How To SEO New Website for Organic Search Engine Traffic

SEO New Website
How To SEO New Website

My friend Paul contacted me the other day. He asked about how to get clients to the new website he was building for his voice over work. I thought I’d post my reply here re. SEO new website for organic search engine traffic.

Hi Paul

Building a site and obtaining traffic kind of go hand in hand really. If you’re looking to build a long term online asset for a permanent business then most experts would suggest having your own domain and website.

However I’m sure that many successful enterprises do very well with free website builders and I can’t see any reason why you can’t too with your Wix site. You could even do everything via a Facebook Fan Page!

At this point I think I can only really offer you some basic advice from my own experience and understanding which I’m happy to do here:

How To Get Free Traffic To Your Website

You can either drive paid traffic or work on getting free traffic via certain seo new website techniques.

Paid traffic can be acquired, for example, via pay per click Google adwords, Bing ads, Facebook ads etc.

You can obtain free traffic from organic search results by using a combination of elements. Both on-page search engine optimisation and off-page factors play a part in achieving search engine rankings.

On-page optimisation is when you focus your website and its pages each around a certain individual keyword.

I’ve attached a spreadsheet (image screenshot below) of some basic keyword research for your industry sector. The useful metric on this sheet is the average keyword competitiveness score (range 1-100). This gives an indication of how easy it would be to rank a page for that keyword in Google. The lower the score, the easier it should be.

SEO Keywords For Voice Over Work
SEO Keywords For Voice Over Work

Off-page factors are basically the quality and quantity of links to your page from other websites, along with social signals such as Facebook likes, shares etc.

Good market research would be to look at the content on your keyword competitors websites which should give you some insights for your on-page optimisation.

If you open a free account on you can use their Site Explorer which allow you to paste in a competitor’s web page and obtain site metrics and the key inbound links for that page. You could then go about obtaining back links from these very same sites to boost your seo new website. Here’s an example screenshot from

Website Metrics From's Site Explorer For Voice Over Competitor
Website Metrics From’s Site Explorer For Voice Over Competitor

I hope this is helpful for you Paul. And if you have any questions don’t hesitate to drop me an email and I’ll try to help.

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