Life Hack To Increase Productivity And Stop Feeling Overwhelmed

How To Increase Productivity In Your Business And Reduce Overwhelm
How To Increase Productivity In Your Business And Reduce Overwhelm

If you’ve been struggling and feeling overwhelmed, desperately reaching for (but missing) the necessary clarity of thought to increase productivity in your business and at home… Then this mind cleansing, mind focusing, productivity hack should transform all of that for you…

“Being overwhelmed! The feeling of feeling stuck – the feeling of being stuck. It is a crippler! Especially if you’re an online entrepreneur, if you’re a business owner.

But there is a way to fix it… A simple process that I go through.

I’ve been in business and in this marketplace for over a decade. And many, many times I felt that feeling, y’know, that paralysing feeling of…

Feeling Stuck And Everything’s On Top Of You?

The brain is such a powerful thing, but not always working in your favour. So let me tell you, and share with you today… how I solve this. And how I do it with just one simple piece of paper.

Good morning! Welcome to another episode of The Drive. It is Dean here, of course. En route to Internet Profits HQ.

Your Brain Is A Very, Very Powerful Thing
Your Brain Is A Very, Very Powerful Thing

So… the feeling of being overwhelmed. That paralysing feeling of being stuck. When you’ve got so much going on in your brain, you feel like there’s so many different things to do. Almost like, you lie in bed at night and you can’t sleep, because your brain won’t shut down.

You Ever Had That Feeling Of Being Overwhelmed?

I’d love to hear in the comments if you have. Like you literally feel so stuck. It’s like there’s so many things to do, but you can’t bring yourself to physically, properly do any of them, because your brain is just so busy.

You see, the brain is actually, obviously a very, very powerful thing, right? It can store so much – so many memories, so much information. But it’s not always a good thing for you though, in terms of moving forwards, increasing productivity, and seeing consistent progress in your business.

So I’ve obviously had these feelings and these experiences many, many times. And I don’t think you’ll ever stop that from occurring. But what you can do is learn how to deal with it in an adequate way, in an effective way. So that you can…

Kind Of Almost Do Like A “Brain Cleanse”

…and then just move forward. So, removing the overwhelm. Removing that paralysing feeling of being stuck, and just moving forwards. And being able to increase productivity in business and at home, by focusing on the right things.

Y’know there is a principle (the Pareto Principle) that states 80% of your results will come from 20% of your actions. That means, more often than not, people are spending too much time on the wrong things, that aren’t producing those 80% of results.

This “Increase Productivity” Hack Is Gonna Help With All Of That…

Dean Holland The Drive Episode 132
Dean Holland’s “The Drive” Episode 132

So what you need to do – or what I do – is grab a big piece of paper, okay? Switch off the computer. Y’know, I think the information age, the computers, the internet… actually contribute to feeling overwhelmed sometimes.

So go back to good old pen and paper. Get yourself a pen / pencil, nice big piece of paper, and…

Here’s What You’re Going To Do…

Turn the piece of paper sideways (landscape) and then draw a line down the paper. Not central, but about two-thirds of the way to the right, okay? So you’ve got a large section, and then a smaller section.

Now on the larger section at the top, I want you to write a heading and underline it. I want you to put…

“Brain Dump”

Okay? So, two words; Brain Dump. And then underline it. Now before we think about the smaller section on the right, here’s what you’re going to do…

Write every single thing that’s in your mind down on this piece of paper. Now I’m not just talking about work, career or business stuff. I’m talking about everything.

Because, more often than not, if you’re anything like me, when you’re having these feelings, these overwhelming sensations, these paralysing feelings… it’s not just actually business stuff that’s in your head.

You Might Even Have Stuff Like…

Write Every Single Thing That's In Your Mind Down
Write Every Single Thing That’s In Your Mind Down

“Oh my gosh I’ve got those things at home… I’ve got the the washing machine to fix… The door keeps sticking, and I’ve been meaning to get that done.” There’s probably loads of stuff.

So, in the brain dump – and this is why we’ve got a bigger section for that because it’s definitely going to be a lot. And depending on how overwhelmed you are, you might need a full piece of paper for your brain dump. But I would expect, I would suspect that doing it how I say would would be good enough.

Literally Put Everything Down – Literally Everything!

Whether it’s that…

“I need to do that blog post.”
“I’ve got to sort out that technical issue.”
“Got to contact my hosting company.”
“Gotta update my autoresponder email sequence.”

