How To Use Webinars To Get Leads And Generate Sales

I was up late doing a webinar last night, selling one of our products; Ignite.

That’s probably a good thing to speak about actually… How we use webinars in the business to get leads and generate sales.

How To Use Webinars To Get Leads And Generate Sales - Dean Holland

We’ve been trying something out that’s a bit different. Typically when people do webinars, they will deliver 60 to 90 minutes of content, followed by an offer for 20 or 30 minutes.

Now usually speaking, that offer is normally higher priced. So it’s normally anywhere from $500 to about $2,000.

But one of the things that we’ve been testing out and trying – and it’s still quite early days but…

It Seems To Be Working Pretty Well, VERY Well In Fact

Because we’ve got an entire sales funnel, or an entire collection of products that range from entry $10 products to $100 products and thousand dollar products, five thousand, ten thousand dollar products…

How To Use Webinars To Get Leads And Generate Sales - The Drive E36One of my observations over the years has always been that, people that buy from webinars from us in our higher level programs tend to pay more attention to the training and take more action.

And so one of my thoughts was, a few months ago: What would be the difference over time actually…

Selling One Of Our More Entry-Level Products On A Webinar

…and then ascending them through our sales funnel process, through our marketing and follow-up systems?

So what we’ve actually been testing out is actually selling a $97 product on a webinar, and then from there onwards, once they’ve purchased that, then obviously we have our follow up systems in place to ascend them to our premium products, y’know $2,000 and beyond.

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And so that’s what we’ve been trying out. And it’s actually been working pretty effectively. Because, whereas when we would sell a two thousand dollar product, we would get usually anywhere between 3% to 6% conversions on the webinar. So nothing huge there, okay?

However with our webinar selling this $97 product…

We’ve Been Converting Anywhere From 16% To 25%

…of people on the webinar, depending on the webinar. So it’s been allowing us to convert quite a significant percentage of our prospects into customers.

And then from there onwards – and this is what I’ve really got to get to work out with our stats and figures. But just my gut instinct of seeing the sales coming in at $97, we’re then getting quite…

A High Percentage Of Those People Apply For One Of Our Higher Level Programs

…like a Partner Certification or coaching programs, things like that.

So I think this could be quite a big winner for us. We just need to really scale it up.

How To Use Webinars To Get Leads And Generate Sales - The Drive

One of the things that we really need to do is get a lot more people on those webinars, because we run one on a Monday and a Thursday and we do them both live at the moment.

I’m a big believer that before you automate a webinar, it should be really…

Battle-Tested Doing It Live, To Really Get The Messaging Right

So yeah, that’s a bit of an insight in a bit of a tip into one of the things that’s working really well with webinars for us:

Actually selling lower priced products on webinars – but the only way it works is if you’ve got your ascension model to follow up with those people and actually sell more stuff to them.

That’s the only way it becomes, I think, more profitable than just selling the high-ticket. I suppose it depends on your business model, but that’s something that works well for us.

So I’m at the office now. Time to get on. I’ve got sales copy to write, videos to record, presentations to create and all that good stuff.

So have a good day. I shall speak to you in “Are You Guilty Of Being Too Generic With Your Marketing?” soon.

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