Online Business Motivation: How To Avoid Becoming Rich And Miserable

Online Business Motivation - How To Avoid Ending Up Rich And Miserable!
Online Business Motivation – How To Avoid Ending Up Rich And Miserable!

Just getting rich isn’t enough, even though it may seem like it when you’re poor. Here’s a salutary tale from Internet Profits CEO Dean Holland, which should serve as strong online business motivation for those of us working hard to build a better life…

“2016, I think this was the year where this was happening. My business was, in a financial sense, in the most successful position it’s ever been.

And I think one of the misconceptions that I certainly had in my life is that… When you have all the money, and you can afford anything that you’ve ever sought to strive to have… You think that you’ll never have any problems.

You’ll think that money is the answer to all of your issues, and all of the problems that you’re facing.

One Of The Scariest Things In The World Is…

When you get all the money, and you find that actually this wasn’t necessarily everything that I thought it was going to be.

You Could Say Financially, "He's Rich!" But Actually, I Was Miserable
You Could Say Financially, “He’s Rich!” But Actually, I Was Miserable

And I found myself in a position where, yes… You could say financially, “He’s rich!”

But actually, I was miserable. I couldn’t actually bring myself to turn on the computer. I was just laying on the sofa at home every day, watching daytime television. Wearing joggers and crappy clothes, and just lying around being miserable.

And I guess, to a degree, maybe even going through a certain level of depression in my business. Because, what I found was that actually, I was lacking a purpose, I was lacking vision, I wasn’t feeling fulfilled

I wasn’t necessarily even serving the right type of customers that I wanted to serve. And I want you to understand that, if you are just striving for money in your business….

Why Do You Want Your Money? What's Your Online Business Motivation?
WHY Do You Want Your Money? What’s Your Online Business Motivation?

And that’s what you think is the complete answer to all of your problems… Yes, having money is better than not having money, of course right? Don’t mistake what I’m saying.

Online Business Motivation Tip

But what I want you to understand is that you have to have a reason behind that. What I guess I’m getting at is, you have to have reasons why… Why do you want your money? What are your goals?

And not just, “What are your goals?”… WHY do you want them?

Perhaps you are striving to build a business as an affiliate marketer. And you’re saying to yourself, “I need to make a million dollars a year to be fulfilled.” Well, why? Do you really need that?

Y’know, most people I actually help… If they could make three thousand, five thousand, ten thousand dollars a month as an affiliate, it would be absolutely transformational.

You Can Absolutely Be Rich And Miserable, If You Lack Purpose And Vision
You Can Absolutely Be Rich And Miserable, If You Lack Purpose And Vision

And for ninety percent of people, that is absolutely correct and true. Yet you have people spouting out all these wild numbers, without putting any real substance or thought behind them.

So I want to leave you with that message… That is, you can absolutely be rich and miserable if you lack strong reasons why. If you lack purpose and a vision.

Make sure that, whilst you’re striving and indeed growing an online business, you have purpose behind it, you have reasons. Because one day you might find yourself in a terrible situation, where you realise that it was all for nothing.

But as long as you have a ‘why’ behind it, then things can be absolutely amazing indeed.”

Dean will be back with “Find Your Reason Why: A Short Motivational Speech” – another episode of “The Drive” soon. But I hope this short post gave you some online business motivation today, with respect to clarifying your personal (non-financial) goals and your ‘why?’ so to speak.

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