Morning Motivation Tip: How To Get Stuff Done Early In The Morning

Morning Motivation Tip: How To Get Stuff Done Early In The Morning
Morning Motivation Tip: How To Get Stuff Done Early In The Morning

Here’s an amazing morning motivation tip to help you get out of bed early and crush the day before anyone else has even woken up!

“So I have been up – it is almost 8 a.m. – and I got up around about 4 a.m. this morning. And I realised something earlier, which struck me when it happened – when I jumped up out of bed. And I want to share it with you on today’s Drive to the Internet Profits HQ. So let’s do this!

Good morning, welcome to another episode of The Drive. Dean here of course, on the way to Internet Profits HQ today.

I’m excited, because today feels like one of those days where we’re gonna really bring a lot of stuff together. Got a ton done yesterday, and I’ve already got a ton done today.

As I said above, it is around about 8 a.m. and I’m on the way to the office. However today it’s…

8 a.m. And I’ve Done Almost A Day’s Work Already!

And I want to share a huge, huge morning motivation tip with you. Because, I don’t know about you, but there’s days (and this used to be more frequently than not) where I wake up in the morning and I’m like, I feel not inspired or excited to jump up out of bed.

Five More Minutes In Bed Isn't Going To Do You Any Good
Five More Minutes In Bed Isn’t Going To Do You Any Good

You know those days where you just want to wrap up in the quilt and and stay in bed all cosy and warm, and the idea of getting out just doesn’t excite you. And you’re like, “No I don’t wanna!” And have all this irrational thinking, like just five more minutes – like five more minutes is going to do any good!

You’re not gonna sleep, you’re not gonna get some meaningful rest. But yeah, you have this irrational thinking some days. And so…

There’s A Way That I’m Able To Turn That Around To Morning Motivation

And I want to share that morning motivation tip with you. But first, let me just share what happened this morning.

Last couple of days I’ve been waking up, like, I’ve started getting in a different routine, where I go to bed earlier. ‘Cos I was always a nighttime person.

If I go back to when I was first starting my business, when I had a full-time job. I’d come home about 6 p.m. and sit at the computer from about 8 p.m. till like 2 a.m. Get a few hours sleep. Get up and go to my job. And then when I left that job in 2009 to do this full-time…

I Was Like, Working All Hours

But I fell into a routine where I’d actually probably start work in the afternoon, and work all the way through to like 6 or 7 a.m. in the morning. Obviously you know, not necessarily a healthy routine. But it’s what worked for me at that time.

These days I’m the opposite. Whether it’s just because I’ve got older and I just don’t like that anymore. Or my lifestyle is just different, I don’t know.

But nonetheless, my routine that I’m trying to get into is to get up early, crush my day, and ideally… my big goal 12 months from now, is that I’ve got up early, got everything finished by early afternoon, 1/2 o’clock in the afternoon.

And then I’ve got the rest of the day to just get out of the office, relax, have some downtime, think about things, get some away time to see clarity, and things like that.

So this morning I jumped up out of bed.

Dean Holland The Drive Episode 84
Dean Holland’s “The Drive” Episode 84

It Was About Half Past Three In The Morning

…when I initially woke up. And I laid there thinking I’m gonna get a few more hours sleep… and I just couldn’t.

All that was whizzing through my head was thinking about all these different things that we’re doing at the moment, y’know. We’ve got a lot of exciting stuff going on, we’re seeing some great momentum in the business, and some great results happening.

We made over six figures with our new “Perfect Offer” funnel in about 24 days! We crossed six figures…

From Nothing To Six Figures In 23 Days!

…with this brand new funnel. And so it’s really exciting.

So I’m thinking about all this stuff as I’m laying in bed, and I’m like, y’know what… I’m getting up! I jumped up out of bed and went straight down to the lounge in my house and sat there with my laptop. I put the TV on and Rocky 4 was playing, with Ivan Drago y’know, “If he dies, he dies!”

