Millionaire Business Tips: How I Generated Over $9 Million In Online Sales By Age 33

Millionaire Business Tips: How I Generated Over $9 Million By Age 33
Millionaire Business Tips: How I Generated Over $9 Million By Age 33

A series of not-to-be-missed millionaire business tips shared by Dean Holland, specifically aimed at helping new business startups and online marketers…

“In today’s Drive I’m going to talk about how I’ve grown my business to generate over nine million dollars in online sales, by the time I’m 33.

I don’t really have anything specifically planned, but hopefully these will be some great tips and bits of advice for anybody starting and growing a business.

Millionaire Business Tips For Starting And Growing A Business

I started back in 2004, and for the first four years I struggled ridiculously. It ended up being like some of the darkest and scariest times in my life, because by 2008 I was in over sixty thousand dollars of debt.

And I suppose this is where my first bit of advice will come from. When you’ve figured out, or when you think you’ve got an idea of what it is you want to do – as in what direction you want to take your business.

Which Direction To Take In Your Business?

Do you want to be an affiliate marketer? Or do you have expertise and knowledge that you feel can help others, and give value to others? In which case, do you want to learn how to create your own product or course, then how to sell that?

There’s A Steep Learning Curve, DON'T Try Figuring It Out On Your Own
There’s A Steep Learning Curve, DON’T Try Figuring It Out On Your Own

Whichever direction it is you want to go, my first bit of advice would be, don’t try and figure it all out on your own.

There’s quite a steep learning curve, in terms of learning what to do and how to do it, to start and grow business properly. There’s a lot to learn.

The Biggest Shame In My Online Business Career

One of the biggest shames is, when I look back, I think, “Yes, I might have lost tens of thousands of dollars (which in itself is not great) but I managed to make that back many, many times over.”

So I’m not worried by that. But one thing I do look back on and think is, “What a shame that I didn’t get that advice that I’m sharing now, much earlier. What a shame I thought that figuring everything out on my own was a good idea!”

Because I can’t get the four years back that I lost. And that’s just the truth, right? They’ve come, they’ve gone!

Thankfully I did get a mentor in 2008, and that was the turning point. So that would be my first thing…

If you’re in the early stages, don’t try and figure things out on your own. If you’ve been trying for some time and you’re still stuck, then it’s time to get some real help.

Get a mentor… Get a coach. Somebody that’s done, or is doing what you want to do successfully, that can help guide you. So that would be my first thing.

Building An Email List Should Be Your Top Priority

Now my second thing would be, if I look at things; I wish I’d have started building an email list sooner. I didn’t build an email list until, like, five years in!

Dean Holland The Drive Episode 80
Dean Holland’s “The Drive” Episode 80

If you’re not actively building your list, every single day, and following up with that list, every single day (there’s kind of two tips there, in one), then you need to start that today!

In fact really, as an online marketer, one of the things that you should sit down and decide or do every day, is figure out how am I going to get more leads into my business, and onto my email list today, right? That should be your thing – how do I add more leads to my list?

And, depending on where your business is at right now, perhaps you should have a target of how many leads you’ll add each day, or each week, to your list. Initially set a goal like, “How many leads will I add to my list this week?”

And then you just focus on that; “How do I get enough of the right leads, targeted prospects, on to my email list?” And then make sure you’re following up with them, every day!

Avoid This Mistake When Building Your Email List

That’s another mistake I made… I was building my list, but I wasn’t following up with them enough.

One thing I can tell you, after all these years, is the fortune really is in the follow up. You don’t make money, or profits, just by building your list… It’s in the follow up with that list.

  • It’s getting those people to know you.
  • It’s getting those people to like you.
  • And it’s getting those people to trust you, and buy through you.

You can’t go to the bank and say, “Can I withdraw money because I’ve got a huge email list!” No, you withdraw money from the bank because of your ability to convert into sales.

People Need To Believe In The Value You Claim They’re Going To Receive
People Need To Believe In The Value You Claim They’re Going To Receive

And that would be another millionaire tip, another piece of advice I could give here…

Don’t Underestimate What It Takes To Convert A Prospect Into A Customer

Whether you’re an affiliate marketer or you’re a product owner with your own products, courses or services, do not underestimate what it takes to get somebody to pull out their credit card and make a purchase.

People need to BELIEVE that what you’re offering can help them get to where they want to be. They need to BELIEVE that they are going to receive the value, that you say they’re going to receive.

Your prospects need to have a degree of trust in you, or in your offer and in your process. If people don’t feel comfortable or secure, or don’t feel the value is there, if they don’t feel trust… then they’re not going to buy.

I think that’s one of things over the years… I remember always being surprised, “Oh why am I not making enough money? Why are people not buying?”

I used to think I’ve got such an amazing product, I’ve got such an amazing offer. But all the other things weren’t necessarily there. Like, to have that trust y’know.

And so you’ve got to understand that it takes a lot to convert a prospect or a lead into a paying customer. So don’t underestimate that.

I think above all… and this is for a lot of you reading this… is like…

Figure Out WHO You Actually Want To Sell To

We’ve gone through some massive changes in my company here at Internet Profits over the last 12 months. And we’ve been actively working towards massive changes that have come to fruition, and probably more so in the last three to six months.

The Thing That Changed My Business Is Knowing Who I Want To Serve
The Thing That Changed My Business Is Knowing Who I Want To Serve

Figure out WHO you want to sell to. I guess, y’know, that’s both for affiliates and definitely if you own your own products.

I went through years of my business just focused on selling to anyone that wanted to buy, and making money. Whilst that served a great purpose at a certain stage of my business, y’know, ‘cash flow is king’… But as your business grows, if you are selling to the wrong people, you’re going to find yourself unhappy, you’re going to find yourself unfulfilled.

The Biggest Thing That Changed My Business

And I think that’s probably one of the biggest things of all, that’s changed my business now… Is knowing exactly who I want to serve, knowing exactly who I want to provide the value that we have to. So that, not only do we get the value into the hands of the right people, but I enjoy working with them as well.

Now we work with incredible people. We’ve got incredible new clients and Certified Partners and customers – things are amazing.

I guess there’s loads I could share. And perhaps, I will make several more parts of this to keep sharing, because I really couldn’t compress over a decade’s worth of learning and advice into one short little journey here.

But hopefully those millionaire business tips are of value to you. It’s been an incredible last decade+ in this business. I’m excited for the future, and I’m excited to serve you as as part of our audience. And if you’re not already, hopefully you’ll become a customer and client one day and we can keep serving you at an even higher level.

So with that said, have a great day! I’m going to head in the office now, and have a great day myself. See you in the next Drive “Entrepreneurial Mindset: If You Don’t Have This One Thing, Nothing Else Matters” all about the mindset you must have to succeed in business online. Take care, bye for now.

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