Email Copywriter Tip That Gets People Opening And Reading Your Emails

Email Copywriter Tip That Gets People Opening And Reading Your Emails
Email Copywriter Tip That Gets People Opening And Reading Your Emails

If you’re stuck for copywriting ideas for your email marketing campaigns, here’s a great email copywriter tip for creating and structuring addictive, response-generating content, very simply out of your most mundane day to day life events…

“And for my next trick… I’m gonna show you how to get more people opening and reading your emails every single day, using a little something that I call…

The Looping Cliffhanger Campaign

Good morning, welcome to this glorious, glorious day. It is Dean Holland here of course, en route to Internet Profits HQ.

One of the most important and valuable assets that an internet marketer and online entrepreneur will ever own, is an email list. But it can also become a useless, redundant, non-profitable asset if not done correctly.

Every single time you add a number to your email list – that is a real person, opting into your mailing list for additional information, to connect with you. It is your responsibility to build up that rapport. To build and develop that connection… To eventually go on to…

Get That Person To Know You, Like You, And Trust You

Now, one of the biggest factors that you can adopt, to allow that to happen… is consistency – consistent communication.

A lot of people though, struggle with what to say, what to send, how to say it, and how frequently to send it.

Many years ago, it was kind of common email marketing practice I guess – and I supposed to some people it still is – to email once or twice a week.

Get Your Subscribers To Know You, Like You, And Trust You
Get Your Subscribers To Know You, Like You, And Trust You

Now the problem with that is, more and more people are subscribing to more and more mailing lists. And if you do not start to

Establish That Rapport And Connection Immediately

…and consistently, on a daily basis, unfortunately they’re gonna forget who you are.

They’re gonna forget why they subscribed. And those subscribers… they’re gonna become unresponsive, redundant, and useless to your business. You don’t want that, right?

What you want, and what you need, is for your emails to be landing in that inbox… for them to see your name and want to open that email and say, “What is Dean Holland emailing me about today? Let’s take a look.”

And they click that subject line – they open it up – and they consume the email. AND… once they’re at that stage, the most important thing of course is… that they are taking the specific action that you want them to take.

Which is, of course, to click the link that’s in the email and go to the destination that you have set in your email… That is probably going to be for a blog post, a piece of content, a Facebook post, an affiliate offer, or to a product offer of your own, or a webinar, or something like that.

So, As An Email Copywriter, How Do You Help This Happen?

Dean Holland The Drive Episode 134
Dean Holland’s “The Drive” Episode 134

How do you break the process of people not opening, and not responding to emails? Well, I use a little something that I call “the looping cliffhanger campaign”.

What is this? Well, it’s my own adaption of stuff that I’ve learned over the years from several different people. There’s some amazing email copywriters, trainers and teachers on that subject.

I would say one of my favourite courses, which isn’t really high priced to be honest – it’s only I think two or three hundred bucks – would be Andre Chaperon’s Autoresponder Madness. I think it’s 2.0 or something like that now.

But great, great course for all email copywriters. It’s going to teach you how to write “in story”. So…

Story-Based Emails, That Get Responses

Here’s what I’ve done… I’ve kind of taken that story process and then added a couple of things to it.

What I basically do is – here’s my process in a nutshell – every single day I will send an email about something that’s happened to me in the last 24-48 hours. Sometimes in the last seven days, okay?

I’m simply sharing… because I don’t want to have to create, or come up with something… So what I basically do is, when I’m sitting down to write my emails… The first thing I look at is – write what just happened in the last few hours.

Story-Based Emails Get More Opens And Responses
Story-Based Emails Get More Opens And Responses

So for example, a classic example will be, “You’re not going to guess what just happened to me in the store…” I’ve stopped at the store on the way to the office, so I would write an email that would say, “So I’m stood there in the queue, waiting to pay for the milk to bring to the office, and I overheard someone talk about this…”

And I would go into it and just share a brief bit of “story”. That’s component number one: “Story” based upon something that actually has happened to me in the last seven days (usually in the last 24 hours) – that’s part one.

Element number two to this will be…

Opening A Loop Early On In The Email

So, what opening a loop is – it’s where you’re opening a loop about something else. You’ll mention something, but you won’t tell the whole story.

For example, and I do this very early on in the email – literally usually in the first like six to eight lines of the email. I’ll open the loop for the next email, okay?

So I would say something along the lines of, “Oh you’re not gonna believe what just happened to me at the store… Just before I reveal that, let me just mention something.” I’ve opened the loop about the thing at the store.

Or I might say, “You won’t believe what just happened to me at the store… But just before I do that, yesterday something very weird happened on the internet with a Facebook post, and I was completely stunned by it – I’ll tell you more in just a moment. But first of all, back to what just happened at the store.”

Open A Loop To Something Else, Early On In The Email
Open A Loop To Something Else, Early On In The Email

I’ve opened this loop and I’ve planted this seed that something weird happened on Facebook with one of my posts yesterday, and I’m going to share about it.”

So In Their Head, They’re Waiting For The Answer To That Thing

Now I go back into the story of what just happened at the store, okay? And I complete that story, and give a call to action.

I’m telling a story of something that just happened in the last 24-48 hours, which makes copywriting emails easy – because it’s something that actually happened. I don’t have to create something or be too inventive. I’m telling the story of what just happened.

I’ve opened a loop early on, to something else that’s happened recently… Then I continue that email and give my call to action… So I would tie that story into, “Oh by the way, have you grabbed a free copy of my latest product yet? If not, click here.”

Then… “Oh, so remember I just mentioned above…” So then I would bring it back up… “You know I just mentioned a moment ago about the weird thing that happened on Facebook yesterday? Well, look out for my email tomorrow – I’m going to tell you all about it. It is weird! It is just strange!! Talk soon, Dean.”

“P.S. Remember if you haven’t grabbed a copy of this… go there now and pick it up right away.” Y’know, call to action again.

That’s not the greatest of examples. But can you see what I mean?

Here Are The Components…

Cliffhang The Loop, Then Use It As The Story In Tomorrow's Email
“Cliffhang” The Loop, Then Use It As The Story In Tomorrow’s Email

So… Story based, off what just happened recently – just a real thing that happened. It could be something seemingly mundane, that you’re just telling a story about.

Opening a loop, early on, to something else. Continue telling the original story. Then mentioning the loop as the cliffhanger at the end – bring it back up, and say, “Look out in my next email…”

Now if you use this email copywriter trick every single day, they’re going to start getting used to reading your stories, enjoying hearing from you… and looking forward to that next email to complete the other brief story that you haven’t told them the answer to.

I could obviously talk about this for probably 1 or 2 hours, easily, to fully help you to understand this. But I hope it’s at least opened your mind to this email copywriting strategy.

I call it “looping cliffhanger campaigns”. We send them every day. They’re simple stories, based on stuff that’s happening in your day to day life. You’re opening loops, you’re giving calls to action, and you’re emailing every single day.

So hope that helps. With that said, thanks for watching. I will of course see you back here again soon with, “What You Must Become An Expert At, For The Success Of Your Business“. Have a great one.

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