How To Get More Twitter Followers Fast

How To Get More Twitter Followers Fast
How To Get More Twitter Followers Fast

Tutorial On Getting Twitter Followers Fast

I’m going to show you a quick Twitter tutorial that’s going to show you how to grow your twitter following organically.

I’ve been on Twitter for the past six years and have over 28,000 followers, all organically. I’m going to show you how to leverage three technologies and i’m going to deep dive into one specifically called ManageFlitter.

Using ManageFlitter to Get Twitter Followers

So you go to, create an account and what ManageFlitter is, is a Twitter management platform, a Twitter engagement platform and has all sorts of bells and whistles that i’m not going to go into right now. But I’m gonna show you again how to grow your Twitter following organically by leveraging ManageFlitter.

As you create your account, I think it’s like 12 bucks per month or 24 bucks a month, there is a freeware version, you go up to where it says ‘Search’ and hover over Search and we’re going to go to ‘Tweet Search’ and click on that. It’s going to load in a little bit.

What we’re going to search for is, I want ManageFlitter to display certain type of people who are using specific keywords. So I’m planning on going to ‘dreamforce’, search for hashtag ‘df16’ or hashtag dreamforce. I want ManageFlitter to show me people who are using the hashtag dreamforce or hashtag df16, which stands for dreamforce 2016. Click Search; it kind of starts crawling the Twittersphere and kind of connecting the dots for you, and it serves it right here.


There’s many ways that you can use ManageFlitter for xyz purposes, but again we’re focusing on how to grow your twitter following organically and there’s a lot of benefits to that. So as you can see, 840 people have tweeted #df16 or #dreamforce over the past week 1957 times. And you can see here all the people, and it tells you when they tweeted about it.

As you hover over these people, it kind of shows you their bio right here to the right, it shows the location, shows the language, tweets per day, accounts created, total tweets, following, followers, followers vs following ratio, and times they had been listed. It shows you if they’re following you and shows you if they’re popular or not, meaning their content as well received by the audience.

OK, as you select some of these, you can select multiple ones right, and what you can do here is, as you select few of them that you, like, you know what, this person might be someone that I can follow me back. Be thinking, if I follow these people are these people going to follow me back, okay. And if you have that attitude, if you have that mentality, if you have that strategy, and if you strategically select people who are most likely to follow you back, then that’s kind of how you want to go about it.

Twitter Following Limits And Restrictions

Twitter Limits And Restrictions
Twitter Limits And Restrictions

And depending on how many people are following you on your twitter account. I have 28,000 followers to 18,000 following. You always want your followers level to be a few thousand more, if not twice as much as the following. If you’re following is bigger than your followers, then Twitter will restrict you or block you from following too many people.

Now speaking of restrictions, let’s go over on Kim Garst website. Now and I’m gonna go resume into how do you use ManageFlitter, but before you guys get too excited or jump into this and start following a crap ton of people, let’s talk about Twitter restrictions and what you should or shouldn’t do.

The Twitter limits are as follows: You can send 250 direct messages per day. You can hit up the API request 150 per hour. You can tweet up to 1,000 tweets per day, that includes retweets and tweets. Changes to account email; 4 per hour. Daily following – this is a technical limit imposed by Twitter – the official number is 1,000 per day. Now I know it says 1,000 per day. but if i were you i would stick to following 50 people per day.

Sort Criteria To Find The Best Twitter Followers

OK, so let’s say I choose all of these people (and it tells you right here you’ve chosen eight) and i keep going, and keep going, etc.

Now something that I forgot to mention here is that you can sort all these people by these criteria here, which is amazing! So I want to sort all these people by their last tweet, so then it sorts it, and then it guarantees that these people are actually tweeting and they’re not robots. You can kind of use your best judgement there.

Or you can say, show me that people who have the most influence okay, and then you can select all of these right. Utilize these filters, they’re crazy, wickedly awesome and it’s going to help you really target and hone in on people. Once you identify the people that you want to go to target, then you want to click in the right-hand column where is says Follow. Now I’m not going to follow 724 people right now, like I said, if I were you I’d start falling 20 people per day or 30 per day etc. and just increase that every month.

ManageFlitter Sort Criteria
ManageFlitter Sort Criteria

Then what you do is, once you select them, then you start following. So i’m going to click and right now I’m just for this example I’m going to follow 50 people. So I literally just go down and follow the 50 people who I’ve already indicated according to their influence score and other search criteria. And I just click a bunch of times, the software is made that, as I click, the row kind of moves up. And that’s it, you follow 50 of them, and that’s it you’re done for the day.

Manage Your Twitter UnFollows

Now my next strategy is, the next day or 24 hours after, what I do is I go back to ManageFlitter, I go to my Unfollow tab, and then I see who did not follow me back out of the 50 people who I followed on the previous day. Anybody who didn’t follow me within the past 24 that I followed, then I want to unfollow them.

OK and some people might not like the strategy some people might like it. Again, this is what’s worked for me. I don’t have to recommend you do it, i’m just telling you again what’s worked for me and how I’ve grown my Twitter following organically, and how you can position yourself in front of the right people who want to talk to you, who want your content, who you want to build a relationship with etc. and that’s what you do.

Search Twitter Bio’s For Keywords

I just showed you how to do this by tweet search. ManageFlitter will display to you people who are tweeting certain characters, verbiage etc. Now you can do the same thing by account search. Again on this top header, you hover ‘Search’, click on ‘Account Search’, again then you click ‘Refine’, then you want to say I want to see people who have indicated their VP of sales in their bio. Then click ‘Find People’, and so far its indicated 2,469 people.

Obviously these are not everybody, I mean there’s no possible way that there’s only 2,469 people that have that keyword in their Twitter bio. But it’s a good amount and start out with. Again sort these out by certain filters, you want to see people who have a lot of influence, sort by influence, sort by relevance, sort by people who spam a lot, so you might not want to follow them.

Search Twitter Bio's For Keywords
Search Twitter Bio’s For Keywords

After you sort what you want to sort by, again select a bunch and it does the same thing that did in a previous strategy as you hover over some of these people it tells you right here, eg. Dick’s Sporting Goods Footwear Sales, VP of North Florida Sport… D James Prince is a better example right here, and we hover over him again – Bio; VP of Sales #loanacquisitions #secondarymarketing blah, blah. And you can see everything else that it covered.¬†Choose 50 or so and follow them, and that’s it.

Other Similar Twitter Management Apps

Now ManageFlitter is my tool of choice. There’s also another one called StatusBrew that does something similar, and another one called Crowdfire that again does something similar. I believe Crowdfire has a mobile app.

Shout out to Gabe Villamizar for the source video here:

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