Delegating Roles And Positions: Asking Myself, “Should I Be Doing This?”

Delegating Roles And Positions: Asking Myself, "Should I Be Doing This?"
Delegating Roles And Positions: Asking Myself, “Should I Be Doing This?”

Dean Holland here and welcome to joining me on this journey. Exciting week ahead, quite a quite an exciting day in fact, let alone just week. So today, new member of the team joining us here at Internet Profits.

I have an Executive Personal Assistant joining the team today. Somebody basically to help organise myself, my team, our projects and all around take a lot of things off of my shoulders.

Obviously it’s a position that, you know, the working relationship will no doubt grow over time, and my new assistant will have a lot of things to learn.

They’ve got some training to go through to learn our project management and task management system. There’s a lot to pick up on in this initial stage, before things will be really effectively up and running. But today the process begins.

It’s Quite A Fun Process Actually

What I’ve basically been doing and what I will be doing ongoing now every single day – is any time I’m doing something I’m gonna ask myself, “Should I be doing this?” I really only want to be saying “Yes” to the absolute essential things that I need to be focused on to drive this company forward.

Dean Holland The Drive Episode 21
Dean Holland’s “The Drive” Episode 21

Without the marketing being created or planned out by myself, there won’t be leads coming in. Without leads, there won’t be customers, without customers we won’t be getting client applications, which means the phone team is sat there without people to speak to.

Which means nothing’s really driving the business forward. As the team’s growing and as we begin to start taking the business forwards, it’s really important I’m focused on the most important things.

And so that’s basically the exercise I put myself through now. Every single time I’m about to start a new task I just say…

“Wait! Should I Be Doing This?”

And if I can’t say “yes” because I need to be doing it, then I need to then say, “Who should be doing this?” or “Who could be doing this?”

And so obviously now, you know, we’re in a position where we’re growing the team, and everybody’s got their set roles.

  • We’ve got Adam who who handles all things video, who’s the Videographer in the company.
  • We’ve got Chris who’s my Marketing Assistant, so publishing content, creating sales funnels; many, many tasks and responsibilities fall into that position for Chris.
  • We’ve got obviously Louis, very important, the President of Client Coaching here at Internet Profits – basically heads up the coaching division.
  • We’ve got Glen the wizard who assists Louis and runs some coaching webinars.
  • We’ve got Gloria and Sarah and Destiny in the US who cover customer and client care and happiness.
  • We’ve got John who heads up the phone division.
My Focus Has To Be On The Most Important Things
My Focus Has To Be On The Most Important Things

So everybody’s got their roles. And so what I’m getting at, is essentially we’re in a position where many roles within the business are fulfilled. Delegating roles, people are managing or running those positions.

And so my focus has to be on the most important things, otherwise everybody’s going to be sat there waiting.

This is what’s important for us as the team grows and as things go forwards, is for me to ensure that my focus, my attention is in the correct places, in the correct areas.

So that everybody is busy. So that everybody is able to do their job effectively and efficiently. Because everybody’s position and everything to drive this business forwards ultimately hinges on a few things. And it’s…

The Three Things Basically That Grow Any Business:

  1. Get more customers.
  2. Sell more to those customers at the time of purchase.
  3. Have those customers come back to us to purchase and spend more with us in future.

And so today, as I say, my new Personal Assistant joins me who’s got a bit of a varied role in the business at this stage really. It’s not just going to be for what you would put in the category of a traditional Personal Assistant or Executive Assistant.

In The Midst Of Creating And Launching A New Sales Funnel
In The Midst Of Creating And Launching A New Sales Funnel

It’s going to be a mixture of Personal Assistant and in some ways Operations Assistant/Operations Manager, because they’re not just going to be assisting me, they’re actually going to be helping run the team.

So they’ll be running the team meetings alongside me. They will be managing our day-to-day project management and task management systems, and assisting the whole team in making sure everybody’s moving forwards effectively.

That’s kind of what we’ve got happening today, for the rest of the week. Chris is actually back off vacation, so we’ve got to get the funnel finished for the new offer. If you’ve been following The Drive you’ll know that we’re actually in the midst of…

Creating And Launching A New Sales Funnel

…for a product called, “The Perfect Offer“. So we’re probably 80/90 percent there now. So this week we’ll be wrapping that up, starting to test traffic, beginning to optimise the funnel, ready for releasing this to our partners and affiliates.

So yeah, exciting times. Should see a lot of progress this week. And obviously, every day this week on The Drive, I’ll update you on what’s happening. So I’m sure there’ll be plenty to share over the days ahead. So with that said I’m here now, and I shall see you in Hitting Rock Bottom – Oops I Did Again Today! – the next episode of The Drive. Thanks for watching.

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