Unique Selling Proposition Examples – Your Personal Path To Prosperity

Personal Unique Selling Proposition Examples
Personal Unique Selling Proposition Examples – Your Path To Prosperity

Not getting results with your content marketing efforts? No one responding to your ads or blog/video content? Here are some personal unique selling proposition examples, which may reveal why you’re not yet seeing the success you deserve in your business…

“What is happening? How are you doing? Good morning, of course. In the new Range Rover, on the way to Internet Profits HQ on this fine morning.

Busy day of coaching today. I’ve actually started a new 12 month, year long coaching. I only opened it up to a small number of people just recently.

The way in which that program begins is that I have a 30 minute session with each individual, as a part of the group. So they have 30 minutes one-on-one time with me on the webinar.

And everyone else is welcome to listen in if they want to, whilst I find out more about where that person’s at. What they’re currently doing and any sticking points right now. And give them immediate implementable advice.

This Is Applicable For Blog, Video, Social Media Content And Also For Advertising Content
This Is Applicable For Blog, Video, Social Media Content And Also For Advertising Content

That started yesterday. And today’s the second day of that. We’ll round everybody up today in that.

#1 Problem When Starting Content Marketing For Beginners

I want to share with you something that came out multiple times yesterday, in speaking with different people about where they’re at in their business. This is in relation to the content they create and how they create it.

Now this is applicable whether it’s content that you’re just producing, say, for your blog, or for a YouTube channel, or for social media. This is likewise applicable if you’re creating content for advertising. Like, paid ads on Facebook and other platforms. And I want you to think about this as well.

You see, a very common issue many people face is feeling like they don’t have a lot of uniqueness or value to give, that could exceed or be more valuable to the marketplace than other people.

And this especially happens – and I know this happened to me a long time ago – when you’re in the early stages of your business. It is a common theme or feeling for you to think, “Well I’m not really getting anywhere right now. I don’t have any results to speak of just yet. So why would anyone listen to me?”

"I'm Not Getting Results, So Why Would Anyone Listen To Me?"
“I’m Not Getting Results, So Why Would Anyone Listen To Me?”

Y’know, because there are others online – there are many people who are now getting great results. And when you are not yet there, and you compare yourself to others who are getting results… You can almost put yourself into a ‘shell’ and feel like, “I’m not getting results. So why would anyone listen to me? What could I possibly say that would be worth anyone listening to?”

And so, because of that feeling, you end up not actually producing anything. Not pushing yourself to make that first video, to place that paid ad, or to just put yourself out there online – because of those feelings and fears.

Unique Selling Proposition Examples From Clients

When I was speaking to multiple people yesterday, who are in the earlier stages, the same thing kept coming out. I was always able to identify an area for them that is their uniqueness, and their entry point for their messaging to start conveying… I’ll give you a couple of these unique selling proposition examples…

There was one lady I spoke with yesterday who is currently in a full time job, like most people are. Probably everyone pretty much is that’s starting a business. Most people are in a job or are retired.

Getting On Video Can Build A Connection With People, But Doesn't Mean You Have To
Getting On Video Can Build A Connection With People, But Doesn’t Mean You Have To

But this lady was in a job, in a particular employment position whereby she felt she was unable at this stage to get herself on video, actually on camera. Because that would then mean she would have to notify her employer, and that may not be a good idea at this stage.

So she saw that potentially as a negative: “Well, I can’t get on video. So is that going to be a drawback? Because everyone tells me you have to get on video because that’s how you build trust.”

And yeah, although there’s aspects to that which are correct. Y’know, getting on video can build a connection and let people see you and know you’re real. But that doesn’t mean you have to.

So actually, we were able to spin that unique selling proposition example in a way that made her uniqueness.

How To Spin A Personal Unique Selling Proposition

For example, I said “Well, rather than hide from that and not discuss it, and just be this person that seemingly isn’t showing themselves, putting that potential opportunity of doubt into the viewers and marketplace…”

All Of A Sudden, A Negative Becomes A Positive
All Of A Sudden, A Negative Becomes A Positive

And have them say, “Why does she never show herself? What has she got to hide?” Instead, actually take it on, and say…

“Look, I’m building my business in a position where I’m still employed full time. I’m in a certain type of job, and if I were to get on camera it may cause me issues with my employment. And I’m not yet at the stage where I’m able to leave that job to run my business full time. And so I have to build a business without getting on camera and doing a lot of the conventional stuff that everyone tells us that we need to do.”

