Ping Service List For WordPress

Ping Service List WordPressWhenever you publish a post on a self-hosted WordPress blog, WordPress will ping all the services listed in the Update Services field. You can find your WordPress ping list by going to Settings / Writing – Update Services (box at the bottom of this page).

This automatic pinging offers a great advantage of publishing content on a blog rather than a static website, because pinging these services is effectively screaming from the rooftops to the search engines to come and check out this new content right now.

Risk of Spamming Ping Services?

There has been some discussion over the years about users of WordPress unwittingly or otherwise spamming ping services by editing and updating articles over and over resulting in blacklisting by these ping services.

The good news is that current versions of WordPress now intelligently ping these services when a post is first published and then keeps track of previous successful pings taking care not to re-ping them. So this essentially means that there is no longer any danger of accidental ping spamming and you no longer need a ping optimizer plugin.

You can read more about this from Chip Bennett, the author of cbnet Ping Optimizer plugin, who kindly left his product page up and used it to explain why you don’t need to worry about the pinging problem anymore in WordPress.

Ping Service List For WordPress

The other matter is do you just use the default pingomatic service which pings a range of services? Or should you paste in a list of addional services for maximum exposure? Well there must be loads of pro bloggers that probably don’t even worry about this and just stick with pingomatic. However my thoughts are that if you’re looking to get your posts indexed and ranked as quickly as possible, then pasting in an up to date list of additional ping services is likely to help with this cause.

To this end I’ve collated an up to date ping service list for WordPress from a few reputable sources, listed here for your easy copy/pasting if you wish to use them:

That’s it for now and I hope this helps.

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