I’m working away while I’m watching Rocky, I’m getting clear on everything for my day. Got my to-do list in front of me, and I’m knocking all these things off already. It gets to like 6:30 a.m. and by this time I’ve done two and a half hours work. And I’m like, “Look how clear I am!” You know…

It’s Really Motivating To See That Happen

And so I want to share this morning motivation tip with you. Because if you have a full-time job, then the hours that you have to put in your business are either before you go to your job, or after.

And if you do your business full-time, then if you’d like to become a morning person but you’re struggling with it, like I used to be. Then this morning motivation tip is gonna help you as well.

So, if you want to start getting up earlier. Let’s say you normally get up at 7 a.m. but you think, “Right, if I got up at 5 a.m., that gives me a two-hour head start on the rest of the day – on the rest of the world while they’re sleeping. I’m gonna crush my goals!” I assure you it’s really motivating.

What's The Thing In Your Life That Gets You So Excited That You'd Basically Sacrifice Anything For It?
What’s The Thing In Your Life That Gets You So Excited That You’d Basically Sacrifice Anything For It?

And So Here’s A Tip, Here’s A Morning Motivation Trick…

You need to find something that excites you. Because not all work that you have to do, to grow your business, is exciting, right? It’s kind of like… let’s just say if you want to get up early to go to the gym.

For most people, getting up and going to the gym isn’t exciting. It doesn’t like excite you to your core, where you leap up out of bed pumped up and excited, right? And so it’s the same with your business. Whatever the reason is you want to get up early for – this is the trick…

Find a ‘something’ that excites you – whether you’ve got a book that you’re reading, and you’re really excited to read that next chapter. Or…

This Might Sound Crazy, But…

If you’ve got a computer game you like to play… or if you like to go on walks… or you’ve got a hobby, perhaps you like knitting… or, I don’t know, perhaps you build model cars or model airplanes.

Whatever it is that excites you, right? We’ve all got stuff that excites us. What is that thing that excites you in your life, that gets you so excited that you’d basically sacrifice anything for it. What is that thing? Is it a hobby? Is it a walk? Y’know, like whatever it is, right? You’ve got to find that thing that excites you so much.

Let’s just say if you want to get up and do an hour or two of work. Or you want to get up early and go to the gym, or you want to get up and walk the dog, or you want to get up and work out… Whatever it is… Get up thirty minutes before you want to do that thing, and spend fifteen to thirty minutes doing the thing that excites you.

So when you first wake up…

When That Alarm Goes Off Earlier Than You’re Used To

…and you feel tired, and you really want to just wrap up in the sheets and stay in bed, and you’re like, “Oh no!”… Get up instead to do 15-30 minutes of that thing that really excites you.

Position The Thing That Really Excites You Before Your Main Task
Position The Thing That Really Excites You Before Your Main Task

So that when that alarm goes off, you’re like, “Yes! I’m gonna get up and do that.” So you jump up out of bed and you’ve done fifteen to thirty minutes of that thing, then do what you actually need to do… Like work on your business, or go to the gym, or exercise, or work out.

Whatever that main, primary thing that you intend to do, and you desire to do – first, position that thing that really excites you, in front of it. Then spend an hour or two doing the thing that ultimately needs doing. And so, that’s my big morning motivation tip.

That’s My Big Morning Motivation Trick – That’s How I Do It

You’ve got to find that thing that excites you. For me I’m excited about my work. So I’m really passionate and excited – so for me, particularly at the moment… It’s not always the case. Sometimes we’re working on stuff, and I’m like, “Ah it needs doing but it’s not really exciting.” In which case I need to be like, “What’s that thing to get me excited and up out of bed?”

So, hope that helps. Have a great day. I’m actually flying to the US of A in about 24 hours. I’ll be leaving Nottingham to go to London Heathrow and tomorrow I actually fly to the US. I’m gonna be hanging out at the Clickfunnels headquarters with Russell Brunson and several other awesome entrepreneurs.

I’m going to spend about six days there. There’s about five or six of us staying for about five or six days together, to Mastermind after the Inner Circle Mastermind with Brunson. So all in all, pretty awesome, exciting week ahead.

I will of course see you again in “Sense Of Urgency: What If This Was Your Last Day On Earth?” another episode of The Drive. So speak to you soon, take care.

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