This Is Why I Didn’t Promote My Blog On Social Media At First

Promote My Blog
Why Don’t I Promote My Blog On Social Media Yet?

To date, I’ve done little to directly promote my blog. Other than to share it on my relatively new social media pages on Facebook and Twitter.

Quick Update On Promoting My Blog

Neither yet have I actively promoted these social media accounts. This has been partly because my blog and social media sites have been new and relatively underpopulated, offering little of value so far.

However I think that this has been gradually changing over the weeks, with a decent aggregation of valuable and unique content now published on my blog.

So I feel more confident that it’s now time to more actively promote my blog with this off-page optimisation. This should attract more visitors and start improving my search engine rankings. I’ll then hopefully start to benefit from organic search engine traffic.

To this end I’ve started to use a free social network auto-poster plugin for WordPress. This plugin enables me to promote my blog quickly and easily. Once set up, it streamlines the sharing of content across many social media and micro blogging platforms.

I’ll be doing some more SEO work on these and my blog in the next few weeks.

I recommend you check out this Free Social Network Auto-Poster for WordPress article on my blog for more information and the WordPress social auto-poster plugin mentioned here.

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