How To Get More Subscribers On YouTube And Boost Your Online Presence

How To Get More Subscribers On YouTube And Boost Your Online Presence
How To Get More Subscribers And Views On YouTube

In this new video from The Drive series, “Tips To Help You Grow Your Presence Online & Your Business”, Dean Holland explains how to get more subscribers on YouTube, which also of course includes, how to get more views on YouTube as well. So here goes…

“Over 100 episodes! We recently crossed 100 episodes of The Drive. And not too long ago we crossed 1,000 YouTube subscribers on our channel where we publish these.

How To Get More Subscribers On YouTube

So I want to share today, a few tips that we’ve learned in doing 100 episodes, and getting to a thousand YouTube subscribers to help you grow your presence online and dominate your business.

Good morning everybody, what’s going on. Dean here of course, on the way to Internet Profits HQ here in the UK.

It is around about 7:30 in the morning. Been to the gym a little later than I wanted today. About 10 minutes behind schedule, but still ahead of where I used to be getting up late.

Don't Worry About Being Judged, Don't Put It Off, Just Get Started
Don’t Worry About Being Judged, Don’t Put It Off, Just Get Started

So, as I said in the introduction there, we crossed the 100 episode mark a couple of days ago. And I’ve been analysing like, what’s happened over this time…

How Have I Done It… Got To 1,000 YouTube Subscribers?

I used to never, ever be able to stick to stuff like this content creation for the long term. Because for me, I’m always like… I’m the type of person… I seek instant gratification! Not always a good thing.

But it’s just how I am. I’m just being honest. It’s a flaw of mine. So I found it tough, until I committed to this.

So I want to share with you some tips to help you. Number one, is just get started, right? Just get started. Don’t worry about it being perfect, don’t procrastinate, don’t put it off, don’t worry about being judged.

Some people are gonna like you, some people are not. Welcome to life… and your content is going to be no different.

Those that don’t like you, won’t follow you. Those that do like you, will be more…

Magnetically Attracted To Your Content

…because they’ve got something to follow from you. So, just get started would be my first YouTube tip.

Tip number two: Make changes along the way. Make improvements along the way – incremental improvements as you learn.

Take “The Drive” for example. When we first started this, it was very different in format to how it is today. A couple of things that we’ve changed…

Dean Holland The Drive Episode 102
Dean Holland’s “The Drive” Episode 102

I’ve shortened it. I used to literally hit record from the moment I left and was pulling off my driveway at home. And now I’ve shortened it down. Why? Because I want as many people as possible, to watch as much of it as possible.

It’s my understanding that…

“Viewed Percentage” Of Your Videos On YouTube, Really Does Help

…with YouTube starting to spread your videos more. If people are watching 10% or 5% compared to watching 50-60%, then it makes a big difference in how your videos will perform on their platform.

So I’ve shortened them down. They’ve gone from about 10 or 11 minutes long, to between 4 and 7 minutes. And maybe I’ll even start shorting them a little bit more. So that’s one of the changes.

Another change… we’ve changed how the introduction works.

Now, the introduction does not just begin with “The Drive” intro.

It starts with a gripping piece of content about what you can expect in this Drive.

Always Use Attractive Custom YouTube Thumbnails
Always Use Attractive Custom YouTube Thumbnails

Then the intro… which we’ve shortened down from like 10-15 seconds to like 3 or 4 seconds to get people into the content.

Another change… We’ve just recently started using…

Custom YouTube Thumbnails

…which is the image that appears at the start of the video. So when somebody sees the videos, instead of just being a still of me here, now it would be an actual image that we’ve created that’s a bit more attractive to get people clicking on the video.

So there’s three things we’ve changed. But I didn’t know any of that stuff to begin with. So just get started and improve as you go, and as you learn.

Commit… commit – you can (here’s a thing…)

You Can Either Have Results, Or You Can Have Excuses

…you can’t have both.

Some people will come up on a road bump. Like recently, I was in Cyprus as you might know if you follow this. I was in Cyprus, and I was still committed to doing my daily Drives, even though I was on vacation.

Make Sure You're Committed To Consistently Serving Your Audience
Make Sure You’re Committed To Consistently Serving Your Audience

I arrived and the internet upload speed was like 0.2 Mbps! I tested uploading like a sub 10-second clip, and it was like six hours to upload it. So I was like, “Oh my gosh, how am I gonna be able to do this?”

Most people would have said… or a lot of people would have said, “Well, I’m on vacation. The Internet’s a ‘no go’. I’ll just take a week out and really just focus on my vacation” …NO!

I was like, “I committed to doing this!…

“I’m Not Letting My Audience Down…”

…I’ve committed to this – I’m doing it.”

So I had to find another way. I ended up actually having to tether to some mobile phones, some cell phones, and we managed – even though it still took a long time – we managed to do it.

But I had to adjust. Had to shorten my videos. I had to make them not as exciting, not as much content in them. Nonetheless I got those videos out there.

So, make sure you commit – no matter what – is another tip. Like excuses or results, you can’t have both – which is it?

Get 1,000 YouTube Subscribers And Make Money For Free In Your Videos
“Get 1,000 YouTube Subscribers And Make Money For Free In Your Videos”

There’s the few things that I wanted to share, okay. I’m here at Internet Profits HQ. I’m sure I’ll probably share some more tips with you on…

How To Get More Subscribers On YouTube

…and how to increase your online presence and business along the way. Meanwhile, check out my other post on this subject; “Get 1,000 YouTube Subscribers And Make Money For Free In Your Videos”.

If you’ve been following along, thank you so much. I would love you to leave a comment and let me know what you think of The Drive. Are you getting value from them? Do you follow them? Are they of value to you?

Please do comment, please do let us know. Obviously I’m here to serve you. I’m here to help you. We do a lot of amazing things here at Internet Profits, and The Drive is my daily ritual, my daily routine, to share some value with you. So please let us know if you like them, comment, like, share, subscribe… and continue to follow along.

Thank you so much. Now check out my next message, “One BIG Information Marketing Tip for Businesses and Affiliate Marketers” Until then… this is Dean Holland, signing out for another day. Bye for now.

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