The Biggest Shortcut To Your Online Business Success

The Biggest Shortcut To Your Online Business Success
The Biggest Shortcut To Your Online Business Success

I want to share something with you today. So I just woke up this morning, I had a voice message off Russell Brunson basically helping me with a question that I had. I’ll tell you why he was doing that in just a moment.

But I want to take you back. So, in 2004, that’s the year where I turned to the internet and started to see what was available for me in the world, in terms of how can I make some extra money.

I was in a low-paying bar job at the time, working in a pub here in the UK, serving drinks and really didn’t have largely any money at all. I was working these horrible what you’d call ‘split shifts’.

So I basically go into work at 10 am, I’d finish at 2 pm, then I drive home (which was around about a good 20 miles so it used to take me about 30 40 minutes) and then I’d go back at sort of 6/7 pm till midnight.

I Used To Do That Five/Six Times A Week

…and get paid very, very, very little for it. I mean literally like a thousand pounds a month, which is probably like twelve hundred dollars, something like that. And so I was really struggling.

I Made Severe Mistakes And Got Into Over $60k Of Debt
I Made Severe Mistakes And Got Into Over $60k Of Debt

That was back in 2004, and that was the catalyst, that was like the push I need to make some more money. Obviously I’m eternally grateful actually, for all those situations, because that’s what caused me to find this industry.

Now I made some severe mistakes that basically caused me over the first four years, so between 2004 to 2008, to get into over $60,000 of debt.

Just to make you very clear how severe that was, I was around about 24 years old $60,000 of debt, five credit cards, two bank loans. And worst of all nobody in my life knew that I had any debt at all, because I was too ashamed to basically admit it.

I Was Petrified!

And looking back on it, what what became very evident from 2008 onward, was the biggest mistake of all that I’d made, was trying to figure it all out on my own.

And the way in which I would compare it now is – if you or one of your children had a goal in their life or that desire was to become a schoolteacher, they would have to go to college and get qualifications and train under professional teachers and trainers in order to get the knowledge to do that job correctly, right?

Dean Holland The Drive Episode 25
Dean Holland’s “The Drive” Episode 25

Likewise, if you or a family member or child wanted to become a doctor, they would go to college, they would go to university probably for six to eight years, maybe more. They would spend probably $100,000 or more and basically, they would be learning from experts, professional doctors that could train them and teach them, and give them the knowledge that they needed to do their job properly.

So The Irony Is, When I Started Out Online…

…for some reason (and probably because of some of the products I bought and the information I consumed) I had a belief that I didn’t need to learn from a professional, I could just watch a few videos and start making money online.

Well, obviously, my experiences quickly showed me (or over four years) that that wasn’t true.

Now things only changed for me when, towards the end of 2008, I joined a coaching program and got a mentor.

What’s wild is; five weeks after I did that, I started earning commissions as an affiliate online.

Nine Months After I Did That, I Actually Quit My Day Job

Involved In Many Companies, Generated Millions, Life's So Different Now
Involved In Many Companies, Generated Millions, Life’s So Different Now

And that was in June of 2009, that I did that. Now obviously here we are in 2017, eight years on, have now been able to be involved in multiple companies, generated millions – I’m close to ten million dollars in online sales. And my life is very, very different now.

And here we are – I’m doing these Drives on the way to my UK offices, where we’ve got my new growing team here in the offices, and things are very different.

Now, why do I share this message today? Well I share it because, actually this morning, as I said at the start, I awoke to a voice note on Voxer (which basically is like a walkie-talkie if you’re not familiar with it) from Russell Brunson.

Now Russell just didn’t reach out to me out of the kindness of his heart, Russell is a current mentor of mine. I actually pay him, and I’m fine telling you this because it kind of emphasises the point, but…

I Actually Pay Russell Brunson $25,000 Per Year

And I’ve done that for two years now. So I’ve paid Russell $50,000 to have him as my mentor.

One of the perks of that is, anytime I have a question, any time I need to ask or get help, I can just pick up my phone, send him a message, a voice message. So, just like I’m talking to you now, I could be saying, “Hey Russell, I am really stuck with this” or “I really need an opinion with this, what would you say?” and then get a response from him.

The Biggest Shortcut Is Mentoring From Professionals
The Biggest Shortcut Is Mentoring From Professionals

So this morning I had a call. Yesterday I had a question and I’m wondering what to do about X. I’m wondering what to do about this part of our funnel, what’s your opinions. And this morning, I woke to a message from him, and it was quite a simple solution, or simple response, or answer to my question. But yeah, I hadn’t thought of it.

And Immediately I Was Like, “That Is Perfect!”

I’m like, “Thank you so much”. Now I can get to the office implement that and I know that’s the answer to one of the niggling problems that I had in my head.

And so the message or the reason I share all of this with you today is that, no matter where you are at in your business, whether you’re at the start like I was in 2008, with tens of thousands in debt or you’re generating millions of dollars in your business, like we are now. The biggest shortcut to where you want to go, to your next goal, is help, is mentoring of professionals, of an expert that’s already doing or done what you want to do.

And so the message of today is, the biggest shortcut to get what you want in your business and in your life, is to pay the mentors and coaches that have already done what you need to do.

So with that message, I’ll leave you with that. Have a great day. Enjoy the rest of your week. I will of course see you back on another edition of The Drive – Testing A New Sales Funnel – An Exciting Week Ahead! Thanks for watching, bye bye for now.

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