing your tail and it’ll never happen.

So I hope you don’t mind me sharing that. That was just something I was thinking about last night and this morning, about how a lot of people fall into that situation of trying to learn it all, and never therefore actually implementing, and moving forwards in their business.

So, with that said, we are here at InternetProfits HQ. Time to head in and crush out the goals. Thank you for joining me on this journey (building online business from scratch), and this was another episode of The Drive. Talk to you soon in Never Fail Again – How To Never Fail At Anything Ever Again next time.

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