4X+ Sales Funnel Conversions Possible With Physical Front End Offers

4X+ Sales Funnel Conversions With Physical Front End Offers
4X+ Sales Funnel Conversions With Physical Front End Offers

Good morning and welcome to another episode of The Drive. I’m Dean Holland of course.

So on the way to the office yesterday – mega-productive day – we actually had John down here, who’s our Business Growth Manager who basically heads up the phone side of things here at Internet Profits. He’s gone back now.

Today, and the later part of yesterday after John had gone, we actually was working heavily on a new front end offer for a new sales funnel that we’re actually creating, that we’re looking to go live with, all being well, by the end of this month.

It’s actually a free-plus-shipping style offer, so it’s actually a physical product. Just to give some advice, this has been something that’s been huge for us…

Leveraging Our Digital Products And Re-Purposing Them In A Way That Turns Them Into A Physical Product

So for example, you can take your digital product, let’s say if you’ve got a training program that’s a video course – you could take that and you could have it purposed onto a physical product such as a USB flash drive, putting on a USB stick, or a DVD disc. If you had an audio you can have it put onto CD or onto an mp3 player. Or a you can have t-shirts.

You can have all these different things in your business that basically takes the offer from being a digital to a physical product.

Sales Funnel Conversions From A Free Physical Product
Sales Funnel Conversions From A Free Physical Product

One of one of the reasons we do this – and I’m really adapting this into the whole business – I think from the results we’ve seen over the last 18 months, the conversions from a physical product – a free-plus-shipping style offer – compared to trying to sell that exact same thing as a digital product…

We’ve Seen 4X To 5X The Sales Funnel Conversions

So literally I think the first time we tested this, we went from about a 2 percent conversion up to around about an 8/9/10 percent conversion. So let’s just say 8 anyway – that’s a 4X conversion rate. And that’s off the same amount of traffic.

So, if you think about it, imagine the traffic you’re getting in your business right now, or imagine the traffic you could be generating – what would it mean to 4X the number of buyers, the number of revenue that you’re generating in your business, literally by making this one small shift.

That’s really a huge part of what we do now at Internet Profits.

Not only do we grow our own business and our own companies with these types of offers, but it’s actually throughout the course of this year – what we’re going to move into – helping other entrepreneurs or the business owners. Whether it’s product creators that already have their own products, or whether it’s affiliate marketers – because the same strategy can actually be used for anybody. I wholeheartedly believe it is…

The Number One Way To Convert Prospects Or Browsers Into Customers And Buyers

And so we’re actually creating a new one. This is going to be something that gets put onto a USB stick. This is what I was negotiating and making arrangements with our preferred supplier – our product creator that actually takes our files and everything, and puts them onto the product.

So we’ve actually got a preferred supplier. Yesterday I had a really productive, really exciting call with the CEO of that company actually. Because one of the things that I want to do is, not only obviously have the arrangements for our own offer to make – and I was negotiating longer-term reduced prices.

So we actually now have prices lower than what is advertised. We actually have these preferred prices, to actually produce the product across all these types of products – USBs, DVDs, CDs, t-shirts. We now have preferred rates compared to anyone else, which is awesome!

And here’s the exciting thing… We’ve actually also negotiated a deal with them…

…To Get Those Same Preferred Rates For Our Customers And Clients

A bit later on, probably the next maybe eight weeks, we’re actually planning to open up a six-week coaching program or boot camp style training course, teaching how to create these physical products and how to position them and sell them for insanely high conversion rates as free-plus-shipping offers.

I’m going to actually be creating a program – teaching step-by-step – and inside of that program (after that call now) I’m now going to be able to make sure that anybody in that program gets these reduced rates from my own supplier – who will handle production, printing, storage and fulfilment – so can be completely hands-free. And that’s why I love these things.

Dean Holland's "The Drive" Episode 5
Dean Holland’s “The Drive” Episode 5

That’s what we was working on yesterday. I actually got the wrote the sales copy script for the video for the front end offer – for the free-plus-shipping. We had Chris – our Marketing Assistant – he actually built the funnel pages yesterday. So obviously they’re not fully finished with copy and imagery and everything yet.

But we have the bare-bones if you like – the bare structure of the sales funnel in place – which is basically going to be a front end offer, then two upsells, and a down sell on the final one.

I Don’t Like To Over-Do Upsells

A lot of people go crazy with it and that’s fine, that’s whatever anyone’s choice is for that business, whatever works for them. My own personal opinion – my own personal approach – is to have two upsells, and one down sell if necessary – but no more than two upsells now is generally what I go for.

The reason being, the reason behind that is, whereas in the past I used to have maybe like three or four, sometimes five upsells and down cells between them – because I didn’t really have too much else to sell those people.

So I’d be bringing customers into my business, bringing them through my sales funnel, and then I didn’t really have a back-end to my business. My back-end to my business meaning; what would I continue to sell those new customers I’d acquired.

My approach several years back, the only thing I had to sell was other people’s products. So my goal, when I first acquired that customer, was to be able to generate as much revenue as I possibly could at the point of sale. And then basically, just be able to promote other relevant, helpful, quality products to them via email as an affiliate for the commissions.

But now my business is very different. In fact I very rarely promote affiliate offers. That doesn’t really make up much of my business anymore, because my approach now has been to go deeper and deeper with my sales funnels. So to always be asking myself, in terms of what my customers purchase, I’m always thinking what’s next…

What Is The Next Logical Thing That My Customers Would Need…

…in order to help them either get better results, get bigger results, or get faster results. And I’m always asking myself that question now. So we’ve gone deeper and deeper and deeper – so our sales funnels now basically consist of a whole range of our own products.

We go from having these free-plus-shipping offers with those two upsells, to then having offers that range anywhere from $500 up two about $12,000. And later on this year we’re actually coming out with a $20,000 a year ‘Mastermind’, where we’ll actually meet up with a small group of people in the Mastermind a couple of times, two or three times a year. Just a real high level program like that.

So now, instead of getting a customer and promoting affiliate offers, which is one business model and it worked very well for me, but now instead I say right I’ve got these customers… What next. What is the next logical thing for them.

And so then we offer them, through a variety of marketing campaigns – there’s email follow-up like I mentioned in another Drive episode, text message marketing, integrated marketing into our members areas, webinars…

We Do A Whole Host Of Stuff Now To Basically Generate Customers And Clients And Sales Of Our Higher Level Stuff

And as I mentioned in yesterday’s Drive video, a lot of those high level programs are actually sold on the phone. We actually have people apply for them if they’re interested, then we get on the phone, make sure it’s suitable for them, answer all their questions, tell them the options, and make those sales.

So you can see really how scaleable a business becomes online when you don’t just have products that are $10, $20, $50, $100, but instead you have a range of products that does take people from those $20 products $50, $100, products and make sales of thousand dollar products, two thousand, five thousand, ten thousand dollar products.

Now you can see, I mean just think about it for yourself, how much difference or how much faster could your business grow – how many more people could you help and impact in your business, if you had these four or five figure sale products.

So anyway we are at the office. Time to go in and continue with this new sales funnel, and I shall see you back tomorrow with Priority Of Steps For Building Your New Sales Funnel – the next episode of The Drive. Until then, take care.

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