Do Facebook Ads Work? Be Extra Careful Who You Listen To

Do Facebook Ads Work? Be Extra Careful Who You Listen To
Do Facebook Ads Work? Be Extra Careful Who You Listen To

I literally saw probably one of the most stupid comments (on the subject of do Facebook ads work?)… And it was backed up with the most idiotic responses as well, yesterday, on Facebook. I’ve got to talk about this today.

Good morning, welcome to another episode of The Drive.

I just came out of the store, picking up some orange juice, and this lady comes in with a young kid.

And Y’know, It Was Awesome!

I was behind her waiting to pay for the orange juice, and she was so upbeat with the guy in the store. She was like, “Hey Bobby!” (I assume that’s his name otherwise she was just making it up.)

She was like, “How are you?” “Have a great day!” And then she left, and I was like y’know – not many people are that happy in the morning. That is awesome!

A Stupid, Idiotic Statement Ridiculously Backed Up By Commenters
A Stupid, Idiotic Statement Ridiculously Backed Up By Commenters

However… So yesterday, I literally saw…

One Of The Most Stupid And Idiotic Statements

…damaging, potentially damaging statements, for people to read on social media, on Facebook yesterday.

And rather ridiculously and unfortunately, it was also backed up by a whole bunch of other people commenting – agreeing with the statement!

So I’ve got to talk about that, this morning.

The statement was, “Paid advertising on Facebook does not work. I’ve tried everything and it just doesn’t work. So don’t waste your money.”

And I Was Like… “What!?”

You’re literally making a statement in a place, in a social environment, where your words can impact others beliefs, and feelings, and thoughts… And you’re making a statement that’s not just untrue, but complete nonsense!

I need everybody that sees this to be aware that the words you say, both verbally and in text online… those words that you speak, or say, or type… can have an impact on others beliefs and feelings too.

So for that person that, simply because they don’t know…

How To Do Facebook Ads Successfully

Dean Holland The Drive Episode 112
Dean Holland, “The Drive” Episode 112

…they’ve now blanketed this statement, that Facebook Ads don’t work.

And then you’ve got all these other sheep that come along, who’ve also probably tried Facebook ads and can’t do it, because they either haven’t learned properly or haven’t applied… or they’ve been impatient, or they’ve made mistakes.

So they haven’t had positive results either. They’re like, “No, you’re right. Facebook Ads don’t work.”… NO! You don’t work, okay? It’s not Facebook Ads that don’t work – you don’t work, right?

And that’s the truth. Do Facebook ads work? Of course Facebook advertising works! All kinds of advertising works… With the right message, to the right people, at the right time.

That Is Just Factually Correct

If your market… if your ideal target audience is on that platform, and you know how to get your message in front of them.

And your message is a compelling one, for a great offer that they both want and need… you will be able to make that platform work.

Will you make it work immediately…? Doubtful.

Will you immediately have a positive ROI (return on investment)…? Or, will you lose money…? Likelihood is, you’re going to lose some money.

Be Careful What You Say, And Extra Careful Who You Listen To
Be Careful What You Say, And Extra Careful Who You Listen To

Does that mean that it doesn’t work…? Not at all.

So don’t ever, ever make a statement that is untrue, that could steer others into believing that. Because now, unfortunately, there’s gonna be a whole bunch of people that don’t…

Give Facebook Ads The Attention They Deserve

…that could potentially make them a lot of money. Because of that stupid, idiotic statement re. do Facebook ads work?

First of all, be careful of what you say.

Second of all, be extra careful who and what you listen to.

And that’s really the message for today. Time to jump in. I’m excited for today. It is early – it is only about 7:30 in the morning. So it’s time to crush these goals. Lots happening, lots to do. And I will of course see you again in “Grow Business Online – How To Grow Your Online Business…” another episode of The Drive. So thanks for watching and I’ll talk to you again very soon.

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