Five Social Media Marketing Tips

Five Social Media Marketing Tips
Five Social Media Marketing Tips

Today I want to talk to you about five things you need if you’re into social media marketing if you’re either just getting started or you’re already there, there.

Just some things that you want to know to make sure that you have a nice solid foundation for you and your business.

Five Social Media Marketing Tips

So, social media marketing – what is it?

Any venue where you have a business online and you’re either into email marketing, affiliate marketing, network marketing and you have a product online that you’re trying to get out there so people can see, and they either buy stuff from you or they join you and your business… so…

1. Specifically Who Are You Talking To?

You need to know your target audience who is your target audience, if you have a makeup product, you sell vacations, you’re into network marketing, you have health and wellness products.

It doesn’t matter what you do, specifically who are you targeting when you’re trying to get your information out there. And for me, let’s say as an example, I’m into health and wellness, I do network marketing, I’m between 35 and 40 – those are three things that are involved in my target audience.

But it could be even further, you could even drill down further… So maybe someone that’s been in network marketing before that struggled a little bit, that just needs to get a leg up on what they do and they’re into all the other things I mentioned. So that could be a very specific target audience.

So what if I were to do a Facebook post, or post a video on YouTube, or send a email newsletter out – that’s exactly who I’m going after. So my content is gonna be targeted exactly in on that specific person.

So drill down that information as much as you possibly can and know exactly who you’re marketing to.

2. You Want To Be Able To Brand Yourself

There’s a lot that’s involved in that, but you want to be able to have people LIKE, KNOW and TRUST you… So that when you’re marketing to your target audience, they’ll be willing to buy from you, or subscribe to your newsletter, or jump onto your YouTube channel, or follow you on Facebook because they know, like and trust you. Well how does that happen? Because…

3. You’re Providing Them Value

You know if you’re into health and wellness and you’re looking for a target audience that needs your product that… whatever product you’re gonna give them it’s gonna solve specifically what ails them. And it’s going to help them out because you’re providing them value.

So if somebody is already in another business, you want to be able to… say you have a email marketing newsletter that you send out to them and they’re into affiliate marketing… the newsletter that you send out, the content that you provide, is going to help them in their business… and it’s going to help get their business to the next level… is going to teach them something on a daily or weekly basis.

[Pay no attention to the giant fighting rottweilers in the background, they’re alright!]

4. Do What Others Do

If you have an affiliate marketing business, network marketing business, doesn’t matter what niche your into, health and wellness or makeup or vacations or whatever it is.

Obviously someone in your industry is really good at what they do, so follow them, follow them on Facebook, follow them on YouTube, watch their videos, if they have an email marketing newsletter then jump on that and see what kind of information that they’re sending out, what type of value are they providing to you… because you’re following them.

And then you can kinda mimic and and mirror that a little bit. Obviously, you know, don’t copy and paste what they do, but use your own words, but
you want to be able to mirror what the leaders are doing and then kinda use that in your own business.

And if you follow successful people then you will find success.

5. Lastly You Want To Have A System That’s Going To Help You Do All The Other Things That We Mentioned

So knowing your audience, branding yourself, providing value, doing what the leaders do. You want to have a system, if you can, that literally sandwiches all that into one spot.

For me that specific system is MLSP or My Lead System Pro. And again it doesn’t matter what business you’re into, what you market online, whether its affiliate marketing or network marketing or email marketing, MLSP literally caterers and works with all of the folks that are in that genre, and helps you brand yourself, helps you provide value, teachers and coaches you how to do that literally with all the top leaders in their specific genre.

So they help you build daily routines, so you can use that system to build daily routines for yourself where no matter what business you’re in, if you can create these routines on a day-to-day basis, that’s going to help you build success. Doing things every single day over time is gonna build you, your brand and going to grow your business.

So you want to be doing those daily activities and you want to have a routine for yourself. And what’s great is you really just need to be accountable to yourself and your business by following those daily activities in that system that you have.

Social Media Marketing Tips Conclusion

Hope you guys got some value out of this today, so don’t forget:

  1. Know your audience.
  2. Brand yourself.
  3. Provide value.
  4. Follow what the leaders do.
  5. And have a system.

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