Recap: Taking Risks In Business And Adapting to Change

Recap: Taking Risks In Business And Adapting to Change
Recap: Taking Risks In Business And Adapting to Change

Several things covered here today by Dean – recapping recent events and topics. How, as we get older, taking risks in business can change for the worse if we let it. Focusing on one main thing at a time. Being transparent about the goals our company, Internet Profits, has for its customers. And the repercussions of the FTC action against MOBE…

“What is happening, my friend? How are you doing? I hope you’ve been having a fantastic week. So today, we’re gonna have a recap. But just before we get into that, I want to share a story…

Something I don’t really talk about – there’s no reason to – and not a lot of people probably know this about me… But I’m an only child – no brothers or sisters. And because of that reason, I’ve not spent a lot of time around kids.

Like, I wasn’t raised around any brothers or sisters, I have a pretty small family, and nobody that I see in my family has kids. And up until the last couple years, none of my close friends have had children.

So I was with one of my best friends from school not long ago, and he has a kid now, a young child, a toddler. I was observing him, and something funny happened. He wasn’t hurt, so therefore I can say it’s funny…

We’ve got this large long leather sofa, y’know one of those sofas that are in an L shape. And the kid got up onto the sofa, and he was stood there with his hands up against the back and sofa just standing.

Younger People Don't See Risk Until They've Been Warned Of It, Or Hurt
Younger People Don’t See Risk Until They’ve Been Warned Of It, Or Hurt

All of a sudden he turned, and he just starts walking along the sofa. Nothing wrong with that, right? He’s walking and he’s coming towards the edge – and he just keeps walking, as if it’s going to carry on, as if there’s no edge. Just keeps walking!

And obviously like, boom! Falls straight off. I’m watching and I’m like, “What!?” To me that made no sense. Obviously those of you with children, grandchildren, friends with children – you’re probably like, “Dean, that’s so normal.”

So I’m looking at this and I’m thinking… That kid saw zero risk in walking off the edge of that sofa. And as I’m thinking about this, I’m realizing that obviously when you’re younger – and logical common sense tells us – that you don’t see risk until you’ve necessarily been warned of it, or hurt.

Like when you’re young, your parents will stop you putting your hand in a fire because THEY know you’ll get burned. YOU don’t. You’ve not had that experience – you play with fire, you get burned. When you first get a puppy or a young dog, and it’s not had the experience… It doesn’t know about the dangers of roads and vehicles… So you have to train the dog to come to heel, or sit at the edge of the sidewalk before you cross.

Re-Learn The Skill Of Taking Risks In Business

And so this comes back to my recap… I was talking previously about what is your tolerance for taking risks in business. You have to be willing to take risks. And I remembered seeing this not long ago, and it reminded me of what we were talking about before… Which is tolerance of taking risks in business, and being willing to take risks on yourself to get where you want to be.

If you think back to when you’re younger, you didn’t have any issues with risk because you didn’t know of the dangers. The older we become, the more times we’ve been hurt, the more aware of risk we become. And actually for a lot of people, the less tolerant to risk we become, because our natural DNA is to protect us from being hurt, right?

Anyway, just an interesting fact – something to ponder… Moral of the story; you need to get back to a time in your mind when you were less scared of being hurt, and become more willing to take risks in business. So risk tolerance was one of the things we spoke about recently.

Focus On Getting One Main Thing Done This Week, And Business Should Be Fun
Focus On Getting One Main Thing Done This Week, And Business Should Be Fun

Another thing, obviously big news – MOBE being sued by the FTC.

Other news, what’s been happening, geez – busy, busy week in lots of different areas. We are on week two of a 12-month coaching that I’m doing with some of our Certified Partners now. That’s going great – really enjoying seeing people progress.

The moral of the story from that is; focus on one main thing which, if you get that done this week, you’ll progress more than if you spread yourself over all the million and one other things that you could choose to do.

Last time out we actually spoke about how and why building a business should be fun, right? And that video was really well received. I had a few people comment to me on social media about that video, saying it was one of my best. So definitely check that out if you missed it.

Transparency In Our Business At Internet Profits

In that one, I was also talking about transparency in business. And I actually detailed our entire process that we look to take people through. All the way from having no business, up through each stage, and the different programs which we offer that can take people through those stages.

From learning skills and promoting other people’s products first, while you learn to do advertising, building an audience, and following up. Learning those key skills. Then through to being able to build a sustainable full-time income doing that.

And then leveraging those skills that you’ve now mastered, to be able to create your own products. So you can further serve more people, and grow and scale your business.

Taking You From Zero Through The Exact Path I Followed, Without The Trial And Error
Taking You From Zero Through The Exact Path I Followed, Without The Trial And Error

Then to be able to build your own sales funnels, leading to premium programs and high ticket offers, where you can truly help people and multiply your profits massively. Finally leading to a ‘Mastermind’ group that we have, which costs tens of thousands a year.

And so we’ve got this full progression process. Taking someone from zero, through the stages of building their businesses. It’s the exact path that I followed over the last ten years. Only our goal is to condense that period of time down.

I did a lot of trial and error, lost a lot of money along the way. And now, having done it for ten years, I know the path. And so, that’s the path we lay out. You’re gonna see us publishing a lot of videos about all of this going forwards.

Most Online Businesses Are Probably Breaking Some Kind Of Rule

We appreciate that people want to know about us. And that’s one of the good things that’s come out of the recent internet marketing industry upheaval. However I know there’s really no ‘good’ in a sense for those caught up in it.

But y’know, seeing all this stuff with MOBE – it opens your eyes to certain things. And when you see the FTC’s action and legally speaking how certain things are viewed.

You Must Adapt, Adjust, And Evolve Or Else Sooner Or Later You'll Cease To Exist
You Must Adapt, Adjust, And Evolve Or Else Sooner Or Later You’ll Cease To Exist

First of all I thought, with all the things the FTC has said in the MOBE thing when I looked at it… Most most businesses online were probably breaking some kind of rule. Y’know like using testimonials, and things like that. So you’ve got to be careful. And you’ve got to adapt and adjust.

And that’s one of the things that we’re looking at now, here at Internet Profits. Fully reviewing all of our processes, fully reviewing everything with a fine-tooth comb. Going through it all. And if adjustments have to be made, then so be it. This is what every business has to do.

You adapt, you adjust, and you evolve – constantly. And if you stop evolving, that’s when you cease to exist, y’know. You only have to look historically… Blockbuster – once one of the biggest companies on the planet – no longer exists. And now you have Netflix just crushing it.

Anyway with that said, I hope you have a great rest of your week. I’ll be back soon with “Setting Intentions For The Day And The Importance Of Following Through” another episode of The Drive. So until then, take care, have a good one. Bye bye.

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