Grow Business Online: How To Grow Your Business Online

Grow Business Online - How To Grow Your Online Business
Grow Business Online – How To Grow Your Online Business

How to grow business online is the subject of Dean’s message today…

“So I ended up in a concert in Birmingham, England last night, with Robyn my fiancee. Just before that I tried to eat a 10 pound food challenge, which didn’t necessarily end so well!

But being at the concert made me think about something in business, and I was reminded of this recently when I was flying from UK to the US in business class.

And I want to share this lesson with you, because this is a way that you can definitely, definitely add a significant percentage of profits to your business. In some cases…

Double, Triple Or More, The Revenue You’re Making

…every single year online.

Good morning welcome to a bit of a different setting for The Drive. I’m actually here in the office. Not gonna lie. Reason being, I forgot the camera last night when I left. So I didn’t have it to do The Drive when I left this morning. So…

Welcome To Internet Profits HQ

You can take a look behind me, and see what’s going on behind us here.

Dean Holland at Internet Profits HQ
Dean Holland at Internet Profits HQ

So yeah last night, yesterday, I left the office around about 3:00 in the afternoon because my mom had actually purchased me and my fiance some tickets for my birthday (which was back in September) to go to a concert in Birmingham, England.

Actually took us about three hours to get there, because the traffic was really bad. So when we arrived, we hadn’t had any dinner. And so before the concert began, we decided to go for some food. We went to a smokehouse which did meats like, y’know, ribs and brisket and pastrami and loads of different meats.

We get in there and – I love food! If you’ve followed me for any amount of time, you’ll know that…

I Love Food!

And there was this “plate”. There was this meal on the menu, and it was basically called a mixed grill smoked plate. And it had all this food on it, and I’m like, “That sounds good! I get to try different things.”

Dean Holland The Drive Episode 113
Dean Holland’s “The Drive” Episode 113

And so Robyn my fiancee, she placed her order. She was having, like, a burger, and I’d ordered this big plate, this mixed grill. And the waitress actually turned to me at the time. She was like…

“You Guys Haven’t Been Here Before, Have You?”

I was like, “No, first time.” She says, “Well, the burger you’ve ordered is huge. Like it literally comes like this…” (Stacked high.) And Robyn was like, “Oh well, I’ll still have the burger anyway, even if I can’t eat it. I want the burger.”

Then the waitress is like, “And your mixed grill that you’ve ordered, that’s a plate for three to four people. It is like nine pounds of food.”

So I’m like, “Well, I’m kind of in a rush here. I’ve already chosen. I haven’t got time to go back through the menu. I’ve got a concert to get to. I’ll just stick with what I’ve got. I can eat what I can, and we’ll do that.”

The waitress said, “Well it’s gonna be a challenge!”

So I’ll actually bring up a photo now, and show you that plate, just so you can actually see what this thing looks like.

"The Mixed Grill You've Ordered Is A Plate For Three To Four People!"
“The Mixed Grill You’ve Ordered Is A Plate For Three To Four People!”

And as you can see here, it is ridiculous. To be honest…

I Don’t Think The Photograph Does It Justice

But to put it in perspective, in the photograph there was like a pint glass of diet cola next to it. So look at the pint glass. Know what pint glass is like when you hold it in your hand, and see it dwarfed by the plate that it’s next to, right?

It had like this massive rack of ribs that was bigger than my arm, and all this different stuff. Anyway, I didn’t manage it all. The chips, the fries – there was like a whole basket of fries. It was like a pile of fries! So…

Here’s What It Looked Like Afterwards…

This Mixed Grill Challenge Was Too Big!
This Mixed Grill Challenge Was Too Big!

I basically ate about four pounds of food. So it was no small amount that I ate. The challenge was bigger than me. But I’m still pretty proud of myself. I did that in about 15, 20 minutes.

So anyway… that’s some of what we got up to last night. But then, here’s what I want to talk about for your business, and how you can add a lot more money to your business. Something that I’ve been doing for a long time, but still need to do more of, if I’m honest.

A mentor of mine, Russell Brunson, he’s always pushing us to do more of this.

So, When I Went To This Concert Last Night

…we had some fairly good seats. We were in, like, the second block. So you’ve got the staging area at the front, and then this huge arena, and we were kind of like in the upper tier, almost next to the stage.

As you looked around, there were obviously seats that were really far back and way up into the distance over there. Then there was like “standing” on the arena floor, but far back from the stage.

Have Different Product "Tiers" To Grow Your Online Business
Have Different Product “Tiers” To Grow Your Online Business

And then you had like a VIP area that was kind of barrier’d off, in like a semicircle right at the front of the stage, where people could literally almost touch the the acts on stage.

It was another reminder to me that…

To Grow Business Online, You Should Have Different “Tiers”

…different levels. Almost like, you can have a general admission, right? Think about it like this, general admission tickets, y’know; the lower priced tickets.

And then you could have, like a higher quality of positioning – seats in the arena, like what we had, good seats near the stage. Then you’ve got like “standing”, then you’ve got VIP that can get right up to the stage.

Now what’s going to be the most expensive ticket? The VIP, right?

And so, to grow business online, you need to have different levels in your business. Different levels of service, different tiers of products: Entry level products, mid price products, high ticket products, premium, and super premium products.

Same as like I said in an introduction, right? The first time I actually flew business class a couple of years ago, I was like,

“Wow! This Is What It’s Like!”

And I never fly anything else now, really if I can help it, other than business at least. I’ve flown first class once but that was almost a bit too posh for me.

Flying Economy, Business, Or First Class - Different Tiers Of Service
Flying Economy, Business, Or First Class – Different Tiers Of Service

Everybody that gets onto a plane, is starting on the same runway, and landing in the same destination. Yet some people pay a few hundred bucks for their flight.

Some people pay a few thousand for their flight. And some people pay tens of thousands for their flight, all going to the same place.

But they’re paying for the service that they’re receiving, right? They’re paying for the comfort, the service, the different things that they’re getting, y’know the standard of service.

And so your business needs to be the same. And that’s my message here for today.

To grow business online, make sure that you have different levels of service, and different tiers of products and pricing in your business, to give something to everybody. Because somebody will always pay for your premium products or services.

With that said, have a great day. I’m gonna get back to the office, carry on today’s work. And I’ll speak to you again in “Business Process Outsourcing Tips For Your Internet-Based Business” – another episode of The Drive.

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