Being An Entrepreneur, Are You Forgetting To Live?

Being An Entrepreneur, Are You Forgetting To Live?
Being An Entrepreneur, Are You Forgetting To Live?

A bit of a different message today, bit of a different something I want to share.

I actually went to hospital yesterday. A couple of days ago there was quite a serious incident with my stepsister and, to make a long story short, she ended up being induced into a coma, losing three pints of blood and having to be rushed into theatre for operation.

But thankfully I visited yesterday and she actually came out of the coma and everything seems to be positive, so fingers crossed everything is all good there. The reason I’m talking about this is, in visiting her yesterday – she was actually in the critical care ward – and so I went in there and…

It’s A Pretty Tough Place To Be

You’re literally seeing people at a very, very serious time in their life.

There were people that were younger, like my stepsister, that obviously had some sort of incident or injury. But then there was also people in their later years of life, obviously old age was more potentially the issue there, just on the outset you know, I can’t say that certain but these were real elderly gentlemen and ladies.

And it kind of just always makes you think. I don’t know if you ever… I’m sure possibly you’ve had times like that yourself. You visited relatives, friends, family, loved ones in hospitals. And it makes you really think doesn’t it? Life is so short. Even if you lived a long life, it’s still so short.

Dean Holland The Drive Episode 17
Dean Holland The Drive Episode 17

Some people aren’t fortunate enough to even have a long healthy life. And even if you do get fortunate enough for that,

How Many Years Do You Really Have

…to achieve and attain what you want in life and be in a position where you can actually enjoy it? To be able to reach a certain age in life and to be able to enjoy the fruits of of your efforts.

Certainly as a business owner, you get so caught up sometimes in the hustle, in working hard. I’m certainly not trying to suggest otherwise – that it doesn’t take hustle and hard work to build a business. But… just another one of those experiences yesterday, where it makes you kind of stop and think, “What is my end goal? What is my purpose?…

“What Am I Doing All Of This For?”

I think the serious message out of all of this is, don’t forget to actually live! With everything that you’re doing, everything that you’re working towards in your business, don’t get so caught up for so much of your life that you actually forget to live.

I can certainly say for me that, in a sense yesterday, coming away from there, it did make me think like I need to put more effort in with certain people, with certain family members, my grandparents. They only live probably about 30 minutes drive away, yet I probably haven’t seen them for the last few months.

It just kind of makes you think like that. You work hard, you put in all these years working your ass off to build your business, to achieve stuff in life, because you aspire to certain things. But then I think far too many people, if they’re not careful, they actually get trapped in that state and they end up actually with a with an even bigger job than they had when they were in full-time employment. And then because you have to work harder, you have to work more hours.

If You Want, Say, $10,000 A Month... Don't Forget Why
If You Want, Say, $10,000 A Month… Don’t Forget Why

You can indeed set your business up in a way where it doesn’t require you to be the one doing all of the work all of the time. And I think that that’s definitely something important for a lot of business owners and entrepreneurs to look at… To understand why they got started in a business in the first place. To understand why they actually want to achieve and attain the things they’re striving towards.

If You Want $10,000 A Month

…or $100,000 a month or a million of dollars a month – whatever you’re striding towards and you’re working towards, don’t ever forget the reasons why. And don’t ever forget to actually take time to enjoy all this work you’re doing in the meantime. Because you just never know – and this was what was the the big eye-opener yesterday – you just never know what’s going to happen in life.

I guess the saying is tomorrow isn’t guaranteed, right? Everybody’s always willing to put things off for tomorrow, or think I’ll do that tomorrow, or I’ll contact that person next week. Well how do you know if that next week is going to come? So that’s the serious point here.

And so to not leave this – and I want this to be like a doom and gloom session of The Drive. But, In All Seriousness, Why Are You Building Your Business? What are you striving for? What are you looking to attain? And do you understand thoroughly why? And are you actually taking time to enjoy those things?

It’s often and as an entrepreneur your wives, your husbands, your spouses, your loved ones, your friends…

It’s Often People That Are Closest To You That Actually Miss Out

Don't Get So Caught Up In The Hustle, That You Forget To Enjoy Life
Don’t Get So Caught Up In The Hustle, That You Forget To Enjoy Life

…on on things. Because we are the entrepreneur, we’re at the office or we’re working hard, we’re hustling, we’re doing all these different things, to try and give that loved one or give our loved ones and people in our lives, a better standard of life, a better quality.

But don’t forget to enjoy it along the way is what I guess I’m getting at here. Don’t get so caught up in the hustle, that you actually forget to enjoy the life that you’ve got. Because it’s only short. Time is our most important resource that we all have in our lives.

And I’m all about working hard to build a business, working smart to build a business. You can see here as we do these Drives, we’re scaling, we’re putting in the extra work, I’m reinvesting most of what I have back into my company right now, to scale and grow to do what we do better, bigger and faster for our customers, for our clients, for our partners, for my team.

But it’s also worth noting that while you’re doing all of this type of stuff as an entrepreneur to build your business.

Don’t Forget Why

…you started it in the first place. And don’t forget to take the time to enjoy, otherwise what’s the point? You might as well have a 9 to 5 and enjoy that time off with everyone in your life.

But other than that, that’s the message for today. We’ve just pulled up we are here at the office for another day. And I’m going to hustle in the time that I’ve got and then I’m going to get home and enjoy the time with my fiancee, my friends, my dog, my cats and everyone else that wants my attention!

So with that said have a great day I’ll see you back in How We Sell Our High Ticket Products To Our Customers -the next episode of The Drive.

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