The New Best Way To Get Website Traffic Profitably Today

The New Best Way To Get Website Traffic Profitably
The New Best Way To Get Website Traffic Profitably

Today we’re talking the best way to get website traffic – seen by many as the holy grail in online marketing.

I used to think myself, “If only I could get more traffic, then I’d be rich! If only I could get more traffic, then I wouldn’t be struggling anymore.”

And that statement is really only true when you have the correct things in place, okay?

So obviously you have to have something to turn that traffic into sales – meaning you need a sales process, you need a sales funnel, you need offers that are optimised to convert.

With the rising cost of traffic, having just one offer – unless it’s a high ticket premium priced offer – having just one offer nowadays is not going to cut it in most markets, or at least in many markets.

I’m sure there are some, but…

Website Traffic Is Always Going To Be On The Increase In Cost

Therefore that means you need to make that traffic more valuable to you. Which means having either higher price products or more products to sell to the the people that you’re attracting into your business.

“The Future Of Online Traffic Generation”
“The Future Of Online Traffic Generation”

Now what I want to talk about today is what I used to describe as, “The future of online traffic generation”. But today I’m going to change that. Today I’m going to say it is, “The current way of traffic generation” – the best way to get website traffic, in my humble opinion, and doing it successfully, okay?

There were times – and this is how a lot of people still operate, and I’m not saying this is completely redundant – what I’m saying is that…

Times Have Changed, Things Have Changed

There’s been shifts that have occurred in the marketplace, one of which (as I’ve just touched on) is the fact that traffic is going to continually increase in cost.

And so how do you get traffic and make it profitable to you now and into the future? Well the new way and…

Currently The Best Way To Get Website Traffic Profitably

…is with multiple campaigns. Now we haven’t really publicly launched this yet, but I’ve actually built an entire traffic training system around this entire concept. It’s not available, so I’m not saying that to try and sell it to you.

But what I’m getting at here is, this is something we’ve been doing for quite some time – and I’ve seen that it’s been increasingly successful. And now, I’m actually noticing more and more very…

Very Big Successful Marketers Are Adapting This Approach

So, what is this approach?

Well let me share it… When I say multiple campaigns, I’m talking about having your overall, entire campaign in your business that attracts your traffic, turns them into leads, turns them into customers, clients, or repeat customers – whatever your business model is.

Dean Holland The Drive Episode 50
Dean Holland, “The Drive” Episode 50

But within that big overall campaign, there are mini Facebook Ads campaigns that move people through the stages. Here’s an example: So we will…

Run Facebook Ads That Have No Calls To Action In Them!

It’s going to sound strange to all you direct response marketers out there, right?

And I’ve always been in direct response, but here’s what we’re now doing.

We will have our first mini Facebook Ads campaign, which would just be some value based around a specific topic that speaks directly to our ideal customer.

So that first campaign, that first video – it might be a 3-6 minute video, usually pretty short. There are exceptions, but usually a three to six minute video.

In That Video We Will Just Give Value, Okay?

And the goal of that is… well, two goals:

  1. One is to introduce ourselves to our ideal customer, to our marketplace.
  2. And the second reason is to build a “pixelled” audience – to build a warmer audience – people that have been introduced to us.

So now with those people moving to mini Facebook Ads campaign number two – remember this is all still within the same campaign, okay? So now, in mini campaign number two, this would be another piece of content which has the intention to move people to the next stage.

Free-Plus-Shipping Offers As 'Low Barrier To Entry' Products
Free-Plus-Shipping Offers As ‘Low Barrier To Entry’ Products

This would typically be to either get them on our email list, or to convert them into a customer of a…

Low Risk, Low Barrier Entry Product

Now low barrier entry products to me – we use as often as possible (and I use this for all of our clients and customers) are free plus shipping offers.

Okay, so we would go from introducing ourselves in campaign number one – no call-to-action, just an introduction and giving value.

The next piece of content is shown to people who’ve engaged with that engaged with that. So if they watched at least a good chunk of that first content video, then we would show them the next ad, okay?

In that next ad, we look to move them along the line. So either as a lead or most likely with a free for shipping offer – that turns them into a buyer.

From there, they would then move into mini Facebook Ads campaign number three, which is basically to…

Ascend Them Further Through Our Sales Process

Now for us, that might mean an invitation to a webinar, it might mean a case study that generates an application for a particular program, it might be an invitation to like I say an automated webinar or live webinar, it might be a different offer, it might be a membership, and so on.

So we have these three Facebook Ads campaigns:

  1. One is shown to people that have no idea who we are.
  2. The next is shown to people who have engaged with that first piece of content and are at least aware of us, even if just a little.
  3. And then the third campaign is shown to customers who have taken action on that second step.

And that can obviously just continue on, okay? But we generally have those 3 campaigns to take people from stranger, to being aware of us, to being a customer, to becoming a client or whatever that next stage may be.

The Best Way To Get Website Traffic Today
The Best Way To Get Website Traffic Today

So I hope you found this helpful. As I said, I used to refer to that as the future of traffic generation. Now I would say this is the “now” of traffic generation – the best way to get website traffic today – so much so, that we just spent the last 3-4 months putting this into an entire traffic training program that we call

Fuel, The Digital Traffic Mastery Program

The Fuel Traffic program is not available at the moment as a front-end offer to the public, so I’m not telling you that for any reason other than to tell you that I’m very invested into this process, and I believe in it with all of my being.

And so I hope that helps. I hope you find some value in that. And if you’re an online marketer of any kind – an affiliate marketer, a network marketer, a product owner, then hopefully you find that incredibly helpful.

At least it should give you an idea to start thinking about your own best way to get website traffic and advertising efforts in your business.

So with that said, have a great rest of your week. The Drive will of course be back soon with What Is The Biggest Shortcut To Business Success Online? So get in there and crush your goals. This is Dean Holland, signing out!

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