You see, now all of a sudden a negative becomes a positive. And I’ll give you one more unique selling proposition example…

There was a guy I spoke with yesterday, Daniel. He’s getting some results in his business. But his Facebook advertising is not quite working out for him – not quite seeing the results. There were certain areas of his advertising which we identified, that just weren’t working.

Facebook Ad Example Of A Unique Selling Proposition

And so, we were looking at his Facebook ads – what he was doing, and how he was doing it. But something he said on the call that wasn’t even intended to be anything…

Looking At Your Facebook Ads, I'm Not Seeing Anything Of Yourself, Your Life, Your Realness
Looking At Your Facebook Ads, I’m Not Seeing Anything Of Yourself, Your Life, Your Realness

He said, “Dean, just to let you know, I intended to have my two kids asleep by now. But they’re still awake, so I’m hoping they don’t interrupt us on the call. But there is a chance you’ll hear a bit of noise in the background. So, apologies if that happens.”

Anyway, that was just said. We got into the call, looking at all his stuff, talking things through. Then all of a sudden it struck me…

I said, “Looking at all of your ads that aren’t getting a response or much happening in terms of actions… I’m not seeing anything of yourself, your uniqueness, your personal circumstance – you, your life, your realness.”

And as we got into it, I said, “Well, do you have any pictures of you and your family, your partner, your children?” And he showed me this picture, and I said, “Ah, fantastic!”

Then he said, “Actually, I did test this image with an ad.” So I had a look at it, and that Facebook ad did have a good clickthrough rate, but the post (landing page) I didn’t feel was any ‘story’. It was just a quick post like, “Are you an affiliate marketer? Not getting results? Click here and grab this, or check this out.”

What We Should Be Trying Out Here Is A Story, With Your Uniqueness, Your Angle
What We Should Be Trying Out Here Is A Story, With Your Uniqueness, Your Angle

Unique Selling Proposition Example With Content Marketing Storytelling

So I said, “What you need is… What we should be trying out here, is a story. What if you were to capture some images and some video of where you’re trying to work, and your kids are climbing all over you?”

He laughed and said, “Oh I’ve actually got some images. I was on my computer and I’ve got my daughter hanging round my neck, trying to pull me away to play.”

And I said, “This is your uniqueness, this is your angle.” Not a uniqueness in the sense of, no one else is doing this. But, “This is your way in to connect with a certain slice – a small slice of a big pie of a marketplace.”

Because there are tons of other people who want to build a business, who have children and struggle between that balance… “I need to build a business. I’m going out to work, coming home, sitting at the computer, but my children need me as well, and I’m building all of this for my kids, but I’m stuck…”

Your Realness And What Happens In Your Life Is Your Path To Prosperity
Your Realness And What Happens In Your Life Is Your Path To Prosperity

I said, “If you can use that aspect of your life to attract people, you’re going to have a lot more success.”

Your Day To Day Life Is Your Path To Prosperity

So my message for you today is… No matter where you’re at in your business… Your realness, your day to day life, your existence, your every day being, and what happens in your life… That is your path to prosperity. It is your path into the marketplace, as you can see from these unique selling proposition examples. Your stuff that you can discuss and talk about.

If I go back to 2008… 2004 to 2008, I didn’t get any results. Lost over $60,000. Had a -$3,000 bank overdraft. Didn’t make a single, damn sale on the internet in all those years!

Then in 2008 my new mentor said to me, “Dean, you need to start being real, open and honest.” And as scared as I was to talk about how much of a failure I felt, how I’d lost all that money, and how I’d spent 4 years getting nowhere…

I Guarantee You Will See Progress If You Start Being Real, Open And Honest
I Guarantee You Will See Progress If You Start Being Real, Open And Honest

The moment I opened up and started being honest, and telling the truth of how my life was. How I was trying to accomplish something, and how things were going doing that…

Instantly, near instantly… Within weeks… People were relating to me, visiting my website, responding to me with things such as, “Dean, this is so refreshing to see that someone else is going through what I’m going through as well.”

You can read more about my story by grabbing a copy of my free book…

I guarantee you – if you start being real, open and honest, no matter how scary it is – you will see a different response. You will see progress.

So with that said of course… Hopefully you found some value in these unique selling proposition examples. I will of course see you back again in “To Build Your Online Business Fast, What Must You Focus On?” – the next episode of The Drive. Thanks for joining me, take care, bye for now.”

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