All these different things, everything – business and personal…

“Need to go shopping
“Sort that door.”
“Need to do this, that…”
“Got to return that item to the shop.”

Everything! Until you physically and literally cannot think of anything more to write down.

Now, that exercise in itself – you’re going to find, if you’ve written everything down – you should already begin to feel cleansed. It should already be that first sensation of relief.

Brain Dump Until You Literally Cannot Think Of Anything More To Write Down
“Brain Dump” Until You Literally Cannot Think Of Anything More To Write Down

Because now, you don’t have to retain it up here, because it’s all dumped down on that piece of paper. That’s why I call it the “brain dump”. Now that’s the first part – that’s part one of your cleanse.

Here’s The Second Part…

This is where we now take that, and we do something with it. You see, most of what you’ve just written down is not going to directly increase productivity in business and/or your life in the immediate short-term.

Not to say that it doesn’t all need to be done. But what is the most important thing. Remember what I just said… The 80/20 principle: 20% of your actions will produce 80% of your results.

What are those “20% of actions” on that piece of paper that you’ve just dumped down, that are going to likely make the most significant difference, to your business, your profits, your revenue, and your personal life?

Your personal life’s gonna have that equation, that 80/20 rule, as well.

If you keep promising something to your spouse, “I will get that done.” Then they’re kind of expecting that, and you’re not delivering. So they’re feeling disappointed, they’re let down, they’re getting on at you. That’s obviously important to get done. It’s not fair to be letting your partner down.

So there’s going to be “Personal”, and there’s going to be “Business”.

Now, “Business”: Let me just focus on that. Looking at the stuff you just took out of your brain and dumped down… What are the things there, that are going to have the most immediate impact on your business, on your profits, on your revenue?

Okay? What you’re doing right now, to advance your business forwards, right? So what you’re going to put as a heading on the right hand side, in the smaller column… is three words:

“What Matters Now?”

This is what I actually call this process; “What matters now?”

So you’ve done a “brain dump”. Now we’re going to say, “What matters now?” What you’re going to do is, looking at that big brain dump you just did…

Move That 20% Over Into The "What Matters Now?" Column
Move That 20% Over Into The “What Matters Now?” Column

What are the items… and let’s just say, if you’ve got ten items, you’re only really looking to bring two or three of them over. If you’ve got a hundred items, you’re looking to bring twenty or so of them over: 80/20 rule.

You want to leave the 80% over there, and…

Bring The 20% Into The “What Matters Now?” Column

And when you’ve done that, you should be left with a brain dump – so it’s out of your head – you don’t need to retain the information. You’ve dumped it down. That means you’ve cleansed your mind. You’ve freed up that space.

Then you’ve moved over the most important twenty percent of items, into the “What matters now?” column.

Now what you’re going to do is, fold that piece of paper… So you’ve got your brain dump face down on the other side – and the “What matters now?” face up.

So now all you can see – you know you don’t have to worry about remembering all that stuff, because it’s there on the other side. But all you’re now going to do is, get the “What matters now?” stuff done!

Result Is: You Get The Things That Matter The Most Done, One After One
Result Is: You Get The Things That Matter The Most Done, One After One

And as you’re doing it, focus on one thing at a time. Do that one thing. Cross it off. Do the next thing. Cross it off.

This Exercise Alone Is Gonna Cleanse Your Mind…

…free that space, and get it all out of your head. That will take a weight off your shoulders. Then you’re going to get the items done, one after one, that matters the most.

And as you’re getting them done you’re going to feel motivated. You’re going to start inspiring yourself again. Because that feeling of getting your crap done is really kind of self-motivating. You’re getting stuff done, and it feels good!

When they’re all crossed off there. You can turn back to the brain dump and say, “Right what’s the next most important 20%?” Move those over to “What matters now?” And get them done, one by one.

You’re gonna find yourself moving forwards every single day, getting the right things done at the right time… To…

Make The Most Significant, Immediate Impact To Your Business And Your Personal Life

…Whilst removing overwhelm, getting unstuck, and increasing productivity in business and in your life.

So hopefully you like this. If you did, please do “Like”. Please do “Share” with others that might benefit from hearing this message as well. And leave a comment below.

Until next time, time to jump in. Time to crush my most important goals, so I don’t get overwhelmed, so I stay unstuck, increase productivity and move forwards here in the company at Internet Profits.

I will of course see you again, next time with “Email Copywriter Tip That Gets People Opening And Reading Your Emails“. Thanks for reading. Have a great day.

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