How To Do Facebook Marketing For Beginners – Three Easy Steps

Facebook Marketing For Beginners Three Easy Steps
Facebook Marketing For Beginners Three Easy Steps

Do you have your own product or business and want to learn how to market it on Facebook?

Maybe just getting started and you don’t know how to properly go about getting people to take action on what it is you’re promoting?

Well in this short video I’m to share with you three powerful concepts you need to understand if you want to learn how to do Facebook marketing for beginners. Without further ado let’s go ahead and get to that first concept.

First off, before I get into this first powerful concept I just wanna thank you and commend you for taking action. You know most people, they think of something they want to do and they never actually research how to do it or even get started.

The very fact that you’re watching the video means that you’re researching how to improve Facebook marketing, or how to get started. So I wanna just thank you for doing that and show appreciation that, you know, you’re actually taking action which is the first step to success.

Traffic Equals Engagement

Now getting into this first concept; I have is “traffic equals engagement”. Now what I mean by that is now if you want to promote a business or product or make money on Facebook, you have to understand that to make money online at all you need traffic.

Traffic is basically just people going to your sales page, your sales video, whatever it is you’re promoting how you’re going to be making money.

Now on Facebook, traffic equals engagement. The way you can tell if you’re getting traffic on Facebook is: Are your likes increasing? Are your comments increasing? Are people sharing your content?

That’s what you want to be working on and thinking about when you go to market on Facebook. Ok, you want to be constantly thinking how’s my engagement, how can I increase my engagement? Because the more engagement you get on your post the more eyeballs and traffic your getting. And then the more sales and money you could be putting into your pocket.

So that’s the first concept you want to start thinking about when you want to market on Facebook.

Pictures Are Greater Than Text

The second concept I want to share is “pictures are greater than text”. Now what I mean by that is, in a recent study it was shown that 53 percent of people engaged more on pictures. What that basically means is that a post that contained pictures got 53 percent more engagement, and like we learned; more traffic.

So if you’re posting on Facebook what you want to do is, you want to always try to post more pictures. Ok if you don’t have pictures of yourself, if you can’t take pictures of your business or something like that, Google Images. Just go to Google and search for images on something relating to your niche that your audience would like is a great option to get the ball rolling.

Eventually you do want to take your own pictures, because it’s your brand. But that’s a great way to get the ball rolling.

Facebook to Your Website

And my last concept for Facebook marketing for beginners is “Facebook to your website”. Now I wanted to do this really simple so you could understand it. Now what this arrow means is Facebook is not the end goal.

Okay now I have personally made sales on Facebook. People have reached out to me through the messaging feature on Facebook and they have bought for me that way. But ideally most of your sales and product you know the money you’re gonna be making is on a external website.

This may be a blog, this may be a sales page, this may be an email list. It’s somewhere off of Facebook. So you wanna be getting people from Facebook to a external website that they can further along towards that goal and then eventually buy from you.

So to wrap it up because I want to keep this video relatively short, I don’t overwhelm you, but I want to keep this really simple so you can start going out there and really start seeing results fast.

The first thing you have to remember is traffic equals engagement on Facebook. The more likes, comments and shares you’re getting more traffic you’re getting.

Now that traffic can be increased simply by posting more pictures. 53 percent more engagement you can be getting if you just add a picture to your post

And number three is once you’re getting more engagement, more traffic you want to start to get these people off of Facebook on your website. And you can do that by sharing links and stuff like that. Now it’s important not to spam, but it is important to a good ratio.

that’s all for this video I hope you enjoyed learning these three concepts and now you’re better equipped to start going out there and hopefully you feel more like you understand it. Y’know I remember back when I first started, I wish someone would have given me these concepts because I wouldn’t have spun my wheels for so long.

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  • August 16, 2017 at 3:38 am

    I agree with what you have said that pictures are better than texts because it makes people focus on the content all the more. Thank you for sharing these tips. 🙂 I learned a lot.


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