Website Conversion Optimization: Warning! This Will NOT Work For You

website conversion optimization

Here’s how NOT to approach website conversion optimization on your business website or blog, especially when trying to sell anything directly from a web page… Followed by the best advice to optimize your website for conversions:

“I just read something really dangerous online. I’ve got to talk about it in today’s Drive.

Website Conversion Optimization – A Warning!

Website Conversion Optimization - Dean HollandGood morning, welcome to another episode of The Drive. It’s Dean here, of course. On the way to Internet Profits HQ here in the UK.

As I just said in the introduction, I read something on social media this morning.

Well, I read a few things – and alarm bells started ringing, and I thought I have GOT to speak about this to you today.

I’ve got to share this, because…

This Could Be Causing So Much Harm To So Many People

…and it’s scary! Let me explain…

So I saw in one of the groups that I belong to this morning, somebody asking a question something along the lines of, “What will work best for website conversion optimization? This, or this?”

Then you had all these people chiming in saying, “Oh, that way would work best. There’s no way the other way is correct, there’s no way that would work.”

And then you had other people saying, “No I’m not sure. I think the other way would work best for website conversion optimization.”

It was very apparent to me, as a bystander, looking in from the outside, that a lot of the opinions being given were from people that were just guessing what they think would work best.

Then something else that I saw, which was based on someone else’s testing (which is great right?) Someone else had done some testing on a certain thing for website conversion optimization.

It was actually on something that they’d added to their website that they thought would increase website conversions. And they were saying…

Website Conversion Optimization - The Drive E91“I Thought This Would Increase Conversions, But It Didn’t”

So you’ve then got everyone else there commenting, saying, “Oh thanks so much for sharing this, you saved me wasting my time, so I won’t do this.”

And I thought, hang on a minute… This is dangerous! This is scary!

Right, I’ve got one more example, and then I’m going to tell you why this is so scary to me, and dangerous to your business.

So there’s a piece of software that a ton of people are adding to their websites at the moment. I won’t name the company. And I actually think there’s been some copycats coming along and copying this software for website conversion optimization.

But basically it’s where, in the bottom corner, it pops up and tells you, y’know, “Joe Bloggs just purchased this.” or “Joe Bloggs just opted in.” y’know, “Joe Bloggs just ordered this product.”

And it will basically tell you who’s ordering, or who’s opting in, or who’s placing orders for that product, right? And it’s there as a social proof

Software To Increase Website Conversions

…and to basically encourage more people to take those actions, more people to purchase or opt-in, right? Whatever that action is.

And it’s become incredibly popular. Basically people are following the herd assuming that, as everybody’s using it, it must work – it must increase conversions.

Rather interestingly, a mentor of mine shared with me yesterday how that software, that feature, decreased conversions on their offer. And they removed it, because they tested.

website conversion optimization

So… Here’s The Big Lesson, Right?

And this is so important… It’s ridiculous how dangerous it is, that people are doing website conversion optimization incorrectly.

Let me tell you this…

Just because something works with someone else, does NOT mean it’s going to work for you.

And just because something does not work for someone else, does NOT mean it’s not going to work for you.

Just because you see other people doing things doesn’t mean you should do them. Or vice-versa shouldn’t do them.

And just because people give you an opinion, it doesn’t mean that opinion is correct.

There Is Only One Way To Know If Something Works

Website Conversion Optimization - Internet Profits…or doesn’t work: Try and test it. Test it, track it, trial it. Right?

It’s fine to get opinions about things like website conversion optimization, but those opinions should not sway anything whatsoever.

It is dangerous and scary to me, to see how many people are willing to just follow the herd, or blindly be led by people just based on their opinions.

Or even, in fact, if somebody else has tested something with their business, and it didn’t work for them, or it did work for them… it does not mean you are going to get the same result.

Does it mean that, yes, you could get the same result? Of course. But the only true way to know anything in your business, is to test it!

And so that’s my lesson to you today. Make sure that whenever you’re thinking of doing something new in your business, you are tracking it, testing it, and analyzing the data.

The Only One True Thing You Can Be Led By, Is Data

Okay, so that’s my lesson to you today. Be careful who you’re listening to. Be careful what opinions you’re taking on board. And be careful how you let those opinions or responses steer you.

Data is the only true test of website conversion optimization, and the only true thing that should lead all your decisions in your business.

So with that said, time to jump in! This is Dean Holland signing out, until next time with “Feeling Overwhelmed In Business Or Life? Try This Mind Cleansing Technique” on the next instalment of on The Drive.

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